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  1. 18 hours ago, Mike said:

    Actually no.  People just need to stop bringing it up every time something too expensive in their opinion comes up in discussion.  Imagine us poor Mods having to read all that :poop:


    I've had a quick read through this, and it's a load of twaddle.  Do the complainers about the price of kits also press their noses up against the glass of a Porsche dealer and complain that the 911 is too expensive and should be the same price as a... I was gonna say Skoda, but they're quite good now, but you get the gist.  If it's too expensive in your not-so-humble-opinion, just move along.  Don't stand there whining that it's not fair and that so-and-so's XXXXXXX of 1966 vintage is only tuppence, and all kits should be that price.  Some people know the cost of everything and the value of nothing.


    TL:DR version: Off topic, stop whining. :dull:

    As someone who also suffers from ill heath, I am dismayed by your lack of empathy and understanding. I think it’s pretty disgusting, to be honest. 
    If we are to be allowed just one school of thought on Britmodeller, I think it’s time for me to bow out. Please cancel my account. I’m done. 


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  2. 4 hours ago, ruudster said:

    They shouldn’t look at most of the comments here.  They should like at their sales numbers and CGS vs income.  If they’re making a profit and able to fund their next project, then they are probably happy with their business model. 

    again, Arma and many others are more expensive.  They often include masks and PE.  Also they often give you more than two decal options.  If that’s not worth it to you, don’t buy the kit.  But we don’t need a “Arma is too expensive” post on every page of this thread.  IMHO

    And conversely, we don’t necessarily need an “Arma kits aren’t too expensive” post on every page either. The difference is, no one is telling you not to.


    Anyway, I’m *really* bored of this now. Have fun, y’all.

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  3. How on earth did I miss this? I grew up relatively close to Alconbury and used to see the F-5s, RF-4s and A-10s frequently. I always get a lovely, warm and fuzzy hit of nostalgia every time I see an Alconbury bird, so these photos are most welcome. 



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  4. 12 minutes ago, TheKinksFan said:

    To be completely honest, I'm starting to get really fed up with all the whining about Arma Hobby's pricing. I'm pretty cerain I'm not the only one. Everyone has the choice of not buying, and also the freedom to not tell others that they won't be buying.

    Fair enough. I’m getting fed up of people complaining about others finding the price too high. I bet I’m not the only one, either. Doesn’t make me any more right than you though, and honestly, I’d rather have kept it to myself. My point being that it’s ok to have differing opinions and shutting others down just because you don’t agree or have heard it more times than you’d like doesn’t make for healthy discourse. 

    As we know that Arma does read these threads, it’s  a valid way of letting them know why we will be buying or not. And if there’s enough people balking at the price, maybe that’s something for Arma to think about.

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  5. Because I have to use eBay as my primary source of kits, decals, etc, I have got used to things either not being as described or damaged in transit. It’s still a relatively low percentage, but it still happens more frequently than I’d like.


    Anyway, if there’s one thing I have learnt, it’s not to trust the seller’s good nature. Always go via eBay’s “return an item” feature on the original listing page, supply photos to back up your claim and eBay should send you a returns postage label to print. It won’t cost you a penny. eBay can track the item back to the seller and you’ll be refunded once it arrives. 

    Never close a claim before the seller has sorted the problem to your satisfaction. A lot of dodgy sellers will try on the “we will refund you once you have closed the case” ploy. Once you do, eBay will not help and you’re out of pocket. I’ve heard one too many tales of that happening. That was an alleged MO of a recently defunct online model shop with an eBay presence. 



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  6. 14 hours ago, RidgeRunner said:

    I’ve been offered a refund upon return but they dont want to pay either the return or the original delivery fee! 

    Go through eBay’s “item not as described” dispute feature rather than just messaging the seller. Every time I have done that, eBay has given me a return postage label to print. They’ll always refund your money if you can supply a photo proving your complaint is valid. It can take a week or so to go through,but I’ve never been left out of pocket. 

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  7. A couple of Airfix 1/72 kits which have no decals, boxes or pilots, but otherwise ok, both for around a fiver, posted. They’re a Spitfire Mk I (of which I could never have too many) and a Gnat, which I’ll do as the RAE Bedford example. I used to see that frequently as a kid. 

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  8. 17 hours ago, John Tapsell said:


    1) You are forgetting the modellers who can tell you exactly what needs to be done to a model and exactly how many microns too long/short/wide/narrow/high/low it is - but curiously never seem to build or complete any models or display them at shows or online.


    There’s no obligation to share your results with others. Does that preclude them from sharing their knowledge of a subject? I’d hope not. 

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  9. My £15 (plus postage) “spares or repair”  Airfix Valiant arrived today. I have had a look through the box and the only missing parts are the cockpit parts. As I already have a Valiant in the stash, I can copy those parts. I can scratch the larger parts with plasticard. The seats I’ll try to do with Oyumaru and epo putty. I bet little will be seen through the windows anyway. 

    I’m very happy with what I got for the money. 

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  10. 1 hour ago, Mr T said:

    Went into Going Loco at Outwood today to look for some paint and saw the Airfix Bassett was in. Succumbed to temptation and bought one. 

    Pleasantly surprised by how well the tooling has survived, no flash or short shots and the clear parts better than the one I gave in the stash. 

    The decal sheet is much better, with an instrument panel, stencil and cheat lines. 

    That’s good to hear. I have one on the way. 

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  11. I just took a bit of a gamble, something I’m really not prone to, on an Airfix Valiant which was listed as “spares or repairs” on eBay. 
    There was just the one photo of the box contents, but it did look like all the major components were there, plus many parts still on the sprues. There was some painting done and possibly some minor assembly. At £20 posted, I thought it was probably worth the punt. I already have one Valiant, which I paid even less for, so I can copy any smaller parts that might be missing or damaged. 
    Wish me luck!

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  12. If you look at the current enamel paint charts, as shown on the Humbrol website, those “discontinued” colours are still on there. I suspect that the missing colours are just those that haven’t been produced yet, after the reformulation palaver. Until such time as Humbrol officially states they are discontinuing colours, I don’t believe it. 

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