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  1. My time at the workbench has fallen to zero over the past several months. This may be the MoTivatiOn I need. Would love to join the party if I may.
  2. Hi all. I have many 109's in the stash and would love to join in if that's cool. Perhaps a Cyber Hobby 1/32 Emil or a MPM 109T or H. Decision paralysis as usual.
  3. Good job on finishing this kit in the attractive scheme. Nicely done! My attempt sat on the shelf of doom for a year or two before hitting the bin of defeat.
  4. Very nice indeed. Top marks for paint, weathering and photography. I have much to learn. Great stuff !
  5. Fantastic shots of a truly superb build. I view every 109 build I find on here, and this is as good as I have seen. Top stuff !
  6. Congrats on a lovely build that needs to be seen. I have selected a few pics off your flickr account and posted. Sadly im not 100% sure how i did it. I think I clicked the download icon on the bottom right of your flickr page, downloaded 4 pics to my photos (you won't do this step) After uploading from my photos to my flickr account, I then clicked on the share icon, copied the link, then pasted into the Britmodeller thread. Hope this helps. note: I only selected medium in the size of pics I downloaded from your flickr account. Perhaps should have go
  7. Lovely looking Saetta.(s) Do you have a preference between the two kits? I must resume work on mine soon.
  8. Good evening Rich. Sounds like an interesting GB. Would love to join the party. Cheers Wayne
  9. Cockpit done and the fuselage/wing joined. Scratch built reflector gunsight, rudder footboards, levers, trim wheel, some ribbing and made the seat a little taller. Added PE harness and chains. A couple more little jobs on the cockpit to do. I have selected a scheme. The reason for this selection was the 3 colour scheme and the fact that it has only the front part of the canopy, (no side deflectors, nor the semi enclosed type) so as to be able to see more in the cockpit.
  10. I will keep an eye out for this in RFI. Nice work thus far.
  11. Mottle looks great V-P. Will you make it (with at least one) ?
  12. Hey Sven Great start on what I think is a lovely airplane. Is the kit the RS models one or AZ as in your title ?
  13. Looks like she's been playing with the flak gunners Stu. Nothing a Thunderbolt cant handle though, and it'll fix up fine.
  14. Good save Max. It seems the undercarriage design of Willy's famous fighter is still causing dramas. Great if you're the Blackshirts (mechanics), not so great if you have to take off and land.
  15. It can be fun to hack away, then try to improve certain areas of a basic kit. I find in this scale a little effort can produce good effect. I plan to make it complicated Max. The kit goes together very easily, with only a diagonal join through the fuselage that needs a bit of work. The biggest issues are the lack of significant parts, such as......... inner landing gear doors, air intake for carburettor, radio mast (where applicable), and no control panel (with incorrect area where panel sits). It has no detail in the undercarriage bay and fa
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