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  1. I've got the trumpy Tusk and meng kit too' looking forward to your thread. Regards oz!
  2. oz!

    Hawker typhoon Ib

    thank you very much for all your help gentlemen in answering my questions, I'll start the riveting and repaneling process over the weekend... thanks again gents............regards oz!
  3. oz!

    Hawker typhoon Ib

    Thanks for the help gents, I picked the kit up for £10 so that's not too bad, I have a set of resin rockets which I would like to use but can't find much info about them being fitted to early models. Thanks again guys. P.S. would it be too much of a job to convert it to a bubble top?..
  4. oz!

    Hawker typhoon Ib

    Hi guys, I'm starting the revell 1/32 typhoon Ib (cab door type) soon and need a bit of info....did the typhoon Ib carry rockets as well as bombs or was it just bombs and did it wear a full compliment of invasion stripes or were they just painted under the wings. Many thanks in advance.......Oz!
  5. Very nice mate and rather different for you if I may say so' the camouflage is very well done and the weathering is just right, one to be proud of me thinks... Cheers OZ!
  6. saw this at the club last night and must say its a very impressive build' well done mate its a good un!!!!. regards oz! PS...you really should have done a picture post on how you made the trees....
  7. yep' I like that!! very nice indeed. regards oz!
  8. For a first figure that's just a Perfect job all round.
  9. yeah........very nice........very nice indeed.
  10. wow thats a very unusual looking vehicle, love the worn look' excellent job just excellent. Christmas regards oz!.
  11. thats an excellent build and the weathering is up to your usual standards, just perfect' it looks a real brute. best Christmas regards oz!
  12. thank you for the kind words Gary. cheers oz!. yo sarge' i wasn't really happy with the tracks and replaced them with a set of fruil which make the panther look way better now. cheers oz!.
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