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  1. The presence of aces and the short life of aircraft are not directly related. For example, the most effective ace of the Luftwaffe - Hans Ulrich Rudel was shot down 37 times! He switched his planes 37 times! Nevertheless, Rudel is considered the most productive pilot in the history of mankind - he had 3,600 flights.
  2. Good evening, colleagues! Today I present to you the spirit of Great Britain. Red telephone booths, red mailboxes, red double-deckers, Her Majesty's red guards, and finally the red Spitfire! It is the duty of everyone who loves the UK . \
  3. If you have seen my models, you probably noticed that I'm a big fan of weathering. This is a large part of what we generally call - Historical and Technical Stand Modeling. In the application of weathering, there is also a demonstration of the skills of the modeller. I completely agree with you. My criticism is not a criticism of a person who has the "wrong" hands))). I just wanted to note that it was Soviet aircraft that had a very short life. Especially at the beginning of the war - a maximum of 5 departures. The person who managed to fly was more called the "lucky one". The Soviet Union suffered incredible losses compared to its allies - about 27 million lives (the United States and Great Britain combined, less than 1 million).
  4. Your application skills are excellent. But, for information, I want to note that this board belonged to the squadron commander, Captain Pavel Chuvilev. The board was clean and well maintained. The technician who was responsible for the technical condition of the aircraft simply could not bring it to such a state. He could have been punished very strongly for this. In addition, in general, Soviet aircraft had a very short life cycle in time. So, the engine running time was limited to only 50 hours!!! The planes simply did not have time to grow old due to huge losses. Therefore, my advice to you - do not try especially to age Soviet aircraft. Unfortunately, they simply did not have time to grow old. http://ava.org.ru/iap/151g/yak1b_5_r.jpg http://ava.org.ru/iap/151g/yak1b_5.jpg
  5. Hi, everybody! It's my next model. I used many resin sets from "Vektor" and one "Eduard"s set of etched details.
  6. I've already built Mavis. Here it is. The background of the first photo is purple, just for the sake of experiment, this is not supposed to be the sky))). The exhaust does not go over to the stabilizers because there are a lot of exhaust pipes and the jet is not so thick, in fact I went over a bit with that. I did not do weathering from the effects of water on purpose. Because I think that it will be overkill, the harmony will be broken. This is my vision. In my work, I relied on these photos:
  7. Hi, everybody! This is my next model. It's famous Hasegawa. Excellent convergence, but awful thick wing and control surfaces edges. Brand new model, 2017 release. There is no riveting, many details are exaggerated, so additional kits are needed.
  8. If photos suddenly disappear here is a link to my cloud storage.
  9. Hello, my dears. It's my next model from famous Ukrainian manufacturer "ICM". It's ordinary high pressure die casting. The quality is quite acceptable, with the exception of non-critical flaws. For those who want to purchase this model, be sure to buy additional metal chassis. The stock chassis are copy-sized, but the plastic of this thickness simply does not withstand the load and bends mercilessly.
  10. I can recommend that you contact the manufacturer directly and ask him your questions. He is freely available on Facebook under the nickname Vitaliy Wingsy. All I know is that he has Willie Messerschmit's blueprints on his hands.
  11. Hello, Roman! Trust me, messerschmitts look elegant in any scale))). Try Wingssey's product and you'll just have fun. I will continue to build on 72nd scale too. Bombers on the 48th scale are too huge.
  12. How are you, mates? Today I present to you another creation of Ukrainian manufacturers. Believe me, the model is a pleasure to assemble. According to many experts, this is the most accurate model at the moment.
  13. Hi, everyone! It's my next model. If the photos suddenly disappear, just click this link to my cloud storage.
  14. Good evening, dears. The set is, without exaggeration, one of the best sets of modern modeling. The quality of castings, although it is a "shortrun", is not inferior to the best manufacturers, pouring under high pressure. Stands on a par with "Wingsy Kits". The riveting is very delicate, as authentic as possible. Bravo Clear Prop! Bravo Ukraine! I really like your products. If the photos suddenly disappear, just click this link to my cloud storage.
  15. Thanks for the kind words and care, me and my family are safe. I can't do anything with myself, it's my passion.
  16. There is a link at the beginning of the message, click it. All photos are hosted by google drive.
  17. I'm also interested, probably this question should be asked to the manufacturer.
  18. Thank you for attention. Once again I put links from my Facebook page. Sorry, but this is not my fault.
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