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  1. First i apply by airbrushing the major colors ( black , grey , dark brown , withe ) using enamel paints . Then with a brush dipped in white spirit i mix the colors i some places , in other places i remove them and also somtimes ti add fresh pure color where that is needed . This technique gives me the burnt color effect .
  2. Almost straight out of the box , only some modifications on the upper wings and lot of detail adding at the rather <<empty>> Revell's cockpit . Painted with Alclad high speed silver and MRP paints . Decals by Daco and serial numbers by homemade painting masks seat beltsand wet tranfer stencils by HGW . Hope you like it , Have a great day and stay healthy Greetings from Greece , Dimitris .
  3. Thank you all for youre kind words . Roundels are on the underside only , i post a photo of the kit profile and im pretty sure that Kostas Patsaros ( owner of Gaspatch ) made a great research about that . I create that scheme by brush and extremely thinned acrylic paint , it took a while but the result worth it ......
  4. dear Tony thank you for your kind Words , this is the profil i re create
  5. Dear friends here is the superb kit from Gaspatch Models of the iconic Henschel 123 . The build was straight OOB with no after market items . Painted with the Chinese air force colors and markings , Hope you like it !!! Have a happy and creative new year .
  6. i Don't know !!! i'm also looking for stencils .......
  7. No stencils ??? poor decal sheet .....
  8. Thank you all for you're kind comments .... Yew this is a Mig 21 bis ... It's a free hand painting with Iwata HP-C I add some photos of the cockpit where the tricky part is to match the cockpit color with the pre panting p.e parts .. Thank you again Dimitris Bitsiaras ....
  9. Hello again . This is my latest build . The kit comes from Eduard , i used Gunze paintings , and for the weathering , oil paintings and Flory models washes Hope you like it ....
  10. Hello to anyone , my name is Dimitris Bitsiaras and i live in Greece . I am a new member on that forum , and i;m very happy to be here . Mirage F1 is the Italeri kit at 1/48 scale . The cockpit comes from Pavla , Decals from Icarus decals , colors from Gunze .. This is an almost out of the box build , scratch build are the exhaust and the landing gear nest .. I'ts nice to be here , hope you like it ......
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