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  1. That was quick i know!! Just a few images of the finished article, now straight into my dust proof cabinet, i think i may need to wash my trusted white backing sheet. Thanks for looking. Danny
  2. Hi all, i started this a couple of years ago and never got much past the engine, i have had a little break from commission work so i have spent the last two weeks finishing her off. The kit goes together very well with little or no drama and i really quite enjoyed this one. First up was the shocks/coil overs, there are pretty basic and i did consider scratch building some progressive springs but that would take me down the rabbit hole and there is no time for that. The top rear shocks have a black wash to define the gaps between the spring coils but that is it, you can not really see them
  3. Thats why I did not get too much into the Brit version, I will stick to my plan.
  4. Hi all, i have decided a while back that it was well pass time i stepped away from commission work and took a bit of time for yours truly, i had been pondering dipping my toe into an armour project for some years and i thought i may as well do something a bit challenging, words i may come to regret. So some time ago i started saving my pennies and trolling Ebay for all the parts i needed, the last and most delicate obstacle was negotiating the time with SWMBO but a quick bribe with some hard cash sorted that, needless to say i am now Broke!!! The project will be based around the awesome loo
  5. Thanks Richard, i was tempted to add some white speckles to give that milky way effect you see at night but decided i was pushing my luck and it would be best left well alone.
  6. Hi all, it’s been a while since I posted last but with good reason, for the last 14 weeks I have been working at this 1/350 Diorama and it has been quite a challenge but it is now finally done. The basics of the project were a bespoke internally lighted back box with a star field effect, 2 x 1/350 Klingon Birds of Prey (KBOP’s) and of course the rather huge 1/350 Enterprise Re Fit with a shuttle coming into land. I started out with the Back Box, this is made from 2 sheets of Aluminium Sheet 2.5mm thick x 610mm wide x 2250mm long separated with an internal wooden frame to create the
  7. This was the initial image of 762 and i was really going to dirty it up but when i scoured through all the other images she was really quite clean, so i just done the majority of the weathering with pre shading and post shading filters then a little light yellow staining on the control surfaces on the underside, sometimes less is more. Regards Danny
  8. All my models are safely in the cabinet and i don't like to move them, to give you an idea the wingspan = 33" and fuselage length = 24.5", it is not small that's for sure
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