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  1. Moa Came up with various superlatives but as I read down through the thread most of them had been used up! You must have the patience of a saint, some pretty good skill and very steady hands to produce that. Makes a big change from - here's another Spitfire, Hurricane, FW190, Bf109, Mustang or Thunderbolt. Brilliant work and great that you've shared it with us.
  2. Most of our aircraft built around that time do look as aerodynamic as a brick. Not the most beautiful of aircraft but you have done a good job building this one. One of the first things I look at when appreciating the modellers skills are the `window-frames` and how crisp they are. Glazing looks good. Also, nice weathering that looks pretty convincing.
  3. A challenge maybe, but you have risen to it and ended up with a very good looking end result.
  4. At 1/72 the detail belies the scale. Very effective paint and weathering finish. Must be very satisfying end result for you.
  5. I built most types in my early to late teens. Always preferred the WW2 Luftwaffe aircraft because they looked menacing, had interesting camo and guns sticking out everywhere. Built everything from Fiesler Storch through to the big Heinkels. Now busy running a business and fending off grandsons in my spare time! Still have time to appreciate the work of others though. Some amazing finished projects on this forum and at least I can share the enthusiasm.
  6. Looks like a lot of work and effort has gone into this. Well done. Maybe its just me but I always think it is odd that larger military seaplanes (or sea patrol aircraft*) are painted with camo more suited to flying over land! Not just German. Think *Condor, Sunderland, Catalina etc. Think forward to more modern aircraft such as Nimrod which seemed to be mainly grey! Friend has just said that the Germans were short of grey paint because all their Battleships and Taxis used it all......
  7. Quite impressive for hand painted. Subtle weathering and nice clean lines. Always liked building the RAF bombers, but that was between the age of 12 and 16. I'm now 62 and no longer have the `bug`. Can still appreciate the handwork of others though.
  8. Blimey. We thought the cut backs to our military were tough. Is that what the Greek Air Force are flying these days?
  9. We're in Kent and noticed you're in Hampshire. So not just around the corner. If you'd like some photographs of specific parts I expect we could e-mail some over to you. Once you start the model let us know and we'll try to help. Send me an e-mail to GT3reg@aol.com Regards Sideways Sid
  10. That looks superb. With a clever bit of photoshop and a London street background that could fool most people into believing it to be the real thing. Well done that man.
  11. Strange that some of the best liveried cars are/were sponsored by cigarette or booze companies. I built the Rothmans 956 a few years back and from memory the kit came without the words ROTHMANS in the transfers. Bugged me for a long time. A bit like having Luftwaffe aircraft without swastikas on the tail. Eventually found an aftermarket set of ROTHMANS transfers and finally put that one to bed. Did this car race without the words MARLBOROUGH or are you having the same frustration? I know that once cigarette advertising started to become restricted lots of cars removed names of sponsors but kept the colour scheme.
  12. Watched those racing, the noise alone made it worth the entrance money.
  13. A group of us visited the team down at Aylesbury a few years back. The GT1 looked amazing in the BLUE CORAL livery but the star of the show (for me) was their 935 which to me is `The Racing Porsche` that I'd love to drive. Mental piece of kit. Built the Tamiya Jagermeister liveried 934 when I was in my late teens. Have been a Porsche enthusiast since the age of about 13. Now in my 58th year I'm driving my eighth Porsche a 2009 997 GT2.
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