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  1. Hi, everyone. Today I present you my next model from Finland Air Force. I have no documentary evidence of the existence of such an aircraft, I made it "based on". It could well be so, because the era and events correspond.
  2. Good day, ladies and gentlemen! I present you my next model.
  3. Good day, ladies and gentlemen! Let me present you my next model.
  4. Yes, it's the decal from Turkish "Babibi Model". Almost the entire surface of the aircraft is covered with this decal.
  5. No. I didn't find any clues. There is not even an indication of the application of a black stripe. It's on the decal, but not in the instructions. And nothing is said about the fact that the tips of the floats should be painted black. I found this from archival photos. Maybe they weren't even black.
  6. In this GWH was not mistaken, this floatplane devastator was made only in a single copy.
  7. It may well be that and as you say. But then I will ask you to make a remark to the "GWH" (manufacturer of this model), who made the ailerons in such a way that without violence against them it is impossible to glue them properly (and I don't like violence ).
  8. Yes. They could be, if the hydraulic system were released.
  9. In fact, with colors here I decided for a long time. The scheme offers American Olive Drab + Neutral Gray and field-added English patches of Ocean Grey. Rather controversial colors, but, according to my research, this batch of aircraft arrived at the Italian airbase bypassing England and therefore was not completely repainted, but only new color elements were added. I don't know how true is this, but "Actum ne agas".
  10. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Let me introduce you my next model. This is a Tamiya set. I added only the riveting, wheel bay from Aires and the etched set from Eduard. The prototype was chosen from Montex, from which a set of stencils was used. There are no decals on this model.
  11. Guys, this time I did not make any rivets, this is a stock riveting of the model from HOBBYBOSS. In general, I use different types of riveters. From "Rosie the Riveter" to cheap Chinese ones. The main thing here is not so much the tool as the practice. And sometimes I use hard embossing and label printing tape - DYMO.
  12. OK. Thank you for your comment. I posted a photo here copying their address from my FB page. Now I have placed them, on your advice, on a photo hosting. I hope now there will be no problems.
  13. Hi, everyone! It's my next model. General Motors / Eastern Aircraft produced 5,280 FM variants of the Wildcat. Grumman's Wildcat production ceased in early 1943 to make way for the newer F6F Hellcat, but General Motors continued producing Wildcats for both U.S. Navy and Fleet Air Arm use. Late in the war, the Wildcat was obsolescent as a front line fighter compared to the faster (380 mph/610 km/h) F6F Hellcat or much faster (446 mph/718 km/h) F4U Corsair. However, they were adequate for small escort carriers against submarine and shore threats. These relatively modest ships only carried two types of aircraft, the Wildcats and GM-built TBM Avengers. The Wildcat's lower landing speed and ability to take off without a catapult made it more suitable for shorter flight decks. At first, GM produced the FM-1, identical to the F4F-4, but reduced the number of guns to four, and added wing racks for two 250 lb (110 kg) bombs or six rockets.
  14. I did not dare to paint with a roller according to RLM70/71. Although it had to be so for reliability. I blew out the entire surface of the RLM79, and then painted with the RLM70 brush. Then sanded with water.
  15. By the way, I used only the letter "K" and small numbers from the decals. The remaining designations and the swastika are made using stencils.
  16. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Let me present you my next model. Link to model on Google drive
  17. I apologize for only posting the link. I'm just temporarily banned from Facebook. I'll try to post pictures tomorrow.
  18. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! It's my next model build by Luft'46 themes. Link
  19. This is link to photos on Google Drive.
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