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  1. very nice...i have a couple in the stash....hope they turn out nearly as nice as this
  2. it's kind of weird in some lights it almost looks like it has two colour oranges on it.......yes there will be another water bomber or two.....in the package with the tigercat tank is a Northrop F15 reporter conversion. thanks...i dont think i'll go as big as a DC6.......but never say never i guess
  3. my latest finished project..an Accurate Miniatures Avenger with a lone star conversion and decals...it was a straightforward Even if the kit instructions aren't great)..the resin conversion fitted perfectly..the decals were very thin and went down well...a build i am very happy with. 118314467_1358125754382793_4122788684285434633_n by paul sabin, on Flickr 118318635_1358125781049457_8177702022350883255_n by paul sabin, on Flickr 118401340_1358125867716115_7024900747635013758_n by paul sabin, on Flickr 118318635_1358125781049457_8177702022350883255_n by paul sabin, on Flick
  4. sorry it seems i didnt document the builds
  5. a few years ago i built 3 A6M2b's from different manufactures all at once...Airfix (new kit) Tamiya and Finemolds and they all were brilliant in my mind....the Finemolds one is well above the others in detail and goes together really well...the Tamiya one is a little more simplifies but still heaps of detail and is a dream to assemble...the Airfix one is down on the detail but i 1/72 it's not that bad and to be honest if i only wanted one i'd probably go for it as it goes together well in my mind and looks the part on the shelf 1623742_631304300240287_1115828496_n by paul sabin, on Flickr
  6. i need an A26K....i know bobcat have announced one.....but how long will that take.
  7. nice work....i did one 12 months ago and it is a tough kit...but you got a nice result.
  8. better shots done at last 100916244_1283839295144773_8529916641696284672_n (1) by paul sabin, on Flickr 101855959_1283839321811437_4396221991816790016_n by paul sabin, on Flickr 101539192_1283839271811442_2998300408591417344_n by paul sabin, on Flickr 103246136_1283839188478117_4697371225867943936_n by paul sabin, on Flickr 101656353_1283839241811445_7825969487542222848_n by paul sabin, on Flickr 101144033_1283839215144781_2463617000744681472_n by paul sabin, on Flickr
  9. it was actually foliage green and RAAF dark earth with RAF sky underside
  10. my latest project finished it's the new Arma MK1 trop hurricane It is a lovely kit to build , great detail and fit there is almost no putty used in this model(and i think the bit i did use was my fault),i have built this almost completely out of box i have used a vacformed sliding hood. the scheme i have done is the only hurricane the arrived in Australia during WW11 in it's final scheme of silver dope and bare meta,i have used Tamiya AS12 for the silver dope and Alclad Duralaluiminium for the bare metal. 97839204_1268231003372269_4142890222104870912_n by paul sabin, on Flickr
  11. i have added a lot of weight.....it's still a tail sitter but i am hoping when i fit the borate tank that that may change.
  12. nope the monogram one is 1/72 from memory,,and this is all resin
  13. i must admit when i pulled this out of the stash i was wondering if it was 1/32...till i got my AMT kit out..PHEW!!!...it's 1/48th....from what i have learnt over the last day or so it came from eastern Europe..it's not a bad kit...pretty basic but a great learning tool for resin models down track
  14. the plane is quite well known it was photographed in both B&W and colour....but Hasegawa got the colour of the tail art wrong.....it should be red,as to why there are two tail arts i am not completely sure but i suspect that it was with another unit before as you say. 91022279_10157795773686273_379385563746140160_n by paul sabin, on Flickr 91305604_10157795776761273_3999665780181434368_n by paul sabin, on Flickr 91189741_10157795805446273_7112979034933297152_n by paul sabin, on Flickr i hope these help
  15. 91361137_1233116140217089_4197643766569369600_o by paul sabin, on Flickr the kit is multipiece...the fuselage is hollow but quite thick
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