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  1. I know I said I was trying to be good and not buy any more kits for the time being, but I was offered an MPM Meteor FR.9 (still sealed in its original bags) for less than £9 posted. I couldn’t turn that down.


    I also snagged a few paints from eBay that were cheap. 

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  2. 4 hours ago, keefr22 said:


    Not just ageing - our Beko thing is less than three years old and was starting to really struggle in 30 degree heat. It's also supposed to be 'totally frost free' but for the last 4 months or so there's been ice build up in the fan compartment and behind the shelves.  Never bought Beko before, never will again

    That's not reassuring! Guess what make ours is. The new one isn't frost free though, although our last one was.

  3. A new fridge/freezer. We had suspected for some time that our old one was becoming less and less efficient, but on Sunday night I noticed that it was getting very hot to the touch on the outside and the inside was slowly getting warmer too: the freezer compartment was at -15°C and the fridge was up to 7°C. I pointed a fan at it and within a few hours I’d got the temperature down again, but after 22 years, it was clear that its time had come. There’s nothing like a long spell of hot weather to put a strain on ageing white goods.


    The new one is up and running now, but it’s money I’d rather have spent on something a bit more fun.

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  4. Just placed an order with Sovereign Hobbies, now that they’re open again. I hope everyone is well!


    I managed to snag some of the discontinued Armee de l’air colours that I had neglected to buy back in the day. I’m very much regretting not having done that now, as I missed several colours which are now gone for good. The obsessive completist in me will be wincing for years to come!


    I’ve  been pretty good lately and bought very few kits, even when bargains have popped up. I’m in the process of packing everything up for an impending house move, so don’t really need to be finding room for new kits. Added to that, all my hobby stuff will have to go into storage until my new workshop is finished, and I can realistically see that taking a year before I’m up and running again. Not quite sure how I’ll cope with that, being a creative person. I guess I’ll worry about that when it happens. 

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  5. I watched a very interesting programme on Sky Arts called Sisters With Transistors which, unsurprisingly, is about women and the history of electronic music. I had been aware of the likes of Daphne Oram, Delia Derbyshire and Suzanne Ciani, but there was lots of information,  music and artists I didn’t know, with lots to go off and listen to. 
    A fascinating programme and well worth a watch if you have even a passing interest in electronic music. As something of a synth nerd, it was great seeing Suzanne Ciani with her Buchla modular synth and judging from the huge grin on her face, I wonder if it was one of those synths that was famously dosed with LSD*? Also the mega rare ARP 2500 played by Eliane Radigue. 


    *there was a long standing rumour that Don Buchla, an associate  of LSD guru Ken Kesey, had applied liquid LSD to some of the controls of his synths, the idea being that it might inspire the musicians in some way. I guess people thought differently in the late 60s! Anyway, cut to 2019 and a synth repair man who was renovating a Buchla Model 100 synth that had sat in a university cupboard since the late 60s suddenly starts feeling strange after removing a weird, crystallised residue from the synth with his finger. This was followed by a nine hour “trip” which was later confirmed to have been LSD by analysing the remaining residue. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, RJP said:

    Many years ago, a friend was on a bit of a Spitfire kick.  He figured otherwise innocuous variations in pattern between models on a shelf would be annoyingly obvious.  So he bought some household rubber gloves, spatchcocked them, drew out the pattern in ballpoint pen and cut them out with kitchen scissors.  I forget what he used to stick 'em down but he was able to re-use them time and again.  The hardest part must have been transferring the pattern to the rubber and I wondered later if he'd used a paper pattern and a photocopier.


    Cheap, easy and re-usable.




    Interesting. I have noticed subtle variation from one airframe to another, despite the assertions that rubber mats were always used. That’s why I do each aircraft with Blu Tac sausages, so I can get as close to these subtle differences as possible. 

  7. I had some decent offers from a seller on eBay for some Arcus enamel sets, so I bought four of them, these being the FAA Biplane, Sturmoviz, Aegean Ghosts and Mod Eagle sets. I had bought the Battle Of Britain one a few months ago and was pleased with how they sprayed and with the colours themselves. They kind reminded me in use and odour of the old Humbrol Super Enamels from the 1990s.


    There isn't a huge array of choice these days for the enamel user, so I'm glad they're around. Ukrainian, too.

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  8. 44 minutes ago, gingerbob said:

    Well, if that's the way it is, buy a 32nd and go out in style!

    A friend of mine used to work at Specialised Mouldings in Huntingdon and he worked on the full sized replica that was the gate guardian at Alconbury. That would do nicely! I wonder if it's still there........

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  9. 1 hour ago, gingerbob said:


    The nice thing is that F-5s are small enough that you may as well go for 48th!  Of course, having said that, I've completed (I still remember what that means) F-20s in 1/100 (I think it was) and 1/72.


    I think I'd rather die than buy a 1/48 kit.


    I am prone to exaggeration.

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  10. Since we're voting, I'll add a few that I could see Airfix adding, rather than just listing what I want to see. Luckily, there's some crossover! All 1/72, as I have no interest in other scales.


    Javelin. There really aren't any great kits and I strongly believe that a 1/72 kit would sell better than the 1/48 one on cost alone, which would tempt  those who "just want a Javelin" and don't care about scales. I know Airfix can be frustratingly dogmatic at times, but there is a market for the Javelin and with careful planning, all the variants (bar the T.3) could be made, meaning repeat sales. I've said it before, but I wouldn't buy a single 1/48 Javelin (or any other kit for that matter) but I would buy several 1/72 ones.


    Jaguar GR.1/3. Again, no great kit in the scale and an aeroplane that seems to be popular, especially with the Gulf War association.


    Canberra (bomber canopy versions). No great kits in the scale, with the available ones being massively overpriced for what you get. A very popular aeroplane with plenty of colour scheme options.


    I've already mentioned the Lysander, but another popular aeroplane with no decent kit in 1/72. As there are several in museums and on the warbird scene, with a large variety of possible colour schemes, it's one I am positive would be a good seller. Airfix have already kitted it twice.


    F-5E. I know the Wolfpack kit is due soon, but we don't know how good it is and it's bound to be expensive here. Another aeroplane with lots of colour schemes and therefore multiple purchase potential. I need at least five.


    F-84F. Used in lots of air forces and already kitted by Airfix long ago.


    F-86A. Apart from the old Matchbox kit, has anyone done the A series in 1/72?


    Lightning F.1/2/3. Just get over your stubborn dogma and embrace the extra sales you'd get from adding just a few parts to an already decent kit. As it happens, I only needed a two or three F.6s (which I already have), no F.2As and a whole load of the earlier versions. Judging by how much the now unavailable Sword kits go for on eBay, I'd say there was a market.



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  11. Luckily we were able to get another solicitor quickly. It’s actually the one we used when we sold our last house. They remembered us and gave us a previous customer discount. It doesn’t hurt that my father in law used to work there. 

    Funnily enough, we have had more correspondence from the old solicitor today that we have had in the last three  months combined!

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