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  1. wayne 0

    Macchi Mc.200 Saetta

    Cockpit done and the fuselage/wing joined. Scratch built reflector gunsight, rudder footboards, levers, trim wheel, some ribbing and made the seat a little taller. Added PE harness and chains. A couple more little jobs on the cockpit to do. I have selected a scheme. The reason for this selection was the 3 colour scheme and the fact that it has only the front part of the canopy, (no side deflectors, nor the semi enclosed type) so as to be able to see more in the cockpit.
  2. I will keep an eye out for this in RFI. Nice work thus far.
  3. Mottle looks great V-P. Will you make it (with at least one) ?
  4. wayne 0

    Yak-11 Moose - RS Models - RoAF

    Hey Sven Great start on what I think is a lovely airplane. Is the kit the RS models one or AZ as in your title ?
  5. wayne 0

    ***finished*** Two Thunderbolts

    Looks like she's been playing with the flak gunners Stu. Nothing a Thunderbolt cant handle though, and it'll fix up fine.
  6. Good save Max. It seems the undercarriage design of Willy's famous fighter is still causing dramas. Great if you're the Blackshirts (mechanics), not so great if you have to take off and land.
  7. wayne 0

    Macchi Mc.200 Saetta

    It can be fun to hack away, then try to improve certain areas of a basic kit. I find in this scale a little effort can produce good effect. I plan to make it complicated Max. The kit goes together very easily, with only a diagonal join through the fuselage that needs a bit of work. The biggest issues are the lack of significant parts, such as......... inner landing gear doors, air intake for carburettor, radio mast (where applicable), and no control panel (with incorrect area where panel sits). It has no detail in the undercarriage bay and fails to represent the asymmetrical wing design. Looking at scale plans the port wing needs to be just under 3mm longer. In the previous Hobby Boss Mc.200 i built, I shortened the starboard wing as i thought it might be easier. I am yet to decide whether to try and correct the wing as it is a potential headache (disaster) for a not obvious result.
  8. wayne 0

    Macchi Mc.200 Saetta

    Basic frame work added. Might leave fuel lines etc.., until after paint.
  9. wayne 0

    Macchi Mc.200 Saetta

    So the box is open. Admire all the parts. The seat is upside down in this picture. It is not even close to representing the "tub" on legs installed in the Mc.200. So I had a go at improving on this. Not a lot will be visible when installed, but thats not the point......right? Next to the wheel wells. Remove the brown areas, as the Mc.200 was open in the area where the wheels would sit. Chinese plastic is no match for a Chinese dremel. Next..... Final shaping, smooth out the wheel wells, then add some frame work and wires/lines to bay. Then back to the cockpit.
  10. wayne 0

    Henschel Hs 123B

    Wow !! I have never heard of Gas Patch. The instructions look fantastic. Will keep an eye on this.
  11. wayne 0

    1/32 Hasegawa Bf 109G-2 (Finished)

    Job done. Pics in gallery. (plus these)
  12. wayne 0


    Messerschmitt Bf 109G-2 Yellow 10 W.Nr 14800 of 6./JG5 Flown by Ofw.Fw. Hans Dobrich Salmijarvi, Finland, May 1943
  13. wayne 0

    1/32 Hasegawa Bf 109G-2 (Finished)

    Thanks Max. I initially restricted myself to 1/72nd scale as the available options and space requirements seemed favourable. I then decided (as a one off) to purchase the Revell 109G-6 when it was released. As the 109 is my favourite WW2 aircraft, I decided to only have 109's in 1/32, and I now have about 6 assorted 1/32 109's and a Lysander (too cheap to pass up) in this scale. (Of coarse I love 262's, 190's, Macchis, Reggianes, a Tamiya Spitfire VIII or Zero would be sweet.) The presence of this scale is very appealing, but space, and a desire to do the big kits some justice, will most likely limit the amount I do.
  14. Hello I wish to participate with the Mc.200 Saetta from Hobby Boss. Although better than the Revell offering (I believe), it lacks a few important parts. I hope to add some detail to a simple, but reasonably well shaped kit. I will select a scheme from Sky Models C.200 sheet with the assistance of these reference books. Also some PE seat belts........ .......and this should work for the C.200 instrument panel. I built one of these a while back and enjoyed it, but hope to make a better show of this one. Wayne
  15. wayne 0

    1/32 Hasegawa Bf 109G-2 (Finished)

    Well...pretty much calling this done. Perhaps just some last minute touch ups (hopefully without breaking bits), then some outdoor pics, weather permitting. I had pushed on in an attempt to make the deadline, and glad I will. Also happy to see an extra week added to get a few more across the line. I have managed to try a few new (to me) techniques on this build and more importantly, discovered ways to improve future builds (from other participants great work, and my errors or less than ideal approach). Thanks heaps to vppelt68 and Enzo Matrix for hosting this group build and AZ for getting on board with some goodies. Next pics in gallery. Wayne