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  1. Has anyone worked out how to get the best out of the decals, I have not been very successful. There are suggestions that there is an extra film to remove, I’ve not managed it and there is no mention of them in the instructions?
  2. At the rate Eduard are releasing kits you will probably be building a Mk. V in February, a Mk. V Trop in March and VC in April, Eduard say they will release a Mk. V Eagle Squadrons special edition in August
  3. I am building this one and I have looked at a few photos of 19 Sqn lined up and flying in the very early configuration and I can just make out a little dimple on the spinner, therefore I am going with part 48
  4. I am happily building this model and my view is as follows: All the comments about the U/C selection lever are justified but there is another way of looking at it. Maybe the Spitfire Mk I BoB to be released as a Profipack at the end of this month should be considered as the first release, if it has the hydraulic mechanism and more modern cockpit wall we would all be over the moon. I am sure this will be the case if a MkII and a Mk V are next, Eduard are fully aware of the two mechanisms so it is very unlikely they will get this wrong. Then we look at the dual combo kit as a bonus with the manual lever, imagine the furore if it was missing from that release with all the other goodies (flat hood, two blade prop and the early decals) You still have 4 or 5 decal options for a later kit. I think it is an excellent kit with all the options, just a bit odd that they released the dual combo first, mind you, great marketing as we went out and bought it with just over a month to wait for the first std kit. i am building option D, K9955, I would say, but I am no expert, that you could build A, B, C, D and possibly G and argue your case for the manual lever. Just my humble opinion, please don’t shoot me down!
  5. It has, part 06 is the mirror and part 04 is the windscreen with a locating hole!!!
  6. I did three Rafales a few months ago. I bought two Ms and two Bs from Modelzone for £80. One of each were built as boxed and then I swapped the wheels etc to make a C. Decals were from Skyraider. There is everything in the two kits to make an up to date Rafale including the chaff and flare fairings, You could always make a what if RN Rafale two seater!!!!!
  7. Please don't forget The Aviation Hobby Shop in West Drayton. That is an experience visiting this small emporium!!!!!!!
  8. Hi I ordered my parts on Monday and received them on Wednesday, all well packed in a strong box. Great service. The instructions are superb!! By the way, one of the F-15E subjects, 01-2003 on HMD 48003 was at Fairford last year with 3 out of the 4 crew names still showing the same as the decal sheet!! Photos to follow in walk around section. Great service!! Thanks David H
  9. Filler Here are 82 914 and 82 922 at Alconbury in 1985, they are both Block 15 aircraft, so they would have had the larger tail Holmsey
  10. Thanks Skippybing Great help Holmsey
  11. Thankyou Skippybing A great help Holmsey
  12. That's great Many thanks. Holmsey
  13. Hi I am intending to Build Lynx XZ 731 332 when it was based on HMS Liverpool off Libya in 2011. Can anyone give me a few pointers. 1, Hoist, fitted or not or just when required 2, Life raft seat, would it be fitted, and orientated back to front or accross the cabin. 3, 50cal, yes or no. 4, Armoured pilot seats, yes or no. 5, Rear seat and surface warfare electronics 6, Would it have carried Sea Skua and how many? In other words what would have been a typical fit in that region in 2011. Many thanks in advance Holmsey BTW I have a 44 photo walkround of a Lynx AH7 at RIAT this year, just trying to figure out the best way to submit them.
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