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  1. Very nice bulld, the Beau is perfect as well as the base! I like it! But if where is an aircraft on the sand so there should be tracks from the wheels, isn't it?
  2. Dear Paul! Every time I see Your works I can't fight the feeling that i look at the REAL aircraft - so true they are! And I'm sure that this is the feeling shared by the others!
  3. Very beautiful model! Superb! Is it possible to turn the bomb on the trolley towards the armorer?
  4. As always you've done a good job! Perfect model of the great machine! I have also read the Thud ridge. But as i do remember, the RBF tag on the ejection seat should be SMALL enough to allow the pilot to put it in his pocket while on flight and then, just before exiting the cockpit after mission, he should put it back in the seat to provide a safety exit.
  5. Little less conversation, little more action - this is what everyone of us shall do!! REALLY COOL!! Keep the pace!
  6. I never liked neither B-57 nor its models. You've changed my mind, Russ! And I especially appreciate the way you did it - with the black shades. Thank you for your job!
  7. I like the model very much, but I want to know who is invading in my country!!! Is that newspaper realy old?
  8. It's amazing!!! Did the cat participate in that built?
  9. It's a big pleasure to me to hear... to read that Sock it to em was flown by George Marrett, he wrote a couple of very nice books as well! Yes, I already know it The MDman, another nice Netherlander , kindly has sent me the link to almost full history of this particular a/c, and I learn about Marret's books Thank You very much, guys!
  10. I'm very dissapionted!!! You've made a such good looking model with so many interesting things inside of it but leave us no chance to see them all I would like to look closer and learn how you've made it/! Really nice! Very nice!
  11. Nice built! I like the sway braces - are they from the kit or some after market ? Props are feathered - is this a routine?
  12. Very nice indeed! Love this ailiner! I wonder if those stripes on fuselage are decals or you have painted them?
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