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  1. I have it in my stash and will do next year.... or maybe in two years.....
  2. Hi Guys, I would like to introduce my Great Wall Hobby P-61A. The kit is some kind of Mr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde... Some parts are great, some parts are not. You have to take your time when assembling, it´s ab bit tricky closing the fuselage. You can see my attempt doing this kit here: pk76scalemodeling.blogspot.com Please let me know your thoughts about my built. Cheers Peter
  3. Installed the landing gear this evening. You only need a little pressure and it's slipping in.
  4. Yepp... good question... This is something I will sort out tomorrow evening..... I´ll keep you posted..... Thank you! Great to hear you like it
  5. I am still working on it Hope to finish mine next week. Cheers Peter
  6. Closing the fuselage parts will be tricky - take your time! I really like your progress so far and will follow with interest. Peter
  7. Hi, I am doing currently also a GWH Black Widow. Be careful when closing the fuselage. You can see mine here: https://pk76scalemodeling.blogspot.com/2019/05/p-61a-virgin-widow-great-wall-hobby-148.html Cheers Peter P.S: It´s written in German, but I have a translation available
  8. Hello, built oob. Painted with Revell Auqa Color. cheers Peter
  9. I started painting the MIG, but have not jet decided which color scheme this bird will have. The dashboard looked nice after a coat of matt black. I was very happy with the result . Trumpeter made a nice gunsight, but I wanted to have a more detailed version. Evergreen made it easy to realize this part. The new gunsight was also painted in black, still have to add the glas and some wiring I painted the cockpit parts with a mid grey. First I have used the Russian blue/gray/whatever color but André told me, that I was wrong with my first
  10. Hi all, this is my new project. In my opinion it is a nice kit with good details. Maybe not 100% correct, but still good. You can have a closer look at the kit and some information about the real fighter in our "New kits in the cave"-Site. I decided to build this one out of the box. Only adding things I have like left over PE or bits found in my household. Starting the kit I started thinning the plastic in every opening or intake, Here is the already reworked part Looks much better than before, right? A lot of holes can be found
  11. Hi all, this is my P-51/D "Mustang" I always wanted to add this bird to my collection. I was looking for an unusually "stang" and found this "blue nose". Parts used for this model: Hasegawa P-51D True Details Cockpit Aires Wheel Bay Ultracast Porpeller Ultracast exhaust stacks Ultracast landing flaps If you want to see the built steps, please visit "Work in Progress" After all I have to say, the Hasegawa Kit is still a great kit but needs some help with the details Thanks for watching! Pete
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