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  1. Hi Guys, just wondering if i could fit the Meng Models Nochri Dalet Mine roller system to this kit,as i have pics of them fitted, and as Meng is the only one to sell the Mine roller seperatly, just wondered how hard it would be. Any help would be much appreciated. Dave
  2. Hi Sean, i have this kit, and started to build it,and like others on here im not impressed,its now residing in the box, while i decide weather to carry on or bin it. I must say you are makeing a really good job of it, so maybe later i will have another go.
  3. david v

    Airfix Lynx

    Thanks Jabba.
  4. david v

    Airfix Lynx

    Hi Guys, can anyone tell me what the correct colour is for the seats in the Lynx, it looks like orange but im not sure, any advice would be gratefully recieved.
  5. Any news on a release date here in the uk.
  6. Hi Guys, just a quick question, i have read that the rivets on the hobbyboss wings and elevons are wrong, i have been trying to find decent pics of the wing upper surface but have drawn a blank. So i was wondering if anyone on here can help with any info or pics, it seems a simple job to fill them but would like to be certain. Any help or advice would be most welcome. Dave
  7. Very nice, did you have any problems fitting the cab to the bumper, on mine i had a real problem with the two hook arrangement they use, snapped off several times, also the rocket assembly is tricky if you dont get it just right they wont fit. looking good. IM currently about to start the MENG version so we will see how it goes.
  8. Hi Guys, im nearly at the varnish stge with this one but am not sure which satin varnish to use, i have used MR Hobby super metallics for the first time and dont want to ruin the finish,any help would be much appreciated.
  9. I have this one on the bench,ready to start, if it turns out half as good i wll be well pleased , great work here,super paint job, did you have any problems with the masking as i have read that most metallics dont like masking tape and tend to pull off. Dave
  10. Hi Guys, just wondering if anyone has used these paints and id so are they any good,also what ratio would you thin them,im just about to start an Eduard Mig 21, and have not done a complete airframe, i have been using Alclad for my metallics with an extracter, but still get a residual smell,so would dearly like to use something that is a lot more user freindly. Dave
  11. Hi Guys a couple of pics of the cab interiors, even if i leave the doors and windows open not a lot will be seen, so i will just have a couple of doors open,and hope for the best Hope you enjoy, Dave
  12. Hi Everyone long time since i posted on here so i thought i would share a few pics of my latest build, its the Meng kit absolute joy to build with no fit issues, Hope you enjoy. Dave
  13. Many thanks to all for the help and advice,im sure i will be okay. Dave
  14. Hi Mike, just a quick query, ihave this kit on its way but i gather they dont supply seat belts or insrument decals, i guess Eduard will take care of the instruments, but i have two sets of Eduard late seats for the Mig 29 and am wondering if they would be okay to use in place of the kit ones. Also with the Akan paints did you order them as a set, as the Coastal craft web site seems to only sell them as sets. Hope you dont mind these questions, as after looking at you build i like to try and replicate some of your attention to detail, many thanks for the build blog its a great help. Dave
  15. Many thanks Guys, that will be one of my first buys at Telford. Great pics Magman really gives inspiration. Dave
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