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  1. I know what you mean I know what you mean - I'm beginning to enjoy myself already.
  2. Does anyone know which ICM paint color or another paint brand if unavailable, corresponds to wheel hub green on cold war soviet aircraft? Thanks,
  3. 'morning all, Doe anyone know if DN models in the Ukraine is legit. Thanks, Marc. https://www.hobby.dn.ua/en/modelkits-aircraft-and-helicopters-c-79.html?scale_id=2&items_per_page=24&sort=6&current_page=30
  4. MarcV

    Eduard Mirages

    Relax Wez, no beef.
  5. MarcV

    Eduard Mirages

    Thanks Wez, Is the (Eduard) kit any good? Marc.
  6. MarcV

    Eduard Mirages

    'evening all, Does anyone know who's the plastic by on the Eduard Mirage IIIC's (EDU8103 & 8496)? Don't much fancy it if it's HobbyBoss. Thanks all,
  7. Thanks Blue, I got the AM bits and they do indeed look stunning and a really good deal. Marc.
  8. And where it is a pre-condition that all data is processed with no real clarity of why they are doing it and why. Mark Zuckerberg scares me. Sorry, couldn't resist. Marc.
  9. I was quite pleased with this but saw no reference to this on their site, and their site is in such a state they look about ready to foreclose. Well we are in the domain of the Rumourmonger so fair enough, but if Modelsvit themselves do not even seem aware of what they are planning I'm curious if this is going to happen. Hoping lots though. Marc.
  10. And also wondering if the MER MBD3-U6 also accommodates the RBK-500-255s? Thanks for helping out with my very limited knowledge of Russian weaponry.
  11. Thanks Andy, They're hard to come by though. Marc. And ExDraken, Many thanks as always
  12. Hi all, I have the KH 1/48 Su-34 and am looking for 12 FAb-250-M54s or RBK-500-255s to fit under the MBD3-U6 MERs under the intakes. I don't however much feel like paying the silly money Res-Kit is asking. Does anyone know of any cheaper alternatives? Thanks all, Marc.
  13. @Jamie, Bertie, thanks for your thoughts and insights. To me also, to some extent anyway, if it looks right it is right (enough). I used to remember painting F-4s, one hundreds and one oh fives in Vietnam camoflage and the greens and tan just looking way too dark. Adding a substantial amount of white and / or grey really improves the look to my eyes anyway. Also exactly the same method on USN / USMC jets works well although the colours obviously are entirely different. Tried it on FAA dark sea grey where it does (indeed) not work at all. Thanks, Marc.
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