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  1. Fantastic job, looking forward to progressing mine just got to get a bit of confidence spraying!
  2. Thank you, I'll have a good read!
  3. Currently trying to get back into modelling after a few fits and starts. I'm currently doing a couple of cars and have hit my nemisis in gloss paint. Recently had good result with Alclad Gloss white undercoat. Not wishing to tempt fate by adding a topcoat, is it OK to leave this as the only coat apply decals and then a top gloss coat?. My main concern is yellowing. I have bought Zero 2k gloss, but unsure if this yellows, or is even too shiny! Think I may need to strip and go again on a couple of pieces. These look almost as if my mist coat dried grainy and the wet coats are not thi
  4. You're right about mojo, I'm also doing a T93 Lola indycar that I've had over 25 years and always fail on numerous times with gloss painting. I think preperation and patience are coming to me with age! Alclad gloss primers have gone down OK on the Lola, got some zero paints for the 6R4. Also got Zero 2K gloss, but a bit worried now about it being too glossy! BTW I think the front spoiler does need to be a bit more yellowy.
  5. That's looking great, I've folded and got mine out and made a start (I've now got about 6 models in the go) looking forward to the next installment
  6. You sound like me, I've just finished the bedrooms! I've bought some Tony Pond decals and the paints. Just a load of other models to finish first now, trying to resist just making this one first
  7. Is it this one? https://www.spotmodel.com/product_info.php?products_id=12893
  8. Coming along very nicely indeed. I also agree re spraying.
  9. Looking good. Going to be a while until I start my one though. Did you glue the exhausts at all in step 2? Looking at the instructions initially I couldn't see what they meant by don't glue yet. But I now think after your troubles it means no glue on any part of the exhausts, not just where they meet. When looking at the diagram the dot and dash line is on all parts, but the do not glue yet text only points to where they meet.
  10. Emailed Belkits about the misprinted decals, glad I did, they didn't know!
  11. Yes both wheels with each kit as they are on the same sprue. I have taken a picture with the tyres fitted, but can't find a way to link it from Onedrive
  12. "Yes, just checked on YouTube, they definitely had Computervision logo's on the '85 Rac rally.." Ooh, Yes, you're right, now I'll have to check the differences between the two!
  13. Thanks, I did see that, but hoping for a computervision version, especially as I already have the paint!
  14. Just got this kit, looking forward to building it, not sure what they will do about the error. I'm hoping someone will produce a conversion decal set for Tony Pond's car anyway which would solve the problem for me!
  15. Bit of progress on the Shuttle Tile decals mentioned earlier http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?s=5fd529c2f7ff355813159f523f91801a&showtopic=278002&st=40
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