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  1. Hi, so the kit is no longer on sale. I'm happy with the price and understand the start-up costs involved, so shame that you won't be producing some more to win back your start-up costs and sell me one. Marc.
  2. All, Thanks for your replies and useful information. i'm aware the AGM-86 came along much later but besides the Hound dog I think the 30th Bombardment Squadron did carry other early ALCM's: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/30th_Bombardment_Squadron#/media/File:B-52H_Rollout_P26183_(7251329956).jpg (Thank you Wikipedia) I suspect these were experimental however or mock ups. Anyone in the know on that? The picture does show the B52H scheme I want to build. Any help on finding references on this bird or similar would be much appreciated. Thanks,
  3. MarcV

    HPH B-52

    All, Thanks for the help. I was aware of the AGM-86s being a much later development but there were earlier cruise missiles carried (other than the Hound Dog): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/30th_Bombardment_Squadron#/media/File:B-52H_Rollout_P26183_(7251329956).jpg (Thank you Wikipedia) The picture above shows an H of the 30th Bombardment Squadron, I would guess in the early '60's. I suspect however you guys are right in that these missiles were experimental or mock ups. The picture does show the scheme I want to do. Any information on specifics on this aircraft or H's of this era would be very much appreciated. And I guess nobody does Hound Dogs and their pylons in 1/48th.
  4. Takk skal du ha Boman! But I can't find the 'My request' button on their homepage and I can't find how to set up an account. Thanks for helping, Marc.
  5. Hi all, I need some replacement parts from GWH. I've sent them a couple of e-mails but no joy so far. Does anyone know how best to contact them? Thanks,
  6. I'm in touch with Jiri from HPH. Decals (if I understood correctly (and I think I did)) according to Jiri (@Jiri, (who must be following this thread (and mine))), will be Memphis Belle III decals only, unfortunately. Talk about a boring scheme (to my mind). I'm buying it anyway but would have loved a SAC bare metal bird scheme. They missed the boat there. The only people buying this kit are old guys like me who a) remember SAC and b) are stupid enough to pay this amount of silly money. I would think their focus should be on some of these classic older schemes 'cos those that remember those colours are going to be the people buying. However, of what I've seen the kit looks excellent. I'm getting some terrific help on the other thread I started a week or so ago to build it in late '60's / early '70's SAC colours. Did I get the parenthesis right?
  7. MarcV

    HPH B-52

    Hi all, I'm planning on getting the HPH Stratofortress. Does anyone have any experience with their bigger kits; level of detail, accuracy, fit, stability (of resin and fiberglass over time), strength etc. I want to do a silver SAC version with the ALCM cruise missiles beneath the wings. I'm looking for reference photos of the real thing or any models anyone's built in smaller scales. Also any reviews or build of their models would also be much appreciated - there doesn't seem to be much around on the internet which is a interesting sign. Thanks all, Marc.
  8. Good afternoon all, I just got myself the Kinetic FRS 1 Sea Harrier. Does anyone know if I should get the (Aires) Mk10 or Mk12 seat for that. Thanks for your help, Marc.
  9. Hi Quanq, Any help on how to modify the intakes using the supplied parts would be much appreciated. Marc.
  10. No, sorry, not really interested but thanks for asking.
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