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  1. Excellent work Luca. Very realistic with a great paint job I also produced one in 32nd with 2 squadron, you should be able to find it on this forum "ready for inspection". What region of Switzerland are you from? Me Gruyere Best regards Manu
  2. We're looking forward to finally having a nice Vampire injected Do you think that Mk.5 versions will also be planned? versions with ejector seats like the Swiss versions, and why not with the Pinnochio nose?
  3. Great job ans beautiful finish What references did Gunze use for the painting?
  4. Wow Wow wow !!! Stunning work and beautiful finisch congratulations
  5. Wow Wow wow !!! Stunning work and beautiful finisch congratulations
  6. Hello, Here are some pictures of my FW 190A-5 Eduard in 1/48 scale. Very easy model, assembled from the box (profipack). Gunze paint and Badger 150 airbrush Enjoy
  7. Salut Bearmatt Pour le dessous, j'i terminé un vieux pot de Metalizer, puis un vernis acrylique par dessus
  8. Good evening Michaël, Thank you for your comments. Which region of Switzerland do you come from? I used Gunze shades but with blends to match the real shades. - H 330 + Olive Drab (20%) - H331 + H056 (20-25%)
  9. Great news that this Vampire at the 32nd Is an Mk5 version also planned? In the same housing or a second housing?
  10. Hello, Here are some pictures of my Hunter de Revell in the 32nd, with Swiss colours. Enjoy
  11. Hello, I've started the decal installation. The MC ONE brand decals are of very good quality, and they react very well to fabric softener products.
  12. Thank you for your comments. The Seat, Martin Baker Mk. customized in a swiss variation:
  13. Hello, I'm finishing up a Revell Hunter on 32nd. here's some footage of the work in progress:
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