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  1. Absolute truth!!! Don't like me shape of the nose and the rudder. But the big mistake is to use the R-195 engine. They have other places in the air intakes and use only 50 pcs Su-25BM . I started to work on the Su-25 In October 1989, I was a crew chief Slovak 1027, I was doing and overhaul ,maybe something about Su-25 I know . :)
  2. Perfect work,but.... you have wrong colors on seats.You have colors 3rd generations but Polish Su-22 had 1th. Smaller parachutes, other colors basic parts .... Colors were very important for Soviet people
  3. EP-140 color is resistant to fuel and hydraulic . It is more expensive and therefore used only on the surface where it was needed. It's also seen on Mig-29.Other colors were alkyd-acrylic AC-1115 and these PL-6 and AMG 10-damaging. Sukhoi used a different type of color.
  4. Yes! Smer Su-25 is ex-OEZ,KP,EDUARD,Kovozavody Prostejov ... But better Frogfoot is not, Monogram is bad joke.
  5. Even the internet is a lot of photos Su-17M-3 with engine R-29 in the Soviet aviation. Initially was lack of engines AI-21, nothing strange in a communist economy. Red 50 from the KH is once with the R-29 engine.But camo is brown and green not only green. Send me your email.
  6. Su-17M-3 was in two versions. The Soviet Air Force had AI-21 and R-29 versions, but only R-29 versions were available for export. And there were also two versions. Only later for Hungary, Syria and Iraq could have racks for R-60 .
  7. This is not AA-1, but a Polish rocket, rebuilt from AA-1 and used as a target.
  8. Very nice and especially realistic! Only one, SPS-141 for Su-17/22 was sand, green was for Su-25. There are differences in the back of, therefore it was color coded .
  9. OK, I'm probably weird, but I like reality. In Bagram I'm from US wepons man heard enough criticism for bad data pods I'm build F-16C block 55 from Okinawa ... Yes I'm stupid idiot from AF and for mi is Accuracy Accuracy! Now I'm working on the line as a technician for the A-32x family, I do not look details?
  10. Bad dimensions and shapes, OK it could be accepted for you. But where's the target pods for the missiles? Su-17 / 22M-3/4 has integrated only the KLEN-54 laser targeting system. Its for Kh-25ML,Kh-29L.For other missiles must have a marker pods
  11. I wait for the kit and compared with drawing! Compare the picture is a little weird!
  12. How will you solve the missing racks? Will it be a variant with the KKR? I do not know, but these weapons are laughing. And at least 1/2 is unusable on Su-17!
  13. Interesting. Russian modelers rate it positively
  14. I feel the aftermarkets for KH pay more than the kit . And just to repair basic faults.
  15. Have you noticed the missing racks in the kit? For the KKR version it's OK, but for other variants, missing two racks! Racks D1 and D2 are for pylons D73,72,34 and 35. A really high-quality model!!!!
  16. Camo almost done. The front fuselage was covered the sails, so the color was not much faded ... http://http://http:// ... and last aftermarkets http://
  17. I like'll help you with everything related to Soviet aircraft. Many modellers do not even realize they're doing nonsense. In fact, there can not be a combination of rocket and cannon pods, two different types of bombs.For some missiles and bombs need special pods. Of course, museums are various combinations, but unrealistic.
  18. My first plane when I got to our squadron in 1993. But then it was green-green
  19. See the link I sent you to the PM 0 is only for recon pod KKR and missile Kh-28 1r,2r for missiles Kh-25,29 and 58 cannon pod SPPU-22 1s,2s,3 and 4 are "wet"racks for drop tanks
  20. This is not criticism, just a warning as it was in real.
  21. harvy5

    Kitty Hawk1/48 SU-17

    Obviously, he's not very familiar with Su-17 family.He forgot too long engine and ... And this is the best joke "Of course you'll also have to decide if you're doing the Su-17M3, Su-17M4, or even an Su-22M3 out of this kit. Remember that you cannot do the Su-22M4 as the rear fuselage has a larger cross-section to house the R-29B engine." Su-22 is an export label Su-17 Only some Su-17 / 22M-3 were built with the R-29 engine. All Su-17 / 22M-4 had an Al-21 engine.
  22. Yes, I can be under the wing. But it's bad to mark the points. Only under the fuselage is 9 points for racks .
  23. THX, I know! This model needs a lot of aftermarkets
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