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  1. Jurek, This is just awesome. Clean work, tight! Reg. Jeroen
  2. Why on earth would someone like to know this...? Great build, super paint finish. Well done and great to see this one built. Keep it up my friend. Reg. Jeroen
  3. Nice to see this. I've got the Hobbycraft T-33 in the stash and this will definitely be up for sale real soon now. Jeroen
  4. 1/48th Buccaneer! It's really about time we get a new Buc in quarterscale. Reg. Jeroen
  5. Here's a man who has got a lot of promise. Keep up the good work lad! Regards, Jeroen
  6. And there he goes again.... Mike, or another moderator, can you please do something about the behaviour of Mr. Laurent?? Would be much appreciated. With thanks, Jeroen
  7. Martin, To back you up on this I have had my differences with our "friend" too. The impression I constantly get and which becomes more and more clear to me is that there are a few members which are only active here at the rumourmonger to provoke discussions and quite frankly, I do not see the point. In a lot of cases this always ends in pointless discussion which is constanly quoted and defended in irritating ways. This to me is just trolling in a very sanctimonious way. . Maybe it's just for the best if we do not let us be drawn into the discussion these people are trying to provoke.. Mar
  8. Less famous does not always mean less desired... In Holland, Adidas is short for all dumb idiots do sports... Really! Dunno about David Hambeck though.. LOL! Jeroen
  9. Antoine, You asked for it yourself so just giving you a kind push to the answer. And on top of that, you can help out your fellow modellers too! Happy new year mongers! J.
  10. Looking very good and gives promise to Tanmodels' future projects (New tool Buccaneer in 1/48? Maybe..?). Keep up the good work! BR. Jeroen
  11. Sounds good, so buy one and write a good and independent review.Very cool plane. I have seen it up close in the Aeroseum in Götenborg last summer. Impressive! Best regards!
  12. Hello Thomas, Re your 'shut up and be thankful' statement, if you feel this in that way then this is all your interpretation because this is not what I mean to say. I am just saying that I think it's not useful to start your 'comments' even before the drawings have even been made. They look to be made to envoke a discussion and you know what? It does... Discussions can be useful when used in a positive way. And yes, you could be more grateful. In any case of having an expectation is a chance of getting disappointed. We all have to deal with it in life. I wish Tanmodel a lot of luck on
  13. Please keep in mind that there is room for more than one version on one decalsheet and it will always be wise to appeal to a broad selection of buyers. So the aardvark option seems not so bad....? Reg. Jeroen
  14. Do you really think it is necessary to place this comment? Just be glad a company like Tanmodel takes on this challenge of providing such a kit in the first place. I praise them for their efforts even if they don't make it. We are so lucky to be able to follow these great projects from the beginning. This only provides us with the opportunity to make recommendations which will maybe be heard. If I were a manufacturer which takes up this kind of challenge I would appreciate all help I could get, especially from the (often overly critical) customers. Imo it is all about which angle we choose
  15. Very nice job with a lot of attention to detail. Congrats on a great build. And remember; all good things come slowly. And one thing I have noted: it took 17 posts for someone to say 'nmf', which is a record! LOL! Best regards, Jeroen
  16. Looking good. Nice and colourful Super Sabre. Maybe you can complete the title topic Information with some more info like scale, kit manufacturer, etc.? Reg. Jeroen
  17. Thanks a lot for your explanation Martin. I already have the BM kit in the stash (very proud owner!) and it will be very hard to resist the temptation of buying all future AMK stuff. You guys are simply awesome! Reg. Jeroen
  18. Can someone point out the differences between the two please? Thanks upfront. J
  19. Allemachtig, wat prachtig! Impressive depiction of this beast. I saw the kit 'live' some time ago at Rene's house and te size... It's HUGE!! Top build my friend!! Love, Jeroen
  20. Amen to that! Couldn't agree more. I don't see hoe this language is being accepted on this forum. Mr ICMF has been attacking me in a similar way on another topic as well. You know what they say; hurt people hurt people. Just relax.. Reg. Jeroen
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