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  1. It’s great to see this being released. I have several in the stash and an F on the shelf. Still one wonders why they haven’t scaled it up to 1/48. It’ll probably sell really well since they’ll easily put all the substandard kits in that scale to shame.
  2. G'day everyone. This is my 1/48 Kinetic Harrier T.4 that I completed earlier in the year as part of a Facebook group build. As for aftermarket I used Eduards seat belts, canopy masks and RBF tags. I also used Flightpaths Intake covers for the Sea Harrier. The model was painted with Gunze acrylics. The decals are a mix and match of the kit decals so I could do the specific aircraft I had references of. I am mostly happy with how this one came out apart from one of the canopy parts becoming cloudy after trying to polish out a mould flaw. Cheers, Joel
  3. So after seeing all the recent photos being posted on the Mach Loop Facebook page I’ve decided to pull the trigger on a 1/48 Revell GR.4. I also ordered some decals for some jets in desert pink including the infamous Foxy Killer. Since I’m no expert on the type my question is what’s out there as far as walkaround/ photo reference books and online. Also I’m thinking of getting the CMK cockpit but it’s designed for the IDS. I would like to know if there’s any deference’s between the IDS and GR.4 cockpits? And I’m also thinking about getting the Eduard wheels since I’ve read the kits ones a
  4. Try Luckymodel. Kinetic is pretty much the same business. It’s the best price I could find mine.
  5. Thats the sort of input I was hoping for Nick. Thanks mate! I've been busying myself with other parts of the build in the hope that someone will post what I was looking for. Also was it the same colour behind the blow in doors on the outside of the intakes too?
  6. Thanks for your help. I was originally going to build a T.4. So I painted the cockpit from reference photos of that. I only decided to change it to a T.8 because I followed the instructions and painted the air intake white. But then after gluing the fuselage together I realised that white was wrong for a comoflaged T.4. So now in light of what the cockpit is supposed to be I think I’ll go back to plan A and make it a T.4. Just one more question though. What would be a good colour to repaint the air intake on a camouflaged T.4? It looks like a olive green or metallic grey of some sort?
  7. Actually that has an MFD on the left which the kit doesn’t have in the box at all.
  8. G’day all. I have a question for the Harrier experts out there. As the tittle says I am currently working on the kinetic T Harrier kit and I intend to make a T.8 in the black scheme. My question is wether this aircraft had a digital cockpit from the beginning or was it something that was added later on. The kit instructions only specify an analog cockpit but it being a kinetic kit you can’t always trust the instructions. I’ve alread closed the fuselage halves so if I have to add the digital cockpit parts I am going to have to do some surgery on the kit. Any info would be greatly appreciated. C
  9. Oh wow that is pretty! Ive been wanting to build this airplane in this livery for a while now. But there is now way I can free up enough shelf space for it. Think I might try the 1/200 Hasegawa kit instead.
  10. I'm patiently waiting for someone who is willing to take the F-111 serious enough to do some actual research when designing a new kit. Manufacturers like AMK are starting to become more commonplace nowadays so There is some hope.
  11. Haha me too! I can't really bring myself to actually build a model of any 5th generation fighters. The stealthiness just seems to take a lot away from an aircrafts aesthetics. Yep both this model and all of the aftermarket I used on it I bought off Ebay. I can't remember how much it cost but Im pretty sure it more than doubled the kits retail price.
  12. That looks good! We had one of those fly into Adelaide last week and yours looks like a great representation of the real thing.
  13. Here is my 1/72nd Hasegawa F-111F. I usually only build in 1/48 but the amount of work required to update and correct either the Academy or Hobbyboss kits is way to expensive and time consuming for my liking. Hopefully one day someone will give us a Tamiya/ Hasegawa/ AMK etc etc standard kit one day. This is an older build I completed in around 08-09. For aftermarket I added Verlindens cockpit update, Master Model pitot and various weapons from Hasegawa 1/72 weapons sets. Decals are a mixture of Superscale, Xtradecal and the kit decals. Painting was done with the long out of production Aeromas
  14. Enjoy the experience mate. I know I did. Tackling that paint job definitely has lifted my paint game since thats for sure! Yep Ive only seen them in more specialised hobby shops plus they are a pretty expensive kit too. I guess I just wanted a Viggen on my shelf pretty badly.
  15. It was an interesting experience. I remember thinking the quality of the moulding and the type of plastic on the Eduard kit to be nicer. Also in the box it has coloured etch and masks too. I found the instructions in the Eduard kit to be excellent while the Kinetic ones to be less than average. Both kits were a bit tricky around the intake area but with a bit of modelling skill its nothing too daunting. Once completed It is apparent the Kinetic kit is the more accurate of the two. Still I wouldn't hesitate to do either kit again if I waned to do that Variant of the Mirage III. I do plan to get
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