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  1. EJet


    not the wanted section, thats closed ATM and you need 100 posts.
  2. I agree that it might be a bit dirty. I actually didn't mean to weather it up quite so much but I did it in the kitchen on a Friday about midnight after a quite a few scoops of ale at the local! Thought it would be a good idea at the time. But when I flew Sea Kings in the RN they could end up looking really rather dirty even though they were fresh water washed and wiped down with oil, eventually they stained and that only came off when it was given a proper bath once in a while, a bit like a submariner!
  3. And could I get this photo the right way round? No!!
  4. This is about it done. It has been fitted with blanks, tags etc.now. More soon!!
  5. I have now actually finished this aircraft and will endeavour to place on the 'ready for inspection' area in due course! I have been extremely busy these last few months and just didn't get the time to put it all together on this build page! Sorry! But it is done!! Regards.
  6. To add, this kit is alright. Yes, it needs some extra work, but I think that when it is done it will be worth the effort! Cheers!!
  7. It is going to be painted in it's all grey scheme. Have thought about other schemes but I just like it in sea grey!! It just looks right in that colour for a naval aircraft.
  8. Have not done much apart from to spray it in primer but that was after a lot of rubbing down and touching up with filler. I have actually done a fair bit more to the cockpit but that is now under tape! That took most of the day Monday. The initial coat of paint has covered well and shows up very little in the way of blemishes and re-sanding/filling etc.. The rear part of the fuselage underneath where the airbrake attaches I glued on, only to realise the airbrake wouldn't fit in, hence it is slighly bent down at the moment, but it moves and is an easy fix! This about all I can post for now
  9. Have been at work these last few days, but head home tomorrow after getting in from Alicante, so hope to get a bit more done on this early next week! Cheers!!!
  10. Well, as my day of work changed, I spent the day(well most of it) filling and sanding. Actually, so long as the main parts have been glued with a bit of patience and acurracy, it actually goes together fairly well! After some sanding it is OK! The join lines soon disappear, so really after a bit of faffing, gluing, taping and clamping the Buc does go together OK. The exhausts needed a bit of TLC but I found that using a good amount of liquid poly and as it set, slowly moving the part as it set, it formed a weld like joint, so there was little filling to be done later. I brush painted it
  11. I started from the rear doing a bit at a time and slowly worked forward. I don't like taping up but with the amount a sanding and filling coming up I just carried on with it. It eventually left this gap on the LHS which a later clamped and glued to a much flatter position. I will fill and sand now and will post when done. Might be a good week due to my roster but the a/c needs a bit of time to let the glue fully harden anyway. A glass of wine is needed!!
  12. To continue.. actually have noticed the phots don't look that good so will try harder with the next lot but these coming up are from the same batch. The bomb bay when glued in did provide a suprising amount of ridgidity to the aircraft so I perservered. I made up several of the other parts to be used later, most of which again did not go together very well especially the slipper tanks! So I got ready to start gluing! Note lots of tape and clamps!
  13. Well I started this today and I have to say it not fit together very well! This is the thing with the nose aligned and what happens at the rear end!! Not good! The other problem I was getting the cockpit section to fit. I sprayed it mid grey then applied the decals ( I am not a fan of this but it seemed OK in what was povided). They were applied and the fold over areas soaked with Matt Cote to make them plyable. When dry I applied a wash and cleaned up. To the thin to fit in the top fuselage I had to cut it across between the rear pilot and area and the f'ward observer area. It was still
  14. Well as I have been through all the trouble to get a photo posted with the good help of Emilliano I thought I may as well start a work in progress with my 1\48 Airfix Buccaneer. It will be Fleet Air Arm and more or less straight out the box but probably get AM airbrakes and wing fold. Progress might be a bit protracted and come in fits and starts due to work and wife! Will get something posted at the weekend hopefully and go from there. This will be a bit of a test for me, not only seeing what you think, but also getting used to posting etc, so apologies in advance if it goes astray at time
  15. The Firefly is a good a/c! Had a bit of poke in it with it's 260hp lump. The roll rate was not the fastest but a bit of rudder could help sort that out when appropriate!!
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