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  1. Stupendous...built one maybe 9-10 years ago...nothing like this tho.
  2. Gorby...thanks for all your hard work and research. I will look into one or more of these as soon as I can find out what my Google password is. The boss is sleeping right now.
  3. I just tried to use Village Photos, and all the bells went off DANGER DANGER!! So thats not happening. In the meantime, I sit with many photos I would like to share, and no way to share them.
  4. Back in the day I used photo bucket. That is no longer a viable option because of their "we want your $" policy. Any suggestions on an EASY site or perhaps a way to just drag and drop pics from our own files? Being computer challenged makes posting photos a nightmare. Thanks for understanding Les
  5. Nice builds. If I can find a site to help me post pics, I will post my Form-A-Plane vac Fiesler 167 when its finished.
  6. Having built many WW1 models and a lot of them Pegasus kits...I must say you did an outstanding job on a less than stellar kit. Well done. Kudos sir.
  7. Very nicely done. I especially like the two different colors of camo used on the wings. Biplanes rule.
  8. Well...forget flicker...what a confusing NON user-friendly site. Guess I'm out of the picture posting business.
  9. 73 North...I feel the same way you do...I will not forget. Dogsbody...thanks for the heads up. I am on an iMac...so I should be good to go.
  10. Thanks so much for your help. I will try a Flikr account. It can't be anymore confusing (to me) than PB was.
  11. I have been having problems uploading my model photos to Photobucket for a while. Tonight I tried again, and it gave me two choices for PAYING. Nuts to that. Any recommendations on a decent free service?? TIA
  12. Silly question time...was every one of these planes painted the same?? I love the plane, and have built one many years ago, but I've never seen one in any other colors than these.
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