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  1. Murph

    The Su-57 are arriving

    It's so good they don't need to build it.
  2. Murph

    F-A22 Raptor Help

    LINK #1 LINK#2 Those two are the closest I've seen to the real thing. Regards, Murph
  3. Murph

    1/72 Tornado

    Has anybody mentioned the Revell kit yet? Regards, Murph
  4. Murph

    Two Bobs Arctic Bandits

    The radome on the F-16 is usually unpainted and is delivered in gray FS #36270, but quickly picks up dirt, moisture, and grime and darkens. This is the end result: Having said that, the Aggressors do some unusual things with their jets, so they do paint the radome on some of their aircraft. Regards, Murph
  5. Murph

    Hunter as D-558 in The Right Stuff

    I can remember reading that in Esquire magazine when it was first published. It's also in The Purple Decades collection. Regards, Murph
  6. Murph

    F-16C Repair Panel Question

    No, it's not a flight control surface. Regards, Murph
  7. Murph

    F-16C Repair Panel Question

    It's possible that's the color the part is painted at the factory, and it's up to the unit to repaint it once it is installed and they get a chance. Regards, Murph
  8. Murph

    French Navy Rafale query

    Has anybody ever determined the correct AFNOR color (presumably in the A 6xx series) for the Rafale? Regards, Murph
  9. Murph

    1/72 Spitfire- where does adding detail end?

    Just as ejection seats are the focus in a jet cockpit, the seat in a WW II kit is usually the focus, so I go with etched belts and harness. Eduard makes lap belt/shoulder harness sets that are specific to nationalities besides including them in aircraft specific sets. I think the instrument panel is also worth spending time and money on, such as an Eduard or Yahu etched panel. Past that, I find most other effort in the cockpit is barely visible and not worth MY time, obviously others will feel differently. As mentioned above, replacement wheels (especially with well defined rims that make them easier to paint) can be a big help. Regards, Murph
  10. Murph

    All the Hurricane questions you want to ask here

    Any ideas on interior colors? In that Hurricane restoration you linked to the interior color looks to be much darker than the usual gray-green. Regards, Murph
  11. Murph

    F-111E and F

    Initially the main difference between the E and F were the exhausts, and later the F picked up the Pave Tack pod in the weapons bay. Here's a useful site for the differences: LINK Also, more in depth at the same site, are the articles by Jim Rotramel (former F-111 WSO) on the F-111 for modelers. LINK There aren't a lot of decals for the E version, Wolfpak Decals has a couple that cover it, one is old school with JT tailcodes (in white though) 72-029 LINK while the other, 72-092, has black UH tail codes from Desert Storm but on an overall Gunship Gray finish. LINK I believe Superscale sheets 72-542 and 72-613 might have UH tail codes in black on the classic F-111 SEA camo scheme; you can probably find them at Hannants or on ebay. Regards, Murph
  12. Murph

    A10 Warthog – Italeri, Academy, Hasegawa or somebody else?

    Italeri and Academy have recessed panel lines, while Hasegawa has raised ones. IIRC the Academy kit has the door for the pilot's ladder facing backwards, which is kind of a big "Oops". Personally, I've gone with the Italeri kit when insulating the attic. Regards, Murph
  13. Murph

    All the Hurricane questions you want to ask here

    Yes, RCAF 135 Squadron; they were a home defence unit LINK. Thanks for the pictures and links. Regards, Murph
  14. Murph

    All the Hurricane questions you want to ask here

    I'm assuming this photo is a "colorized" b&w one then; the colors certainly look odd (not to mention the tail flash with the shortened white center section). Going from the numerous b&w pictures I've seen, the aircraft fuselage code appear to be white; same aircraft in b&w from the other side: Regards, Murph
  15. Murph

    All the Hurricane questions you want to ask here

    While were at it, would a Canadian manufactured Hurricane Mk XII (135 Squadron) use standard British camo colors? Regards, Murph