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  1. Beautiful NMF finish Ed , well done Regards Toby
  2. Sofusthecat

    B-25 STGB Chat

    Is it possible to build a Doolittle Raider from the new Airfix kit with a set of the right decals? Regards Toby
  3. Sofusthecat

    1/72 Hawegawa F-35B Marines

    Another great build kicking off here Ed, really like your style. I’ll pull up a seat for this one. Regards Toby
  4. Sofusthecat

    Best Laser Decal Paper 2017

    How does the clear decal film from Hannants compare please? Regards Toby
  5. Inspirational scratch building, fantastic Regards Toby
  6. Sofusthecat

    Airfix 1\24 Mosquito

    Well done with a well built Mossie, quick as well. Regards Toby
  7. What an inspiring build Ian and thanks for putting the pictures back in after the PB ransom attempt. Regards Toby
  8. Sofusthecat

    HRH's big chopper

    Humbrol matt bronze green did the trick for my British Apache. When you look at the pictures of the real thing, the green looks different in sunshine from overcast and also in the hamger. Lots of choice otherwise. Regards Toby
  9. Sofusthecat

    F-15 1/72 decals 1 off

    Dear Paul I would like you to make a 1 off decal sheet for me. PM sent Regards Toby
  10. Sofusthecat

    MarkSH's NF104 - Completed

    Wow, fantastic creativity. Makes me want to do the same to my Hasegawa Starfighter. Regards Toby
  11. Sofusthecat

    F-15 STGB Chat

    Hi there Is there a simple recipe for painting the white and black exhaust internal petals for someone who is hamfisted with painting? Regards Toby
  12. Sofusthecat

    Lakenheath f15c 1/48

    Hi Hewy How did you get the burnt white colour on the insides of the exhausts? Regards Toby
  13. Sofusthecat

    DHC Chipmunk T10 +++++ Finished +++++

    Nice Fire Orange Finnish there 825. Something I have found when decaying over bright colours is its best to put a white decal down first under roundels or fin flashes because the white in most kit decals is not dense enough to prevent 'bleed through'. Regards Toby
  14. Sofusthecat

    Prince Harry's Apache in Afghanistan

    Hi there BMer's I recently bought the new Academy 1/72 British Army Apache and I would like to make it as one that Prince Harry flew in Afghanistan. Does any one know the serial numbers of the one's he flew? Regards Toby
  15. Hear hear Violet Club A 1/72 version would be be fantastic. Regards Toby