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  1. Interesting. I have noticed subtle variation from one airframe to another, despite the assertions that rubber mats were always used. That’s why I do each aircraft with Blu Tac sausages, so I can get as close to these subtle differences as possible.
  2. Me too, but then I still have my Nakamichi cassette deck, which sounds amazing.
  3. An Airfix Beaufighter TF.X, courtesy of a swap with @IanCof this parish. Thanks, Ian! My Arcus paint sets also arrived today, so I’m off to brush out some paint swatches, as I am always compelled to do.
  4. If Airfix’s copy writer is anything to go by, everything is iconic!
  5. I mean, you’d never guess by looking at it!
  6. I had some decent offers from a seller on eBay for some Arcus enamel sets, so I bought four of them, these being the FAA Biplane, Sturmoviz, Aegean Ghosts and Mod Eagle sets. I had bought the Battle Of Britain one a few months ago and was pleased with how they sprayed and with the colours themselves. They kind reminded me in use and odour of the old Humbrol Super Enamels from the 1990s. There isn't a huge array of choice these days for the enamel user, so I'm glad they're around. Ukrainian, too.
  7. Hats off (or chapeau! as I believer the younger, more hip are apt to say)to anyone who makes kits of such obscure types. Ditto to anyone who got inside the actual aircraft. They're a lot braver than I am!
  8. A friend of mine used to work at Specialised Mouldings in Huntingdon and he worked on the full sized replica that was the gate guardian at Alconbury. That would do nicely! I wonder if it's still there........
  9. I think I'd rather die than buy a 1/48 kit. I am prone to exaggeration.
  10. Since we're voting, I'll add a few that I could see Airfix adding, rather than just listing what I want to see. Luckily, there's some crossover! All 1/72, as I have no interest in other scales. Javelin. There really aren't any great kits and I strongly believe that a 1/72 kit would sell better than the 1/48 one on cost alone, which would tempt those who "just want a Javelin" and don't care about scales. I know Airfix can be frustratingly dogmatic at times, but there is a market for the Javelin and with careful planning, all the variants (bar the T.3) could be made, meaning repeat sales. I've said it before, but I wouldn't buy a single 1/48 Javelin (or any other kit for that matter) but I would buy several 1/72 ones. Jaguar GR.1/3. Again, no great kit in the scale and an aeroplane that seems to be popular, especially with the Gulf War association. Canberra (bomber canopy versions). No great kits in the scale, with the available ones being massively overpriced for what you get. A very popular aeroplane with plenty of colour scheme options. I've already mentioned the Lysander, but another popular aeroplane with no decent kit in 1/72. As there are several in museums and on the warbird scene, with a large variety of possible colour schemes, it's one I am positive would be a good seller. Airfix have already kitted it twice. F-5E. I know the Wolfpack kit is due soon, but we don't know how good it is and it's bound to be expensive here. Another aeroplane with lots of colour schemes and therefore multiple purchase potential. I need at least five. F-84F. Used in lots of air forces and already kitted by Airfix long ago. F-86A. Apart from the old Matchbox kit, has anyone done the A series in 1/72? Lightning F.1/2/3. Just get over your stubborn dogma and embrace the extra sales you'd get from adding just a few parts to an already decent kit. As it happens, I only needed a two or three F.6s (which I already have), no F.2As and a whole load of the earlier versions. Judging by how much the now unavailable Sword kits go for on eBay, I'd say there was a market.
  11. Hurricane P3717/G-HITT just flew over, heading south. If you’re in Biggleswade, look up now!
  12. Luckily we were able to get another solicitor quickly. It’s actually the one we used when we sold our last house. They remembered us and gave us a previous customer discount. It doesn’t hurt that my father in law used to work there. Funnily enough, we have had more correspondence from the old solicitor today that we have had in the last three months combined!
  13. DH 80A Puss Moth G-ABLS just flew over, heading east.
  14. What a beautiful model! These sorts of models are the ones I enjoy looking at most of all: unusual types (I’d never heard of this one before!) built with skill and dedication. Long may you continue!
  15. Did you actually go to the HR Hobbies website? I just checked and the Mil Spec paints are listed, which, iirc, is exactly what you were asking for. I dunno, you try to help people….
  16. I honestly can’t see any reason for Humbrol No. 30 to exist. 116 is a demonstrably far more useful colour, so yeah , let’s drop that one. Hornby seems absolutely determined to not take my money. Still, their loss is Sovereign Hobbies’s gain.
  17. There was that time when, during a late night modelling session, the jeweller’s loupe that I put to my eye turned out to be the lid of a tub of Lifecolor paint. I’ll never forget the squishy feeling of the paint making contact with my eyelid.
  18. We have only paid a couple of hundred pounds up front (for searches and document copying, etc). They have said they will pass on the copies and searches to the next solicitor and refund anything outstanding. If they’d told us back when they realised they were overwhelmed, I wouldn’t have minded, but to drag it our for eight weeks with no responses to our calls and emails, is pretty shoddy. I’m not often surprised by ineptitude, as I see it every day (I mean, just watch the news!) but I’m flabbergasted.
  19. It certainly is! To say I’m on edge is putting it mildly.
  20. There’s been a few Tiger Moths around today. Currently, G-AHIZ is overhead. edit: also G-BLUZ and G-AEOI.
  21. Just checked my eBay watch list and came across an MPM 1/72 Blenheim V for twenty quid. I remember when i bought my last MPM Mk V from a Shuttleworth display around fifteen years ago for the same price and thinking I’d got a bargain. These things almost never come up for sale and when they do, are considerably more expensive. It’s mine now.
  22. Not over my house, but I was at Fowlmere yesterday and I saw what I presume was N3200 (but definitely a Mk I) flying around. Just beautiful.
  23. Thanks Rob. I appreciate your candour. In my case, the projects in question are the registration letters for a Tiger Moth (G-EMSY) in 1/32 and 1/72 and involves white, Service Brown and pale blue. The other project is for the "bort" numbers as used by the 527th AS and will need yellow, red, black and pale blue grey. The artwork would be done by Mrs Lasermonkey using Adobe Illustrator, so it's just the printing I need.
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