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  1. Fantastic build and photos. I got about 4 pics in before I started to wonder where all these reference photos (that I have never seen before) come from.
  2. MESSERSCHMITT Bf109G-6 Black 3 11/JG5 Gossen May 1945 TAMIYA 1/72
  3. Wow, time has got away from me. I have sadly missed a few build progress shots, but did manage to get it mostly finished today. Some weathering of the upper side will have to be another day, though the lower was done. The pics are not great either. Didn't have time, so some are under lights indoors. Oh well...here 'tis.
  4. Thanks JR The bands do brighten the late war fighters, especially the grey ones. Wayne Thank you. The pre cut spirals made the job a bit easier. Here is photo with Black 3 on the right.
  5. Thought I noticed a change in end date. Very handy indeed.
  6. Got a bit more done. Spinner was touched up. Reich Defence bands were painted. I wasn't completely happy with them... ...as the yellow was a fraction wider than the black. I also decided to change the camo on the side of the fuselage just aft of the cockpit to better represent the photos of this machine. That got me to this... Canopy parts painted, light exhaust staining and a clear coat applied. (Tamiya X-22, Mr Color Levelling Thinner and Isopropyl in equal parts, followed by some straight Levelling Thinner) The pics are not great as the clear coat was still wet. Hopefully the exhaust staining will show through enough. Next will be decals then the landing gear (which is painted). Also, the panel behind the gun shell chutes is only held in place with tack putty, as it covers up the landing gear fit arrangement.
  7. Some progress. The spinner proved a bit more challenging than I had anticipated. I was planing on cutting a bit of black decal to make the thin, short spiral. The decal wouldn't stick and would not curve. Next idea. I had in the stash some AZ branded 109 spinner spirals made from Kabuki style tape. This meant painting the spinner black, applying the tape spiral, then painting the spinner white again. It worked well, though I removed the tape while the white paint was still wet and had a bit of a mishap when the tape end curled back onto the wet paint. I sanded the spinner back with some P2000 paper to give a worn appearance. Might have to correct the blemish. Painted the 109 top and bottom with Hobby Color RLM76, the applied RLM75 to the upper surface and upper sides. Next I taped the pattern on the wings and added a (not too heavy) coat of RLM74. This was thinned down to about 10% and applied to the sides simulate the heavy mottle on Black 3. A bit more work with thinned RLM76 and RLM74 touch ups and then onto some identification bands.
  8. This pretty much covers what I think. Very well done.
  9. I have a few One Ninetys in the stash. But have never yet built one. I'm keen.
  10. Some progress has been made over the last few days. I went with the decal seat belts. Wings assembled... ...then fitted to fuselage. The fit was pretty good, with only some small gaps on the top side that were closed up by increasing dihedral. Rear section of cockpit fitted and prop parts got some paint (MR HOBBY Aqueous) Wheel wells are masked, so next up will be some RLM 76 for the underside and fuselage.
  11. Yes, they are good. Somewhat unusual parts breakdown when compared to other 1/72 109's, but falls together beautifully. I have managed to decide on one of the few G-6 decal options that I had in the stash. This... There are a couple of pics showing G-6 and G-14 models from 10 and 11 staffel JG5 in the process of being scrapped, and this aircraft was one of them. I am not sure about the yellow wing tips.
  12. So...as I really wish to complete something in this group build, I have decided to have a crack at a 1/72 Tamiya build. What could possibly be a better mojo restorer? Started the build with the cockpit. All goes together very well in a slightly unusual fashion. Gunze Aqueous RLM66 used for cockpit colour Mr Softner used to settle down the nice (but thickish) instrument panel decal. Fuselage closed up. Cowling panels added, with a small amount of smoothing require where the machine gun piece meets the side cowling pieces. The floor/seat assembly gets fitted later in the construction, so I have time to decide whether to use the decal harness provided or find an aftermarket substitution. I am yet to decide on an open or closed canopy ( I usually opt for closed for general aesthetic reasons ), nor have I settled on a scheme as the Hungarian markings that I have don't have the correct size upper wing crosses. I don't fancy the two schemes available in the boxing so have scoured the stash to find another option. Some that I could do are of the Trop variety so I sourced the filter from an AZ Joypack that is in the stash. It will fit okay if required. I am already motivated to press on, which is a good thing. Thanks for looking.
  13. Due to a late start I am not convinced that this will get finished in the next 6 weeks. So it will sit on the side lines while I try to get a 1/72 109G built instead.
  14. I have decided to post the profile done by Kjetil Akra to show what I am aiming for. I am sure it should be fine as these pics are all over the net and it is not for gain. There are some great photos showing the mottle added to II/JG77 109's during the summer of 1940.
  15. Coming along nicely Greg. I notice that it has the same type of construction as the G-6, which I have 3/4 complete. Unusual, but provides good detail in the wheel bays.
  16. Looks great. I reckon the white makes a nice change from the yellow identification markings.
  17. JG 77 was unique in that it served in all theatres fought by German forces in WW2, and that it flew the Messerschmitt 109 exclusively. (Well...apart from a short stint for II./JG77 in the Macchi Mc.205 late 1943) I. Gruppe and II. Gruppe were formed in May 1939 with III./JG 77 being formed on 5 July 1940 in Trondheim from the II(J)./JG 186. April 11 1940 saw II./JG 77 arrive in Norway to take part in Operation Weserübung, the invasion of Norway, which had commenced two days prior. The primary purpose of the unit while stationed in Norway was to protect the coastline and ports from attack by British Forces, as well as provide air cover for the Kriegsmarine operating in Norwegian waters. The unit stayed for about 7 months before heading to France to participate in the Battle of Britain. So, as the tittle suggests, I plan to do an aircraft belonging to 5 Staffel that was photographed at Vaernes, Norway, perhaps midway through their time in this theatre. It features the standard 71/02/65 scheme with the sides darkened with what is most likely 71. There is a lovely profile in a book I have (Luftwaffe Fighters and Fighter-Bombers over the Far North by Andreas Brekken and Kjetil Akra) along with a couple of photos. Would post it here, but not sure about copyright. I was planning to do the mount of the Staffels most successful pilot during the early period, Feldwebel Robert Menge, but couldn't find one photo. The boxing... ...and contents. I built the 109E-7 version of this kit a couple of years ago. It was an okay build, except for the wonky front end (oil cooler and engine cowling), though I didn't think it would be worth doing another. I have a couple of the Cyber Hobby 109's that I thought would do, but then Eduard released the Spanish Civil Way boxing that has wings to do an E-1. How could I resist? Then came this boxing, complete with resin bits including Galland figure. Dohh! Sucked in again. So as I have missed a month already, I thought this kit with cowling on may just get done in time. The start... Thanks for looking.
  18. Looking forward to seeing this happen. I have had the book since its release and remember being delighted that a 109 was in the air. I however was not delighted with my attempt at a Fine Molds 109F-2. I had canopy fit issues (possibly my fault), but it has some of my best paint. i h ave lost interest in finishing it. It teeters on the edge of the bin. I am sure you can make it live up to its reputation.
  19. The 109 has so many great schemes that it can be hard to choose. I agree with the comments that this is a great choice. The worn out shoe of a well travelled unit. Will be watching with much interest.
  20. Keen to see how this goes. I have the same Aires Cockpit Set and was considering a similar build. Does this fit the newish kit (as you have) or an older one? Watching with much interest.
  21. 109F-4 of Hans Dobrich 6./JG5 Petsamo Finland 30th June 1942 Photo posting practice. Not that happy with photos, but pics worked. Meant to put these in the inspiration gallery
  22. While trying to figure out what to build (and seeing the posts quoting 109 stash numbers), I counted 27 109's in my yet to construct stack. This constitutes about 1/3rd of my stash. 8 in 1/32nd scale and 19 of the 1/72 variety. What to build ? Ohh...I also dislike that the Airfix E-3 has been "retro fitted" with an E-4 canopy.
  23. Okay, I'm keen. I have a 1/72 Italeri Do217M (Historic Upgrade)that I had to buy because of its box art. I also think its a great looker, but a group build may be the best way to get this thing built.
  24. Thanks. I am always on a 109 theme of sorts. About half of my completed builds are 109's, and probably a quarter of my stash. So many great schemes. It is my first completion in about two years. I have a few builds that stalled about 50% in, and couldn't get inspired to finish any. With some renewed vigour, i am looking forward to the Group Build.
  25. Struggled my way through this Hasegawa 1/32 109F-4, not through any fault of the kit (they are a delightful build), but through a lack of mojo. Enjoyed getting it done and am 3/4 through a 1/72 Fine Molds 109F-2. Raring to go in this GB. Maybe Cyber Hobby's 1/32 109E-3 in a scheme from JG77 or JG5. (Something from the far north)
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