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  1. Hi there, Here is my latest offering, now before any of you boffs notice, i will hold my hands in the air and admit that i have made a massive boo boo which i did not notice until i had finished the paint job , but best not to mention it and leave it for you to find, perhaps i might just get away with it It was my first attempt at an Alclad finish,on any scale,I may have learnt from my mistake that maybe I was spraying at a too high pressure. Anyway barring the mistakes i do hope you like it. thanks for looking.
  2. Well you might think i am barking mad , but to buy any lens over 200mm with a 2. 8 constant aperture is going to cost you an arm and a leg, far more than I could ever afford , but you can buy the Panasonic Lumix Bridge FZ200 with a 24 to 600 constant 2.8 for around about £ 300, I have just brought the slightly cheaper FZ 70 with a 20 to 1200 mm, and in bright light it will knock spots off my Sigma 70 to 300.
  3. Stuck


    Because of MOD cutbacks they were most probably on their way to Iraq
  4. Many of us includeing myself go to great lengths to make canopys nice and shiny. But there are some who spend many hours weathering their models to give the scale effect of looking like the real thing, well looking at most pics of active aircraft the canopys were pretty gruby. Just food for thought.
  5. One thing i have found with Vallejo is that if not used for a while all the pigments separate and need a lot of shaking before use, s i have drilled a few holes in a lump of wood and store the ones i am using upside down. I think the stuff is made in Spain, so i am popping down on my push bike later on in the Summer to see if i can find some.
  6. As far as i am concerned for brush painting you cant beat vallejo, tried a pot of the new humbrol and binned it ; What Ps me off with vallejo is that i cant seem to find it here in France,
  7. Stuck

    Alclad - Gone off?

    Try mixing it with some cellulose. thinners ;
  8. Hi there, My daughter works for a London based travel company specializing in tailor made holidays in the far east. last Christmas i suggested building a model airliner for her office, she thought it would be a great idea. i was thinking of a 1\144 scale 747 or something like that with her company logo on; So what i was wandering is there anyone out there who could produce a set of decals with the companys logo on, I do not know how much this would cost, any suggestions realy appreciated; Cheers Mike https://www.facebook.com/experiencetravel
  9. It would be nice to think the passengers and crew are alive and well even if being held hostage. But although i am no techno expert surly with all the electronic gizmos, ie smartphones, wifi cameras , laptops, etc etc that would have been on board that flight, then surly if high jacked some message would have been transmited as to the aircrafts where abouts . That is why I fear it was all over in a flash.
  10. Suburb!! as ever Fuad,, the model, the photography, the presentation, the whole damn shooting match. when is the book coming out?
  11. Great film !!, although not actually on the Ark, it does bring back memories of my time on the Eagle in 1969, my mates job was to put those chocks under, didnt envy him at all. Never forget the noise, deafening !!
  12. As Phil said the paint looks a bit thick, also try adding a bit of Tamiya paint drying retarder to the mix, makes a lot of difference.
  13. Unreal !!!!!!!!!!!!! Superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic!!!!!!!!!
  14. Fantastic job, and nice to see another modeller living in Brittany
  15. Very interesting and well made, Dont think i am being rude but im sure this is one that kids would love to play with;
  16. I look forward to watching your progress and hope that i can learn from it as i do with so many WIPs. As far as cameras go i see very little wrong with your pics so far. I use a canon 450d with a 60mm macro lens but for a model like this i think you might have to get something which will go a little wider!!. I have read very good reports about the panasonic bridge cameras which the focal length goes from very wide to very long, cant go far wrong with a Leica lens!!. All the best with your project.
  17. Well thanks for the kind compliment Rick. Now that i have retired making display cases is a little project i have up my sleeve, but I first want to use my HMCS Snowberry as a Guinea pig. i myself have just got into shipbuilding and am beginning to find it far more challenging and rewarding than aircraft, so i watch these builds with interest. I think it will be good for you to start your own thread so i can follow the two, and in that way there will always be something on the go. Having just seen the size of that Pontos AMS I fear I will have to wait a long time to see the finished job on either one of them . So good luck to the both of you ,and i look forward to seeing your progress :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn:
  18. Subs do not really float my boat but I do like this
  19. I am finding the progress of this kit very interesting, but am getting a bit confused as to how many builds are going on here.
  20. Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. Best of luck with your build, I am 2 months into mine, its starting to do my head in and i am not even doing any scratch building or photo etching. Never mind its great fun to build, rather like being like a kid again watching it all come together. i will be watching this build with interest.
  22. You have made a good job there out of a kit that i understand is a right pig to build. Being a beginner to shipbuilding myself who am I to critise , but can i suggest that in my opinion the hull red is a bit bright, all the same you have done a great paint job.
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