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    1/35 - Military Models just started to make models again last made kits in the early eighties

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  1. Hi Mattsz This is the same as the Orochi Kit ( the deluxe Orochi kit has metal tracks ) but the tracks are different, on the Kinetic Kit, I have part built the OrochI kit and it is a great fit, on another modeling website which we will not mention, don't rate it as good, but in my world it's a great Kit, it look the Kinetic Kit the molding have fine detail, and the new track are great,
  2. Hi love your attention, to detail, I can't find the kit on the net for sale,
  3. Hi Gents Hobbyeasy are selling the the kit on sale at the price of £ 38-42 and postage is £16-60,
  4. Hi Chris Did the same order my last week on Wed night thought it would arrive about Sat when the good lady was out but thank to Creative Models fast dispatch it arrived Fri morning :oops:will check out the bargains in the forums Thanks, 44 Years
  5. Hi Creative Models have on the 100 specials offers Hobbyboss 1/16 T34/85, for the price of £34.35 near enough half price, have I got the room the make it
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