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  1. Was that the operation run by an ex F-14 and 18 pilot? I ran into them during flight training in '93.
  2. Definitely contact Nick - he really helped me out with getting the details right. Haven't finished my Kinetic kit yet, it does take some work (which I like) but Nick's material will certainly push you in the right direction. I'm using Gunze DSG - I recommend mixing that 50 / 50 with gloss white, although opinions on that score will vary. Marc.
  3. Agree with Luciano - people are always claiming stuff like that - hardly ever happens. I don't think Jeffrey or others take the easily exitables too seriously. Some potential tough competition though, Revell I mean - it would be good if the cottage industry (no offence) takes on the mainstream and wins, in my opinion deservedly so considering the mediocre quality at least of some of the Revell kits in recent years.
  4. Thanks Loren, I saw you Valkerie build a while ago - it convinced me not to buy it to be honest. Love the aircraft but not sure if I could manage it. HPH seems to have improved since then - the '52 isn't going to be easy but seems more doable than the XB70. Marc.
  5. And one more Loren. What glue are you using for the larger PE bits? Saw an unusual technique on the HPH site below - turn down the volume thought - the music will drive you nuts after five minutes:
  6. Inspirational Loren, I've got the HPH B-52 so I'm learning a lot from your build thread. What filler are you using to correct the laminate - mine's just a bit chipped here and there on the centreline seam. I'm looking for filler that's also scribable (if that's a word). What are you using? Thanks, Marc.
  7. Hi all, Not sure if this is the right forum, apologies if not. I've got the HPH B-52 and am looking for some good tutorials on working with epoxy laminate kits. Not much on Youtube - lots of reviews but no actual builds that I can find. Does any one know of any good tutorials? Thanks,
  8. Nick, Thanks for that - regarding schemes and stores and timeline I think I have what I need. Any tips on improving the kit would however be much appreciated. Panel lines are very vague in places so I've been doing a fair bit of (re)scribing and I've got the Eduard Mk10A bang seat. O yeah, and I improved the look of the IP somewhat by adding decals. Marc.
  9. Thank you SeaHawk, I will indeed go for the pre-Falklands Grey / White scheme. The typical stores you mention is what I plan to do with possibly a bomb on the centreline for good measure.
  10. Thanks Muzz, That's indeed what I meant.
  11. Hi all, I'm building the 1/48th Kinetic Sea Harrier in the early Falklands grey (EDSG) on white scheme. Can anyone help out as to which stores were typical on runs in this conflict - air to air and air to ground. Kinetic has a bunch of stores such as Matras (I think) and Sparrows which I guess are anachronistic (finally used that word in a sentence). I'm curious as to the regular fit out - couple of sidewinders, fuel tanks and cannon I would hazard. All help appreciated. Thanks
  12. Thanks Stef, I don't have a spray booth now, just rely on getting the room wet by spraying. Maybe I'll build a spray booth.
  13. Hi all, Before airbrushing I spray the room with a cheap water atomiser to reduce the amount of dust in the air. Works well but is not perfect. Especially gloss black prepping for NMF finishes will still catch quite a lot of dust. I noticed the other day with the sun shining in that as I sat down lots of dust was released into the air from what I was wearing - recently washed BTW . So who can help with reducing dust further and does anyone out there actually wear dust free or dust proof clothing to keep dust down? Thanks all,
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