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  1. Thank you all for your kind words ! The only good experience I had with Revell was their 1/32 Arado 196. This Tornado is certainly not the kit for fainted heart, at least in my case. Flash all over the small pieces, the plastic of some part didn’t stick to any type of clue but Super glue. The clear part covered with scratches and flash. Landing gear missing all of the signature wirings. I mention this because landing gear in their 1/72 & 1/32 scale do have all the wiring in place. Why Revell why ? I was excited with the flaps and slats as they can be build in drop position. However, this is the worst area of the kit. All the small details have flash on them and supper fragile/brittle. Anyway, at the end of the day, I have a Tornado sitting next to my F4GR2 and I’m glad that I gone through with this kit
  2. Hi all, My recently completed Tornado F3 ADV in 1/48 scale. This is a rebox of Revell kit by Eduard with theirs usual goodies to create an Limited Edition box. Revell tornado is nothing but a nightmare, it is as bad as the movie mentioned in the title. And just like the movie, it requires shades of grey to break of the monotone grey color. I’ve used additional Pe from Eduard for the landing gear d RBF tags. Finished with Mr Color and Mig products. This is one of those kits that I will never build again even though I love all Tornado variants especially the Gr4. The fit is terrible, the engine and part breakdown are the worst, last but not least the brittle, easy-to-break plastic. There were more than 4 times I want to smash the kit into the wall and do myself a favor but somehow I got through all of that. The result is not what l’m hopping for but I’ve completed it anyway. As usual, comments and criticisms are welcome !
  3. Hi all, My Phantom FGR2 from Revell (Hasegawa). Painted with Mr. Color and weathering with Mig products. Aires cockpit was used (horrible fit), Eduard RBF tags. All comments and feedbacks are welcome !
  4. Hello all from Viet Nam, My latest completion after 10 years since I've opened the box. Trumpeter F-14B is nothing but trouble, yes the details is nice enough if you will to ignore all glaring shape issues, fit issues and those rivet. The completed model take a huge spot from my shelves hence I sold it to a friend of mine and he kindly enough to took these super nice photos. I've used ejection seats from Quickboost, Pitot and gun barells from Master Model and Eduard PE. Comments and criticism are welcome <
  5. Inspired by Shark64 ! Thank you so much ! Hello from Viet Nam ! Finally... after 2 years on and off I've managed to finish this. The kit is Academy MH-60S, this is a rebox of UH-60 by Academy hreleased years ago. There are new sprues and decal for the MH-60s. The new sprure carry nice details but the old sprures suffered from old mold. Due to the large dimension of the rotor, I decided to fold the blade and the tails ( I always have a thing for fold wings anyway). All folding details are scratchbuild from plastic and styren rod with many good preferences found on the internet. The most challenge is the 2 brace hold 4 rotor blades. Styrene rod aren’t strong enough to hold the weight of the blades. I ended up soldering paper clips to create the braces. I enhanced the model with Big Ed set from Eduard and Live resin mini gun. Both set are highly recommended for this model. On a separate note, the fit of the kit is not Tamiya or Hasegawa quality, hence lots of sanding, re-scribing lost details, riveting... Mr. Hobby paint was used, all photo taken under sunlight with black and white background. Hope you enjoy my article .
  6. Thanks all for your kind words and encouragement !
  7. Good morning from Viet Nam ! This is my lattest build, the Saab Viggen AJ-37 from Special Hobby. This is actuallu a rebox of Tarangus Viggen with the added of color PE for the cockit. The fit is good overall, consider the nature of limit run kit. There are some inaccuracies lies within the kit, especiall the tiny main wheels which is too thin. I used several plastic sheets to add the thickness then sand to shaped. Paint use mostly with Gunze Color, weathering done with Mig and chipping here and there with color pencil The splinter camo is the hardest paint job I have done up to date. Maestor made a paint mask sheet for this camo, however the fit isn't that good and need a lot touch up to follow. Weapons are Maverick Missles from Eduard, RBF tags, others are from spare box. Pitot tubes from Master Model ( I think ) The Saab Viggen will surely stand out from all the F 16,18 etc thanks to it camo and muscle shape. The build was fun but the splinter camo is something I won't try again Thanks for reading !
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