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  1. been searching to try and find a passable option for the ruby red on display ZK35E before I revert to the black option. Xtraxdecal says BS381c 542,but haven't found a model paint equivent, vallejo being my biggest collection.
  2. Thanks Alan, Well thats kinda good news for me. Planning a little diorama and having all weapons mounted makes things more visually appealing. Thanks.
  3. Can anyone please advise. When a submarine submerged, were the small arms unshipped and taken below, I'm assuming that would be the case to protect the finer workings of the weapons. The muzzles of big deck guns would then be plugged? Thanks.
  4. Thanks Julian, yep, HAS.3 sorry, more specific! Did come across those, and also their wild cat set but will do that one with the big revell kit.ooks like I may have to make some myself. Many thanks. Simon
  5. I've been looking around various places, including the usually helpful Hannants search engine but have failed to identify any source for UK Lynx Mk.3 1/48 decals. I suspect something migjt be tucked away on a multiple aircraft sheet. Pointers most welcome. TIA Simon
  6. There is a very good build series on youtube. MM Scale Models
  7. Didn't even realise I had a Hellcat addiction until I think about it now, couple of the duel boxings, (well such great value around £25), a couple of the old Royal boxings, (maybe NOT such great value!) and probably about every other Eduard release of them. I even started on the weekend Hellcat 'plumbing' up the engine since it hasn't any of the nice bits lol
  8. Does anyone know if there are any mask sets available for the large superstructure clear area? Thanks.
  9. Thanks folks, set to the wing it is!
  10. Perhaps to the wing me thinks? http://www.grubbyfingersshop.com/walkaround_galleries/Hawker Typhoon IB Walkaround MN235 RAF Toronto 2016/content/index.html but difficult angle.
  11. Thanks @JasonC you explained it much better! Thats what I meant.
  12. The rocket rails, should they be 90 degrees to the wing or 90 degrees to the ground please?
  13. Thanks. Must dig the box out again. Have a couple of variants of the Tamiya spit too.
  14. Probably both I'm guessing. It's a wee while since I looked at the kit, been waiting for the Eduard stuff to arrive. Revell's IXc.
  15. My first time using one of these set. Little query. In the instructions it shows to remove some of the kits sidewall before installing the resin part. What is the best way to get this done so that it is removed equally so the resin sits in well? Is it simply trial and error? Should the outline of the area to be thinned be marked and only this worked, or the larger part of the fuselage regardless? TIA Simon
  16. @Reddo paul the Revell Platinum edition comes with wooden deck, etch and metal gun barrels https://www.revell.de/en/products/modelmaking/ships/military-ships/tirpitz-platinum-edition.html , it can be expensive but look around, I got mine for less than £100 which is great value with everything thrown in as it were.
  17. @bootneck Probably a bit late now, but foamboard? 4 x 5mm A2 sheets only a tenner a couple of days ago.
  18. Great looking model! Not much ground clearance on those exocet fins for a 'heavy' bounce landing!
  19. That can easily be the Revell instructions not you!
  20. So just completed my little Revell F-16 MLU 100th Anniversary 1st squadron. Surprised how well it turned out considering I used the decals. Yesterday had to face my hated clearcoat. Used Klear but have the same issue with proper clear coats. I seem to end up with either a rough dry finish or flooded with puddles left everywhere. This morning spent sanding back and polishing along with snapping off all those little bits and pieces to feed the carpet monster. Would welcom any advice on methods, airbrush pressures, thinning and brands of clear favoured by others. Cheers folks.
  21. Fantastic work, but nothing lass than we've com to expect! @hendie
  22. Hi Folks, new one to me, the application of wooden self adhesive decking. Now should I sand and remove the imprinted wood pattern on the deck that I'm going to replace with the wooden stuff. I'm thinking I should as it will offer better adhesion and also lower the level of the additional wood ply, accepting that its pretty thin by any standard. But that does make it a big job particularly to get it to an even level in some of the inevitable nooks and crannies. TIA
  23. If, like me you spend considerable time wandering around the internet looking for 'stuff', and I mean modelling related, and not 'THAT' modeling either, then occasionally you stumble across finds that demonstrate modeling skills and dedication of a level I can't even dream of. Having recently acquired Eduard's weekend Hellcat Mk.1, I was make such a search and stumbled across this http://www.geocities.jp/yoyuso/f6f/f6fe-1.html that I've spend several days reading through. I also found that he(?) has produced a huge quantity of other models, the treads for some of which http://www.geocities.jp/yoyuso/top2.htm are also in English. Hope you enjoy as much as I have and much credit and respect to the person responsible. What a community we are part of. Enjoy!
  24. As you do, picked somerhing unusual and therefore difficult as a camo scheme. The smoke rings rather then squiggles. I know there are Mike Grant decals out there, although they seem from initial searches to be somewhat illusive. Other than freehand for which I dont have the consistency skill wise, anyone know of other options or where to fine the said decals please? https://www.scalemates.com/kits/131740-mike-grant-decals-mg48-043-smoke-ring-camo
  25. @Bear Paw @Beardie good few on re release with the 'little man' with them, including the red baron, and also the DH.2. It was only a matter of time before they came round again. I've a couple stashed, including a felixstowe duelists, but reluctant to start any. My let out has been the 1/32 Roden equivalents, cheap and cheerful, and if you can do that you can throw a WNW together I'm sure! https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235037045-new-from-wingnut-wings/
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