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  1. Shortly returning back home to good old Blighty, (my 90 days are up and El Hefe says I must leave - before returning), and DO NOT TELL THE LOVELY YVONNE, going alone. The bliss of getting to the airhead a few hours ahead and not with 1 minute to spare. Finding a good spot to ogle the passing airframes and doing so, thus keeping out of the Stygian black hole of Dar-es-Salaam Calcutta that passes for a lounge. Boarding the flight unencumbered by multiple bags and sitting down to enjoy the inflight media, meal and snooze A quick walk through the arrival terminal. That first, second and third pints of real English Ale at the Victoria, Dunstable around about mid afternoon on Monday The cold. The (returning) snow. More beer. Fish and chips. Even more beer. ... Going to collect Yvonne from Heathrow 10 days later. Christian, shortly temporarily relieved from africa
  2. Just caught up. WOW!! For both the dexterity and attention to detail, but also the realisation of what it actually meant to be a ball gunner... Hope Mrs Fozzy is soon on the mend. Christian, exiled to africa, but granted a return home very shortly!
  3. Would that be schrage-musik? Looking good and IIRC the fit was as bad when it first came out 20+ years ago. Also a second vote for the top scheme - looks dead sexy!! Christian, exiled to africa
  4. Cheers Tony! Book now ordered and hopefully awaiting my arrival back into Blighty at Easter!
  5. Hi Tony, Was wondering what you were up to and very nice too! Guess they were up to same sneaky-beaky stuff that 100 Group were doing in Europe. Now just going to order that book. Christian, exiled to africa
  6. Well that depends. How much of a beginner are you and which AModels have you picked up? Some are 'easier' than others... They will be great for developing your modelling skill set. That might be some time/years down the road, but as long as they will be built then welcome to the start of your personal stash! Build the Hobbyboss kits first, and probably some other non-limited run models first and then have a crack. Christian, exiled to africa
  7. Many thanks Sven. An amazing bit of history. Now who does the decals? I am not a Phantom man per se, (I do humbly apologize ), but that looks very tempting. Christian, exiled to africa and lead astray again...
  8. No. 7 Light Buff ??? (A gloss colour...) Possibly No. 74 Linen + No. 26 Khaki ??? (Matt). Is wentzels still going? and Hobbybook Handeling at 23 Pipersgatan, (spelling...) Christian, exiled to africa och 10 ar vid Uppsala universitet
  9. IIRC French interiors were either chamois, a light buff brown, or blue fonce. Chamois = Colourcoats ACF 11 / Vallejo 70:917 Blue fonce = Colourcoats ACF 12 / Vallejo 71:091 Other paint manufacturers are available Having a look at the very few images available, which appear to be quite dark, I would go with Blue fonce. Christian, exiled to africa
  10. That looks great! Especially looking at the starting sheet of parts. So how do you use the sweet wrappers?? Christian, exiled to africa
  11. Cut off the end and replace with Albion tubing or heat stretched plastic tubing??? This looks like a lot of pain for Mike fun to follow, so I am in!and ordered! Christian, exiled to africa
  12. How the heck did I miss the first parts of this? Fozzy doing what he does best! So compo and green maggot laid in for the journey. As for that cryptic reference to yoghurt pots??? I think I understand... On-On, Christian, exiled to africa, (we have yoghurt pots!) and off to find the preceding parts.
  13. To echo Will, a neat idea for the float step and also a smart move on the ventilation hole! Top stuff! Rather enjoying this build ( That, "Not particularly smart businessman would not happen to have a surname starting with a T...). On-On, Christian, exiled to africa
  14. Interesting! and at the ready. That engine does look pants. Christian, exiled to africa
  15. Nice rhinoplasty! To cut square and straight I purchased a micro mitre box and a hobby saw, (whatever they are called, brain is on a go slow). Tape and wedge what needs cutting and hey presto, job done. IIRC mine came from Chronos Ltd, Dunstable, www.chronos.ltd.uk Christian, exiled to africa
  16. Cheers Peter, it's nice to know that I am not alone. Plus, when people start badgering away after the exclusive, WIP I can send them your way! I wonder if they will do the two-seat versions as well???? Christian, exiled to africa
  17. No, not that name. If you look closely the unreadable script starts much closer to the nose glazing and has a slight upwards tilt from left to right. However, it would be a good bet that it is the pilots name! So who flew it????? Christian, exiled to africa
  18. Assuming they are the same either side... Excellent workmanship and giving me the urge to acquire one, (or more), for the stash whence next able... Christian, exiled to africa
  19. Just to check; Is my name down?????? Christian, exiled to africa
  20. and at the ready! Like others I too have one in the stash, so will be paying close attention and taking extensive notes! Massimo, IIRC Fairey gave Airfix the drawings for a preceding design, which looked very similar, and upon which the Battle was loosely designed. It was only after the tooling had been completed that there error was spotted, but by then it was too late to replace/rework the moulds and the rest is history. Christian, exiled to africa
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