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Les Moore

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    Classic country music and well fitting 1/72 model airplane kits.

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  1. Les Moore

    LVA pfalz III

    Excellent idea of a captured Pfalz. Well done.
  2. Whose kit??? What scale??? Inquiring minds want to know.
  3. Well done, and VERY interesting.
  4. Les Moore

    Su-27 Flanker - FINALLY DONE!

    Outstanding....and Airfix you say??? I must find this kit.
  5. Yet another truly superb model from Faud. Amazing.
  6. Les Moore

    1/72 Arma Hobby PZL P.7a

    Excellent model...nice and clean, and the color is spot on. Well done.
  7. Les Moore

    Meng Panzer III

    I have built every toon tank kit available to me (6). The Tiger I, the Sherman, the KV2, the King tiger, the T34 and the PanzerIII. I've not seen any resin conversion parts. There are four more toon tanks advertised. A Stewart, a Pershing, a Chafee, and a Czech Pz38 (light). Just waiting and watching now for their release.
  8. Les Moore

    Meng Panzer III

    This is my second model of the new year. I've been waiting quite a while for it to be released. There are four more I'm still waiting for. This was painted and built in 3 days. Really a great fitting kit. Even tho is basically a snap together kit, I glued all the parts in place. Painted with MM enamels. I hope you like model #2 for the year 2018.
  9. Les Moore

    First model of '18

    Yes... I also glue everything. I treat it like a regular kit. There are now six NEW WW2 toon tanks in addition to the original four, although so far only two are available. This one and a Panzer III. Also the Scharnhorst is being advertised. I've built their Lexington...nice kit. I just ordered 3 ships from the Fujimi off shoot...Chibimaru. They should be here (postage free from Amazon) in the next 2-3 weeks.
  10. This is one of 6 new "Toon Tanks that Meng is advertising. They are the "Egg planes" of armor if you will. I really like these little guys and have been waiting a while for these to be released. I have two of the 6 models that have actually been released. The German Panzer III will be the next victim on the bench. But for now, here is the Russian T34/76 built OOB and painted in MM enamels. I misplaced the decals sheet so I borrowed the turret numbers from there spares bin. Twenty minutes later, I found the decals sheet. The "rust" you see is Burnt Sienna oil paint mixed with Turpenoid. I hope you like #1 for 2018. As I have stated before, I know NOTHING about building armor, I just enjoy building these little guys.
  11. Les Moore

    Worst..... and Last of 2017

    Courageous..I had the same thing happen to me with MM Lacquer. My problem was (besides being a newbie) I held the airbrush too far from the model. The clear coat actually dried BEFORE it hit the model...causing this effect. Not sure if thats what happened to you or not.
  12. Fuad...you never cease to amaze and please. Excellent as always. Respect!!
  13. Les Moore

    Italian Nieuport 17 (Eduard)

    Rigged as per the instructions.
  14. Les Moore

    1/32 IL-2 Surmovik

    Excellent weathering...looks like so many photos and footage I've seen of Soviet war worn items.