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  1. very nice. skin tones and tyres stand out for me but overall its stunning.
  2. wow. inside the bucket got me, when i saw how real that looked....
  3. wow, quick turn around. turned out nice. your welcome to the kit, i probably never would have got round to it. i have at least 3 more "standard" Lanc kits in the stash, enough to keep me busy. glad the decals worked OK, not sure if they were the originals or a replacement set ????
  4. well spotted, it's actually a deliberate mistake to allow the whole set-up to go together with minimal leg room needed for the figure !!!!
  5. i understand its a joint boxing of three kits. you still get the car/truck with driver and gunner. you also get one spruce of oil drums, fuel cans and equipment plus a set of five masterbox figures. you are still given the original instructions from the kit you are talking about plus separate ones for the other parts.
  6. Quite a productive year really. These are just the finished kits, there were lots of part started bits in between. The Zombie Attack Diorama was mostly done in last years x-mas break but finished in the first two weeks of 2015... Next up was a re-paint and base for a shop bought Lara Croft figure. The statue is a re-painted fish tank accessory... Finally got round to finishing this old project.This is a 1/48 Junkers JU52 done in "the style" of the plane from "Where eagles dare"... The Revell 1/32 Mosquito was a basic but impressive kit at a bargain price... Next came a whole batch of 1/48 Airfix Spitfires. Two old Mk5 "Douglas Bader" kits with alternative markings... and then two of the new Mk5 kits... then two Mk12's. had to fight these all the way and didn't even bother to take proper photos... then two Seafires. these went together a lot better... then i discovered the joy of a Tamiya 1/35 kit. a real boost to my modeling mojo and a new area of interest. first the British Tilly in non-standard RAF finish... and finally the just finished LRDG command car.
  7. My second ever Armour kit just had to be the Tamiya LRDG command car. You get a lot of plastic for your money with a lot going on. It's more or less built out the box and took just 3 weeks to build. I didn't use all seven figures but then that's not really a practical option but I did use the "leaning guy" creatively and have him up on the rear gun. Just to say... as with all my builds, historical accuracy is not a big concern of mine. Great kit and despite being old still builds up well. A bit dull out for taking photos but I hope you Approve of the results, enjoy...
  8. very nice. i have this conversion in my watch list and a "saved" 1/72 kit in my cabinet
  9. cool. i do like the new Galactica design, possibly even more than the original. this is a good twist to the kit
  10. cool, just bought the tamiya one of these so will be watching closely
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