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  1. Yes Colin was finger trouble!! thanks have got some useful information regarding location of the mid upper turret
  2. Hello, I plan to build airfix Lancaster as a B mk Vll namely NX611 'Just Jane' but I cannot find anywhere including posts on other forums here that give the exact location of the C250 Martin mid upper turret. It looks like the turret has been moved forward to where the aft escape hatch was? Also was going to rob a Martin turret of a B24 Liberator, think that would be an accurate replacement.
  3. Can anybody tell me if there are any plans for kit manufacturers to reintroduce the Augusta Westland Merlin HC3?. Will just have to keep looking on ebay otherwise. As an aside why were all Merlin HC3 kits withdrawn/discontinued?
  4. Brilliant, many thanks guys, most helpful
  5. I want to model the Mk1F Beaufighter in 1/72nd scale, how easy would it be to convert a later Mark that are produced and readily available to the Mk1F night fighter version?
  6. Great model Pat, gives me a great bench mark to work to
  7. Thanks Julien, really helpful really great photos
  8. Thanks all really interesting and helpful much appreciated, have purchased the alleycat conversion
  9. Planning to build a 1/72nd scale RN Hawker Hunter FG11 but as far as I can see the only conversion kit was produced by FAA who are no longer in production and that the best kit to use is Revell. Any ideas/help would be appreciated. Maybe a complete scratch build.
  10. Yes its the C-130 and thought it was natural metal, thanks great help
  11. Can anybody please tell me the correct colour for the RAF's C1/C3 propellers, if my memory serves I think they were aluminum.
  12. Thanks Craig really useful, will have a look cheers Ron
  13. Thank you very much, big help, really appreciated all the best Ron
  14. Can anybody tell me what the two tone gray scheme colours are that are used on the current MC -130P fleet?? cheers
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