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  1. Yes, you are correct. There are several key moments in the tail section where you have to pay extra attention.
  2. Good evening, dears. It's my next model from another Ukrainian manufacturer "Clear Prop". It's 'shortrun" too, and very good quality. Assembly requires care and accuracy. Link
  3. No, the decals from the set were not used. These are "Montex" stencils. And the pipes - yes, they should have been drowned a little more. I was afraid to break them because I wasted them from the inside, just like a pitot tube.
  4. Yes, Mike, the model allows you to set control panels in any configuration.
  5. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Today I present you an absolutely new model of a Ukrainian manufacturer "Wingsy Kits". Until now, it's the most accurate depiction of this famous plane. Developing team worked on this model using all the available data on it. Please note that, the release of this model is limited in number. Because, the model is made in the "shortrun" technology. Yes, it's a "shortrun", but by the production quality it's better than some models produced under high pressure. Please, enjoy! Click this
  6. Now I know exactly why you have such a status "Very Obsessed Member" . I am very glad for such attention, it is very useful for everyone. Thank you very much!
  7. Yes, I agree with you. Logically, the upper part of the flaps should also be zinc chromate. But I did not find any photographic evidence of this and decided that perhaps zinc chromate would strongly decamouflage the base color when the flaps were opened.
  8. Yes, your observation is correct. The lower part of the wing at the junction with the upper part needs to be desperately sanded. This is my fault. I tried to remove the defect with putty - it didn't work.
  9. When the model is painted in metallic I don't wash at all. Metallic and so in itself perfectly distinguishes everything. The weathering on this model is just an X-19 smoke from Tamiya. I didn't do anything else. And even that seems superfluous to me. The model already looks quite "voluminous".
  10. Hi, everyone! It's my next model from Ukrainian model firm "Dora Wings". It's made by "shortrun" technology, but it's very high quality, more better than "typical shortun".
  11. Hi, everyone! It's my next model from small "Pepelatz" firm. It's full resin model, but very high quality.
  12. Typical "shortrun". There are casting defects, in some places it's very roughly done. I cut out the air intakes, grinded down the edges of the engine compartment and bearing surfaces. I putty a lot. The plastic is strange, flexible, but hard.
  13. Good day, everybody! I present you model of famous modern aircraft of Turkish manufactory. Despite the very low characteristics, it is safe to say that this device made it necessary to completely change the tactics of modern wars.
  14. Hi, everybody! I present you my next model from a very small but very ambitious company - Pepelatz. It is resin, but very high quality casting. The circulation is very limited.
  15. Thank you, guys for nice comments. Hello everyone from my rabbit!
  16. I used a set of decals from "Foxbot", and spanked some "futura" varnish on top.
  17. Hi, everybody! Let me present you my next model. Here I use standard techniques, but there is one innovation - dowelled antenna made of mustache of my pet rabbit. The rabbit's tendril fell out by itself, I did not pull it out)).
  18. I apply the wash with a brush along the holes and lines. You can simply cover everything entirely. Depends on your patience. I wait 20-30 minutes until the wash is completely dry. Then I wipe large surfaces with a napkin, and wipe small surfaces with an ear cleaner sticks.
  19. First you need to make the riveting with the riveter. Then you need to paint the model and apply acrylic varnish ("Future" for example). After the varnish, you can use MIG washes.
  20. It's just ordinary "washes" from MIG production, nothing special.
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