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  1. models4hobby

    Limited Edition Art of Star Wars Book

    Received our hardback some pretty cool images to say the least. I bought mine for the Gaffa he's a massive Star Wars Fan.... Think I might go and buy a the paperback version now for myself. :-)
  2. models4hobby

    Star Wars

    LOL your not the only one but we all would never have guessed what we loved as kids would be something our own kids equally can't wait for. Disney must be in there element.
  3. models4hobby

    Star Wars

    True :-)
  4. models4hobby

    Star Wars

    Like most if not all Star Wars fans waiting with baited breath to go and see it... one of the many great things to come from the 80's.
  5. models4hobby

    Star Wars

    If you haven't caught this on the net yet....very cool
  6. models4hobby

    Limited Edition Art of Star Wars Book

    Mega Star Wars fan anyway so bought the Hardback :-)
  7. models4hobby

    What is Airfix up to?

    Check this thread for a greater insight into the troubled Hornby/Airfix , a different point of view maybe http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/79847-hornby-2014-a-fatal-sting-for-retailers/
  8. As Richard has mentioned there was a manufacturing error well omission they forgot to produce one sprue - lol All those that bought from Models4hobby had there sprue shipped out except one guy he came to our shop and collected :-) along with his complimentary cuppa :-)
  9. models4hobby

    Aoshima Thunderbird 3 launch bay

    Very Nice bring back some great memories......
  10. models4hobby

    Models4Hobby Says Hello......

    Hello Guys We have our own forum now to help you guys out with whenever possible... http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/forum/470-models4hobby/ Put a link on our own store website to our own forum.
  11. models4hobby

    Models4Hobby Says Hello......

    No problem Mike - thanks for your help and apologies for taking so long to pull our finger out and get sorted.... Any questions just shout but suffice to say we are not here spam the forum with the look here type posts. We are here to help members with any questions or suggestions. Sometimes more often than not we get calls from customers just needing advice or looking for items hard to find. If we have any offers just keep and eye on our signature and the occassional post in our forum. Its worthwhile noting one brand we are moving away from is Airfix / Hornby due to recent terms changes. Shame as it was a good brand but its just making away for more diverse brands and ranges. :-)
  12. models4hobby

    Models4Hobby Says Hello......

    Just a quick note to say hello from Models4Hobby, some will have dealt with us in the past and we have recently moved to new premises in Durham with our new inhouse shopping area. We are just awaiting our forum to be installed but in the meantime a big hello and we look forward to meeting and greeting some of you guys locally and nationally too. Our in house club also has a few regulars on here.
  13. Ironically I think many hobbies get like this I'm personally an RC addict (heli's) and our hobby is obsessed with commercial ego's. If its not one brand its another then another... We just like most want to enjoy it and have a few laughs along the way.,...
  14. Its more to do with just banter than selling we have a facebook page and the club that is held here every thursday sometimes one of the lads in there will do a build review on a new kit in with lots of pics but it depends mainly on what takes there fancy. Some scifi but more often than not avaition is there favoured area for modelling. We did PM the owner numerous times regarding having our own forum so as to not get this kind of issue arising but no response I'm afraid. Were just happy to help modellers out and provide a great service and see forums and social media as a great way to connect with our customers with service first and friendly banter mainly.
  15. Without a doubt its gone down a treat with many. Just added some extra pictures of inside the box to the item on the store... http://www.models4hobby.co.uk/Revell-Model-Kit-STAR-TREK-into-Darkness-USS-Enterprise-NCC-1701-04882.html