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    Vintage and Classic Motorcycles, with the odd race bike to keep me young.. SciFi, books, movies. IT since thats how I have made my living in 3 continents for almost ever, Oh and building Models especially ww1 aircraft... Yes I know I'm obviously a masochist for rigging.
  1. I’d seen one of these in the local hobby store a week or so ago. Seeing one built up, i think i might have to go back.. neat build... Ray
  2. RayB24

    Is it me?

    I built there FW190 years ago and it was fine for that time. Actually better than fine... superseded now though by several generations. Also I wonder if some fit Problems are from pushing the molds further than intended... Ray
  3. No I’m talking the new version, as I said it’s good but those panel lines are just too pronounced. In comparison to fm and Tamiya especially. ray
  4. My preference is the Fine molds that were originlly published with magazines in Japan. Tamiya next. Not built the Hasegawa, but have one in my stash. airfix i’ve built, but the panel lines yikes Ray
  5. I use the spray can Mr Surfacer on all my models. Its great stuff. I did try with airbrush, but really As long as your paying attention and use light smooth passes you wont have problems straight from the rattle can. its great stuff, great time saver especially when you have finishes that need a nice smooth undercoat. Ray
  6. Yup Richard the III now with Henry the V, who would he be attacking... oh wait thats obvious. Its got to be the French, its always the F*(ing French.... sorry tongue in cheek reference and hopefully not upsetting anyone....
  7. It seems like there are multiple issues going on here. First compressor. does it have an auto stop and pressure gauge. In other words does the compressor auto stop at a set pressure that you set. Regardless of if you want a compressor with a tank or not, the auto stop and gauge is the key part of the compressor. I have a thayer chandless compressor thats nearly 30 years old with no tank, but does have the auto stop and pressure guage. It woks perfectly, best 100 dollars i ever invested in tools. As to paints and thinners. All paints regardless of type will tip dry, you need a
  8. Thats a really attractive and realistic Mig, wonderful NMF ray
  9. I just purloined/bought this model, all based on that magazine build... now if only I didn’t have a love hate relationship with ships.. I love them they hate me.... great model build Ray
  10. For those who can't figure the name out... Just search for Orkneys on this list of RNAS stations... lol it will be very obvious which one it is. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_air_stations_of_the_Royal_Navy Ray
  11. Its pronounced Diiildo Newfoundland by the locals. Even funnier though, there is an Upper Dildo and Lower dildo Newfoundland.... Swmbo is from the Maritimes and makes me laugh at these names all the time... Ray
  12. Tolpuddle same county... Famous for the Tolpuddle martyrs.... Port Mouton NS --- Which being in NS is pronounced Matoon ... Confuses tourists no end, and irritates Francophiles... Ray
  13. Wow, Snoopy is really coming along. Neat work. I find that opening all the windows and doors in the house gets the stink out after a few hours. Trick is to get the cross breeze effect. Of course living in the great white north... AKA Canada this can be a problem in the middle of winter and summer. Average 30+ degrees and very humid in summer, Winter -10-30 depending on the day. Swmbo gets ticked off either way with all the windows open. A few years ago, sprayed a big hull in the kitchen since I couldn't fit it in my spray booth. Similar smells.. My wife came home and tore a strip off my th
  14. Shooting them does sound harsh, but its an air rifle so probably only wing them.... Ray
  15. Your back... Yay... I was beginning to think I was going to have to take up basket weaving or knitting or some such, or heaven forbid go into the stash and build something... Sorry was really missing the build and the stories... Ray
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