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  1. so no real progress has been made, i have installed the fibre strands in the spitfire, completed the display circuit and loaded its microchip with its program, finished the circuitry and programs for the messershmitt but i have popped the mosfets on the spits circuit board due to an ES discharge so have to rebuild that. next months im ordering the base stand, extra rod, messer kit and another pcb to rebuilt the spits circuit along with a few other bits to get all the circuits installed in the base and optics connected ready for the models to be painted up. so will add some photos
  2. not alot to report today, i installed the motor and the propellers into the model, ran it for an hour, ambient temp is 27*c and the motors sat at 30*c so well within safety limits. speed and sound is good too oh its running on 5v from a phone charger as well so happy days
  3. a moderator has been over the thread, i guess that particular one is happy with it here, but your right, if a mod feels it needs moving i welcome a message or for them to move it if its in wrong place. anyway latest test videos have been added to the end of the very long first post.
  4. i agree, its nice to get some input from the client as its more personal for them if you can add those ideas into it. i've actually got the whole lot rigged up to a test platform and in the process of uploading a video. i'll post it to my main post in a little bit and remark on here when its added. its looking rather impressive if i do say so myself haha. i also finished up drilling out the wing tips so the fibers now protrude as needed.
  5. tamiya 1/48th spitfire mk5b i'll see if i can find the one you mentioned. would be nice to get some as means i can illuminate them as well adding an extra feature to this model.
  6. IT WORKS!!!!!! we have morse code people! the guns fire randomly as they are supposed to and the morse code repeats indefinately! customers going to love this! will record a video of the new code loaded into the microcontroller and the circuit on the test fibres so ya'll can see the results in the plane! and all in 83 lines of code too! friggin insanely happy! okay slight kink in that plan, i gotta order a slight microcontroller upgrade from the ATTiny45 to the ATTiny85 as the program just exceeded storage capacity of the 45 by 8% will make a vid
  7. NAVY870 - i havent exactly been 100% perfect i suppose. anyway! i've added a random generator into the spitfires code so now the guns "fire" for 1 second periods at random intervals spaced between 2 and 20 seconds! much more realistic effect! im also attempting to add a morse code library into my code so the Spitfires ID lights flash the morse for "D" and the messerschmitt's flash "H" which are the initials of the client. this is a request of his, and frankly i think its awesome! it makes the model far more personalised and unique to the customer and im actu
  8. latest test footage added into main post.
  9. does anyone know of any decals or after market gauges for the cockpit by any chance? primarily the instrument panel gauges.
  10. Have a look on the circuit testing youll see red and green static on, those are the nav light ports. In the videos of them in the plane they are just test optics fitted to a random led for testing the visual effect
  11. keep an eye on the primary post, updates will be added to the bottom of that. i got some new videos and photos to add tomorrow when i can be bothered (being honest) but they will be added. as a teaser, ive rigged some fibre strands to a couple of test leds so i can see how to run the strands in the spitfire and how it looks. photos will follow in main post soon.
  12. hi there jerry, i'll be using cotton wool to simulate the smoke coming from the wing. updates added to primary.
  13. thanks for that Ed, I've ordered in a couple of motors for the propellers, we'll see how they work out as they may be a little large but thats the joys of online buying, you cant handle the product before you buy them. they are going to be mounted in a suspended state inside the fuselage and the pin hole for the properllers increased to avoid the melting aspect, the code will also be modified to slow them down a little. they should arrive in the next few days. i'll add a 12/13 second long test video and prototype circuit to my primary post later on. the code has been mo
  14. Oh I know, 99% of rounds that were actually fired would miss. The joys of early air combat. But as I said the client has requested this be added into the model. Probably just to give it a little more to look at I suppose. I figure their model, their money, I just.do the leg work.
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