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  1. Very nice&clean build, looks great in this yellow scheme+perfect selection of the subject.
  2. Perfect build, excellent details & interior...look forward to see her finished.
  3. Looks very good, great weathering too.
  4. Looks perfect & realistic, very nice and clean job.
  5. Very nice Concorde. Big model with little problem where to park it
  6. Thanks all for the likes and nice comments, much appreciated...just to show that paper models from the site shown above are easy to build -picture of my former builds.
  7. Hi Dave, Thanks, it was dowload from here. http://www.saturn.dti.ne.jp/eastern/pcraft/main.html There is nice selectiin of wrc cars...very easy to build...not too complicated. Oh yes that is our berner Gaston
  8. To have a rest from plastic kits and never ending sanding, polishing, airbrush smell...the paper is an ideal option :). No smell, no dust just scissors, ruler, art knife and glue needed...so here is Peugeot 206 wrc in 1:24.
  9. Looks great and very nice scheme, excellent job with decals.
  10. They looks great, after seeing this I would like to try to build one
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