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  1. Not much you can really say about a model like that, just brilliant !!!!
  2. Well after a 7 week jolly jaunt cycleing around the south of France, its refreshing to get back to the grindstone with the Endeavour. unfortuanatly on the last week of my tour I managed to lose my glasses somewhere along the road,so have had to make do with a cheap pair of supermarket specs for the time being, more than 10 minutes trying to read and my vision is everywhere and cant focus on a thing, so i will be brief and just show some pics of where I am up to now with a little help from my optivisor!!. dadarara; thats some fine work there, hope you soon get stuck back into it !!
  3. Quick update, nill progress !!. I am in the middle of a 6 week summer sojourn in the south of France, but Am begining to miss my Endeavor madly!!. Maybe I should have taken a little book on rigging with me to prepare myself for the daunting task ahead !! .
  4. Good evening, here is a little udate to where I have got to; While takeing a break from endless sanding of the hull, I started sorting out how the 2 transom pieces of ply would fit. Now everything up till now had been plain sailing, it seems now that the Endeavour has run into stormy seas, On offering the transom up I was a bit shocked to find that it was at least 10mm over size, at first I thought that would be no great problem to file down, however I then had a look at the other piece the window frame, and realised that by the time that been filed down then it would have gone through the ou
  5. Well you might think working with wood is difficult, but I can tell you it is a piece of cake after watching what you are doing here!!. I have attempted building this kit, but gave up halfway through in frustration,it is now on a permanant shelf of doom in the attic. keep up the good work.
  6. Thanks for that, I checked out google but the only price I can find is on Ebay Australia for $298 !! , so i think I will be giveing that one a miss!! Go for it, once you start it is quite addictave !! I am humbled by your remarks, comeing from a shipbuilder as good as yourself !! While I would not attempt scratch building with plastic, I am quite enjoying the challenge with this. If I do manage to complete the Endeavour then I would like to have a go scratch building from plans useing all the offcuts amassed in the workshop. After years of churning out boreing doors and windows, now ret
  7. This looks like it is going to be a very interesting build, Planeing shaveings for planking has put ideas in my head, I must give it a go!!
  8. Good evening, A little bit more progress has been made over the weekend. After finishing the secondary planking I started on the gunwhales, the kit supplied 2 precut round pieces for the bow, however these did not quite match the radius and left nothing in the width for adjustment, for the rest strait strips of 8mm wide were supplied , but how on earth these were going to fit the curvature i dont know , so I decided to cut some out of my own French walnut, my saw just about manageing to cut down to 2mm, after they were shaped on a fretsaw. I am as far as i can following the replica of the shi
  9. Well must admit it does get a bit muddy here in winter, and the place is a bit ancient,but maybe that why I like it so much Tune in to the final stage of next Saturdays Tour De France and you can see just what I have to put up with
  10. I have got quite a lot of work to do on the Endeavour before I ever get to the riging stage, so I would not want you to rush anything just for me .But while I am working on bits that I am familiar with,it is best to start learning now, so have been watching a few tutorials on Utube and this guy does seem to know his stuff. Whether or not to build the shrouds in place or not does confuse me a little, I will be following what you do with great interest
  11. Can you please hurry up with the shrouds so i can learn how they are done, cheers
  12. A lesson in model ship building, outstanding work !!, thankyou.
  13. Incredible workmanship !! Yes liveing in Brittany is one long holiday
  14. Good evening, a little bit more progress has been made over the last couple of days, its just too hot to dig the garden !!. After finishing the under planking it took quit a while to sand all the ridges out, as I worked along doing this I brushed insome thinned PVA into the joints whith the sanding dust that had been created. The gunwhales where then carefully planed down with the help of a tiny modelmakers spoke shave. The instructions suggest finishing all the double planking before fitting bow and keel pieces, but this goes against my carpentry training, so I have fitted it on first and cut
  15. If it wasnt for the pen I would have sworn this model was much bigger, brilliant work!!
  16. After the decking was layed I stained them with some light oak and then applied some Danish oil. Then the gunwhales were fitted, I carefully scaped the oil off where they were to go, and pricked some little holes to give the PVA better adhesion . The instructions are a bit vague in places,and was a bit stumped as to where the first plank was to be fitted, then I sussed it out and the first one was to act as a template to shape the gunwhales to. After a long day in the sunshine I have managed to get the first side underplanked, soaking them for a few hours in the rainwater but made them plyabl
  17. Oh dear retirement is just so boreing !. Apart from a very pleasant bike ride, and restringing my ukulele, I have done little else all week but make this, must say though that it has been a pleasant experiance working outside in glorious sunshine trying to work faster than the glue drying !. Here are some pics of the decking.
  18. Hi there, Thanks for all the kind comments, To build a wooden boat is not as daunting as some of you might think, I am fortunate to have all the tools of the trade, but actualy presuming you all ready have all the tools for plastic modeling, there are only a few more that you might need,essentially a good block plane and a chisel,but they must be kept very sharp!!. After my only other kit made by Soclaine that was very daunting, i can honestly recommend Artesania, The quality of materials is very good, 4 double sided full size plans, and a very good instruction manual. I had recently been f
  19. Having not even cleared a space in my upstairs man cave, best place to make this would be in the workshop. First thing was to make sure at least all the would was in the kit, so layed it out on the work bench, and checked it off the parts list, and then marked all the bulkheads., then made a base to construct the hull on. most of the bulkheads fitted quite well, a couple did need a bit of fileing, using some quick drying PVA they were fitted into the notches makeing sure they were nice and square.,.The aft counter didnt seem to fit to well, and there was nothing to really clamp it to while the
  20. Just lately I seem have lost a bit of my mojo with plastic kits, perhaps because the last two i have attempted seemed to have gone all wrong at the last hurdle. So being a carpenter by trade it seemed only fitting to build a model out of wood, at least I could control my destiny a bit more. I did start to build a French cutter a few years ago which is still waiting to be completed, so having a little experience in planked hulls, I have decided to have a go at this,, The very large box arrived on Wednesday, I must say i am very impressed with the contents and quality of the materials. It was my
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