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  1. Well, as the author of the Sprue Lagoon (the less positive) page, I can tell you one thing: when you get a review from me, you get one that honestly reflects what I experienced. My reviews are not here to make everything seem rosy, they're here to tell people the honest truth as I experienced it. My attitude is that truth is more valuable than false hope. As you can see, I found the kit to be a bit of a handful, more like an old Matchbox than anything. Now, I LOVE Matchbox kits, so don't get me wrong.... the AT-3 is a neat kit of a neat plane, but you will fight for it if you want it to look half as good as a more modern, better-made kit. To me, there's nothing wrong with that - but I put it up there so people will know what they're getting into. Some don't mind the elbow grease. Some want a shake-n-bake. I know that if you're expecting an easy time and you find the kit's a dog, it is a lot more offputting than if you go in knowing you're not in for Tamigawa standards! I'm glad to see someone else building the kit, though. It's a cool looking plane and I'm always glad to see more oddballs being built! Good luck with it!
  2. I'm glad everybody liked the colours! Sadly, they are a custom mix - pretty much all of them! I rarely use stock colours for mecha. I use Guards Red when red is needed, and most everything else is custom. Even the white on my Gundams is customized with a bit of blue and purple in it. Mixing up cool new colours is one of my favourite parts of building mech kits!
  3. Thanks for the compliment! I'm glad my approach actually gives that impression - I'm never sure, because, of course, I know what I'm going for! I hear what your saying about some models being "over done" in that way. I like to try and keep it a bit simpler!
  4. Thanks a lot for the compliments, guys! As for a Wyvern and a Seahawk, I have them both. I had a bit of an RN period. I also have the (sadly inaccurate) Sea Venom from Dragon, and the Sea Vixen FAW.21. Now what I really want is a good 1/72 Scimitar. C'mon Airfix... what are you waiting for? As for it being a second rate plane, it is at that. However, just remember, it's a whole lot better than the F6U Pirate that the USN put into production. That was never fit for service, and barely flew. At least Attackers were in frontline service and were exported!
  5. I agree with both of you guys about the panel lines. I was, and am, still learning about how to control the "impact" of pastels for doing post-shading. I fully accept that this effort, while technically well-done, is also overdone. I have found that over greys, a grey pastel must be much lighter than it has to be over other colours. Live and learn. In fact, I tend NOT to use pastels or post-shading very often any more. I just prefer my jets clean, and do the lines with pencil. Oddly, WWII planes I still do some washes and pastelling on, but not jets. Thanks for the compliments, though, I do appreciate the feedback!
  6. Sometimes you get it… sometimes you don’t. We’ve all had off days, but it’s one thing to mess up on a model, and another to mess up creating the actual subject in real life! Well, despite their success with the Schneider Trophy races and the immortality of the Spitfire, it seems that, after WWII, the good folks at Supermarine just kind of threw in the towel. They went from creating some of the world’s fastest aircraft to creating one of the slower, more lacklustre and undeniably more porcine jets. Early jets, of course, weren’t all successes, but the straight-winged, tail dragging, chubby-boddied Attacker is one of the most prevalent losers of the immediate post-war jet cohort. Of course, because it’s such a substandard loser, I love it! It’s not just loser cars that get me going, total failures of aeronautics also make me smile! That’s why I was glad to get my hands on the Trumpeter Attacker! At the time, there was no good 1/72, so I was even willing to go up a scale and out of my normal comfort zone to build one! Check out the 1/48 Trumpeter Attacker at the link below, and let me know what you think! https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/trumpeter-1-48-supermarine-attacker-f-1/
  7. Sadly, as I mentioned in the linked article, there was no diorama with that kit. It was second hand, and someone clearly wanted the dio for themselves. You're right, though; the diorama bases are my favourite parts of the Matchbox kits! The good news is that all the other ones I picked up DID have their bases. You can see the M-16, complete with its base, here: https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/model-kits/ships-and-tanks/matchbox-172-m16-halftrack/ I believe this has been reissued by Revell Germany; I think all the armour gets cycled through, on what appears to be about a 10-year cycle! Thanks again for the compliments!
  8. I just did an out of box on this sub on my website! Great minds think alike! It looks like a nice kit, and that's some nice work you're doing on it!
  9. Beautiful! Now I'm inspired to work on mine. I like that you did the early kind, with the ducted prop!
  10. There's one I'd love to have - the Arc en Ciel! Gotta add that to my list! I built the Starfix Mustang, and it wasn't terrible, and the Talon looked somewhat Talon-like. I will be honest; I don't worry too much about absolute accuracy when it comes to planes. Cars, yes, I get a bit fussy. However, as long as I can tell what the plane is supposed to be, a bit of a difference from the norm in shape or size doesn't bug me. I just want a representation of that plane, and sometimes a crappy old kit is the only way to get it! At least I can grind like a mofo on an Aoshima and it'll survive. I look sideways at the Trimotor and the thing will fall apart, and that's after it's built!
  11. Now that is awesome! Both the plane, and the box warning!
  12. A bit of both, actually. It tells about the model, and its effects on the modeller! If you think it's hysterically funny, then I'm glad. If you think it's hysterical meaning I was being such, well that's your take on it. That's what happens when you take on a project that's a lot above your skill level at the time. I built that one a long time ago now, and have learned a lot since then! (Including not to build old Airfixes, which will forever remain a hard and fast rule...) Just so you know, ten years on, I still don't use decal setting solution, and I still don't have "proper RAF shades". I don't have any "proper" shades - I usually find one that's close and adjust it to suit, or mix colours straight away! I find it hard to get colours that are acrylic and a good match. However, I do make much better models now. What doesn't kill you, I suppose... As for why build Starfix? Good question, I must say. However, I would think that a serious modeller could do a rather good job on a Starfix - isn't that what modelling is all about; taking a slag heap and making it good? I would dare to say the Aoshimas (Farpros) I have on my site (see link in sig) from the early '60s a.) look extremely good and b.) were no worse than the trimotor in concept, just with better plastic and engineering. The Ju-52 spats do help a lot. I was grateful someone suggested it to me. I would say go for it on your kit!
  13. Thanks! The white-lettered tires are a.) very nicely done in the kit and b.) perfect for this kind of "slowball" pseudo-street machine. It's more like an avenue machine, or maybe a circle machine. Not much "street" in it. As for the lettering; get yourself a Molotow chrome pen!! I used the 4mm and then just 'blopped' out a bit of chrome on a piece of card and used a filed-down toothpick to apply the letters. Quick and easy!
  14. In the interests of of making amends for my transgressions, I've put up a few more pics of the Pinto below. Of course, there's a lot more info at my site, but these should give you a good feel for the little blighter. I couldn't resist putting in a pic of the EXP with it. Two of Ford's best! Oh, and getting no horse power out of a big engine is an American specialty. Someone's gotta do it!
  15. Ah, I see. Well, you're right, this is a busy place, for sure! So, someone ratted me out, eh? I tell ya, you can't trust anybody these days. Fair enough, and thanks for coming on here and reading what I put as my reasons, too. I appreciate it.
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