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  1. Nice work, but you have a bad K-36DM seat. The K-36L has simple seatbelts. Look here https://ulozto.sk/folder/fpfD7sUp5Xjt
  2. I started as a 18y old soldier, later a master sergeant. After graduating on university, they made me an officer. In the Cold War time, Crew Chief was a officer,that changed in the early 90's.
  3. This weekend I returned to Slovakia after 8 years, and I was looking at this model in Shop. The instructions are terrible. Mix of all versions. Added what should not be there, removed what was OK.It's definitely not a version of the Su-25K . Therefore, congratulations on a nice model.
  4. Werner your question was on the Su-22M-3 not the M-3K. Late 80th Soviets renamed Su-17M-3 and M-4 in Europe on Su-22M-3 a M-4.
  5. I don't want to take your illusion, but you're very wrong! The first is the designation Su-22, it is only for export aircrafts. Better is S-32 or S-52. Trust me! I was raised in communist Czechoslovakia and my teachers on High Aviation school was from Soviet union. My specialization is in civil aviation B1 / Part66 and military airframe and engine, Crew chief. S-32 or Su-17 had engine AI-7 the same had Su-7. S-32M or Su-17M had engine AI-21 S-32MK or Su-20 is export version M but with older engine AI-7.Poland and Egypt S-32M-2 or Su-17M2 the same Su-17M with new we
  6. Ye mate!!! Soviet Su-17M-3 with AI-21 engine.....
  7. You have only partial truth! Yes they did not believe recruits but ... The Air Force was one of the few components of the Soviet army where it served mainly professionals. But to restock were also recruits.Therefore, those colored dots and on each covers stenciles with job descriptions. As Crew Chief, I was assigned 3 specialists. For electrical, radio and armament systems. All other auxiliary work was done recruits. Therefore, Soviet weapons and aircraft are also easy to operate....
  8. You're wrong. Engines Tumasky R-29 received only aircraft that were exported outside WARPAC. Only exception was Hungary. Was the lack of engines AI-21, therefore, outside of WARPAC, they had weaker MiG-23 engines.
  9. See folder Afganistan https://ulozto.sk/folder/fpfD7sUp5Xjt/name/Su-25?view=gallery For all "AFGAN"camo(sand-brown) missing you ASO-2V dispenser on engines,and more small detail.
  10. Nice paintwork and weathering. But I'm surprised. You're from Russia, and you have so many mistakes there? Where is any link to this camo? According to my information, the green color gave after returning from Afgan.
  11. Nice work,and in North Korea camo!!! Remove air intakes from eng.nozzles. They weren't there. And the one from the right nozzle, you can use to intake the air conditioning on the R engine. This is may be to help in finishing. https://ulozto.sk/folder/fpfD7sUp5Xjt North Korean Frogfoots are from 10th series in Export version. You can do the final details according to Walkaround 1007 and 1027
  12. You're not serious! If it was in two colors of plastic,I write it's very bad 40-45y old Matchbox!
  13. Sergei with vodka,you are right. I had teachers from Soyuz and I worked with friends from Minsk and Zaporozhye AZ. Vodka is just the right religion in the Army and especially in aviation. The last time I was in Yerevan was 10 years ago, and thanks to my contact at MoD,I was see ex-Slovak Su-25.Even then several officers Armenia AF told me. "We are waiting for the attack F..g Muslims ,Azerbaijanis"
  14. Tyger existed and in two forms ... https://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=135238&p=2355277#p2355277.
  15. I don't know if it was written about somewhere. I have confirmed this from several MiG-23 pilots. In the early 80's, the SR-71 flew too close to the border,but after a few "framing" (ZACHVAT) they moved away from the border. Classic flights were then SR-71 in the height of 25km and the MiG-23 escort on the other side of the border in the height of 18-22kim.
  16. Photos do not lie! I worked daily with the Su-25 in these colors and with these stencils. Left wing ... APU-60-I with R-60... This wasn't a crash.......
  17. Another Christian-Muslim war, which was started in 1988 by the Azerbaijani. Shot down was one of the ex-Slovak Su-25K.
  18. Sergey,over CSSR. Flight at a small height, very fast approach and at 20km "framing" R-23.I got it from Gen.Stefan Gombik. Former commander of the 3rd Air Defense Division CSSR and from 01/01/1993 commander of the Slovak AF. CSSR had in PVO MiG-15bis and after their retirement in December 1983 were replaced L-39ZA with 2xUB-16 rocket pod and 2xR-3S,later R-60.
  19. Sergey I wrote about CSLA. Fighter versions were used mainly as Interceptors,had several successful intercepts SR-71. The necessary ground equipment was also delivered. PVO was secured MiG-21MF,L-39ZA ang Mi-24. MiG-23BN were purchased only as a replacement for the Su-7BM,until the Su-22M-4 free for export. The same as Su-25. BN version was purchased only from a lack of adequate aircraft.
  20. Another sh.t from KittyHawk production. At first look nice details, but in reality bad.Mix all versions and will need too many aftermarkets.
  21. Hi Werner. The MiG-23 was an interceptor and was no longer needed after the end of Cold War. Ground atack versions had better replacement in the Su-22 and 25 aircraft. Apart from the money, the reason was at least in Czechoslovakia MiG-23 considered a temporary type.
  22. SRY Serge, I didn't notice it was about the MiG-23 first versions.
  23. Serge could you give me the original Russian text? The pilots I know and flew with the MiG-23 did not mention these problems. Some words and especially pilot slang are very difficult to translate and they haven't alternative in automatic translation. After repairs went on a test flight. SlovakAF commander was my friend,and several times I was GIBS.But the flight was always absolutely OK. THX Harvy.
  24. Original for model KH And some details on the Su-25 and all versions. I started working with them in 1989,small professional deformation ... https://ulozto.sk/folder/fpfD7sUp5Xjt
  25. OK with that Mk.I and Ia I wrote it wrong. I had EARLY and LATE. And not only the British have a problem with accurate labeling.I have been working in aviation for 30 years, so I know something about that. Last 3 years for BAE Systems. For example, in the Soviet Union there was only a Mi-8 with different letters. Although it had engines and transmission from the Mi-24 and the export designation Mi-17. Everything has to be compared according to bulletins and s / n
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