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  1. Sir T

    Old skool Buccaneer.

    Love seeing those Matchbox kits built up - Superb looking build.
  2. Sir T

    Spitfire Mk.IX "Gaby"

    That is a very nice looking build - Is it a Malta bird?
  3. Thanks Troy, That's some great information, and now looking at the model I can see exactly what you mean about the cowling and spinner - but like you said, it shouldn't be a hard fix. I was thinking of getting their old Seafire kit (which I think is based on the same moulds) and this'll really help. I do however, have the new tool Vb kit in the stash - which I agree is much more refined. Thanks for the link to the painting thread as well - I'll have a read. Cheers! Stuart
  4. Superb! I've been at this for years and couldn't build that!
  5. Thanks Simon, I'm sure you'll enjoy it - It's a fun kit. The only issue to my eye is the profile of the windscreen and canopy.
  6. Thanks Gents! You're all too kind!
  7. Hi All, I just thougt I'd share my most recent build with you all. This is Airfix's old (ish) tooling of Wing Commander Douglas Bader's Supermarine Spitfire mk.Va. It was one of their special charity boxings. It was a pretty fun build, although not the most accurate of Spitfire kits - it's certainly has some shape issues around the cockpit! Although the wings on look good. I'd build another of these old kits - but I'd have to fix that windscreen. It was (badly) painted with a paintbrush and Humbrol Acrylics and Humbrol Spray clears. I think is will be the last time I use Humbrol's acrylic paints for anything other than detail painting. Overall I'm reasonably happy with it - It's only my 2nd finished 1/48 kit in the last 10 years. Thanks for Looking! Stuart
  8. Sir T

    Emhar 1/72 F4J-B Fury

    Hi Dave - thanks for the info. I'm not sure of the age of the boxing, it must be pretty recent as I bought it off Amazon. The Plastic is quite hard now you mention it, but no more so than Matchbox kits were.
  9. Sir T

    1/48th RF-84F Thunderflash

    That is a superb looking build - the more I see of this kit the more I want one.
  10. Hi all, I've finished a few this year but this is the one I'm most pleased with. Airfix's recent Super Etendard re-box finished as a French Navy aircraft circa 1988. The Model was brush painted using Humbrol Enamels and lots of thinners. I used a number 4 small round tipped brush and dabbed the paint on, working in a slightly darker shade and lots of thinners as I went. I'm aiming to get away from the traditional 'big flat brush with brush marks' look of my previous builds and get something a bit more interesting and varied like you see in airbrush finishes. I know I should get an airbrush, but I like brush painting and trying to challange myself with what I can do with them. The first two pictures are from my SLR - which is how I found out I had dust on my sensor!!!! the rest are from my camera phone - so apologies for that, I am trying to get better at it. Camera phone pics.... This kit was a bit of a pig to build - but I actually really enjoyed it. Thanks for looking - now please feel free to rip it apart Cheers Stuart
  11. Hi all, I've been working on this one for a while on and off and just picked it up again today - I don't thik I've ever posted a wip on BM so I thought I'd give it a go. Emhar is a British kit maker - I've never heard of them until now but they do a couple of nice (and rare) USN subjects in 1/72. It’s a bit rough around the edges but is a lot of fun to build! The fit isn’t too bad - along the lines of an old Aifix of Matchbox kit. It goes together well but there was a little bit of seam work to do - generally because of the step on the bottom. The wings went on ok with no filler needed at the roots on the top side, although the outer panels have needed a bit as they were designed to be folded (but I'd rather they weren't). I used 'perfect plastic putty' which made life much easier. The only really bad bit so far was the nose part, which did require a little bit of fettling to get to fit nicely. I might also have to re-profiles the leading edge of the tips as they are a bit square. So nothing too taxing – which is what I like. Annoyingly although the B was built as a ground attack version the kit comes with 4 sidewinders and nothing else. My plan is to rob some Bullpups off a Hasegawa Skyhawk kit I have and scratch-build the targeting pod. Progress so far...(I did actually S/B a cockpit but forgot to picture it - what's seen below is what comes with the kit) Current state - as of this morning before work. The white is Humbrol Gloss White Acrylic, brush painted (with a no.4 round tipped brush) over matt white which is why it looks a bit rough - I'm going to knock it back a little and build up another layer or two. Thanks for looking Cheers Stuart
  12. Sir T

    Future Russian Strike Fighter

    That is a stunningly nice bit of work - great stuff!