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  1. you see, there was me thinking I would be doing an OK job by running fibre, but now I am going to have to up my game considerably as your model is fantastic !
  2. Now that I've finished my Galactica I have been thinking about my next build and trying to expand on the basic engine lighting I put into that kit. I think I have found my inspiration (with maybe a couple of colour change/flashing LEDs feeding fibre to behind the main screen) http://www.instructables.com/id/LED-Lit-BSG-Viper-Mk-II-Model-Build/#intro
  3. AV8, no need for an apology, all suggestions are welcome. I've spoken to Paul and have a new regulator/trap with bleed valve (plus adapter) on it's way which will hopefully sort the issue.
  4. I've checked and there isn't an adjuster under the filter so that is ruled out. The arrow on the filter and regulator are both pointing outwards, towards the brush. I've attached the regulator directly to the compressor and the same thing happens. I think the regulator is simply restricting the flow of air to a greater or lesser extent as the adjuster is turned on top but there is nowhere for the excess air to go and so the back pressure builds up. I've just dropped these people a note to see if the regulator they have has a relief valve/adjuster as from the picture it seems to have the knurled nut/washer you mentioned earlier. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Air-Filter-Regulator-1-4-Ports-Air-compressors-/110627184626?pt=UK_Air_Tools_and_Compressors&hash=item19c1e4dff2
  5. Hi All Back in late 2012 I got one of the 'Lidl specials' airbrush and compressor kits to see how I got on with airbrushing. Using the single action airbrush that came with it and also a cheap badger single action brush it works ok for broad areas but obviously not for any detail work as the pressure is not changeable. Looking at pictures of airbrush compressors on various websites they appear to be the same as the Lidl one, but with a regulator and trap fitted. So I've fitted a separate trap and regulator from Machine-Mart, thinking that this would give me the same facility. So now the question. When I use the single action airbrush without the regulator using the supplied adaptor the compressor is on all the time and appears to be delivering a constant pressure regardless of whether I am triggering the airbrush or not (there is a very small hole in the adaptor for the badger connector which allows air out to reduce pressure). When I use the trap and regulator with a double action brush connected directly the compressor starts to struggle and then dies unless I am triggering air from the brush, see the video below. Is this how 'normal' non-tank airbrush compressors work or should I stop being a cheapskate and (once I am working again) buy a compressor specifically designed for airbrushing ? The video. Note the pressure gauge works ok but drops to 0 when the compressor dies and then picks up again when I trigger the air on the brush. Also the drain tap on the moisture trap appears to open and close (ignore the fact the regulator moves, I just need to put some PTFE tape on there as having it properly tight means it faces downwards !) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2jYHZHo9PQ&feature=youtu.be Thanks for any suggestions/advice. Andy
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