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  1. I've got all the Mk.IX maintenance and parts manuals if you need anything from them. My mate's Spitfire IXe and CAC Mustang run Merlin 266 engines (I have those manuals, too) but they may contain what you want. I think I may have the Merlin 66 manual in amonst our unauthorised publications for reference, too. PM me with what you're after.
  2. That kit already looks better than the Classic Airframes T.11 kit I built wrestled into submission last year!
  3. Added them to my AH-1P and they really look the goods!
  4. The bulkhead is referred to as the 245 bulkhead because it's at Fuselage Station 245. There's no door there on any version I've seen (and I've seen quite a few!) and the fire extinguisher on most later versions was yellow, due to the BCF filling. Check your references, though. Most kits come with two seats at the Nav's station, which is weird as the only versions I've seen with that are tankers. Some have a clipped-in curtain below the Flight Deck next to the Crew Entrance Door and there are many different variations of what is fitted to the structure next to the 245 bulkhead that you see when you look straight in from the Crew Entrance Door. Interior colours can vary greatly, too. I worked on C-130s for over ten years, so if I can help you, please ask.
  5. There are a number of WIP posts concerning this kit (I built mine about three years ago). It's good but there are some traps. Read about our mistakes before you start!
  6. Wow, that's an awesome build! I particularly like the way you've weathered the blades - they're all different, as they should be. As a helo maintainer, I often see this with blades, even when they're a set. Great work!
  7. I've not seen one, although I'd like one for my kit in the stash. There is a multi-media kit of this aircraft that does have a wire tailboom but it would be very tail-heavy. One of the scale trade-offs we have to live with! Nice job on yours.
  8. Wow, nice work! She must be massive in that scale.
  9. It's no better in 1/48. I did one a few years back and had similar struggles. At least you have one on the shelf (which is what I tell myself everytime I look at mine). Good work!
  10. Nice job! I have this in the stash to build as a BA aircraft but I'll be doing it in-flight and using your tips re the windshields to fix mine.
  11. There's a really good interview on YouTube with the designer of the kit. He gives a few tips on assembly, including the adding of weight.
  12. That's a nice build. That kit stacks up pretty well still, if you want to take the time to add some detail. I butchered one into an AH-1P a couple of years ago.
  13. Very nice job! I built the C172 a couple of years ago and had to add a LOT of weight to keep it on its gear.
  14. Thanks all. Despite its age, this goes together really well and there are a number of options in the kit to allow you to build a number of different versions. One of the easier models I've built in the last few years.
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