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  1. I must admit even living in France I havnt seen one like that. having followed the above links i was shocked to see just how much these are worth restored !, the countryside here must be littered with them rotting away in the corner of barns; The pig farmer just down the road was using the livestock version up to a couple of years ago, must pay him a visit!!. For a little light relief from my ship build I started mine a couple of weeks ago. I wasnt going to bother doing a WIP, but it seems the model is creating a bit of interest here so perhaps I should take some pics on my progress . Full praise to Heller for the design of this kit, the fit of the parts is incredible, 20 at least make up the bodywork. There is a fully detailed engine, but once every thing is finished very little of it can be seen, but the parts that form the front bodywork are in clear plastic so I suppose you could if you wanted, it did cross my mind to leave the engine bonnet off in the cab. I brought mine from here just before Christmas, but I see they are now out of stock,, must be falling off the shelves like hot cakes !!. http://www.oupsmodel.com/1-24-et-1-25-voiture-maquette/50381-heller-maquette-voiture-80768-tube-hy-citroen-fourgon-type-h-124.html Never had so much fun building a construction kit in years, this things an appliance of science .
  2. Well i dont know about 1/8 scale, but if its any consolation I have just treated myself to this, and the level of detail and engraving is at least to my eyes incredible for this scale. After having lived in France for so long, as soon as I saw it I just had to get it, they are just so Iconic here !! http://www.heller.fr/fr/maquettes/nouveaut%C3%A9s/558-citro%C3%ABn-fourgon-hy-3279510807684.html Another nouveaute is this http://www.heller.fr/fr/maquettes/maquettes-voitures-classique/568-coffret-60eme-anniversaire-citroen-ds19-3279510857955.html, But I will be first in the queue for this in the new year, ive waited 60yrs ! http://www.heller.fr/fr/maquettes/nouveaut%C3%A9s/560-ferguson-petit-gris-3279510804010.html .
  3. Hi there I have just picked up a Lidl flyer and see they have one of these along with sonic cleaners on promo in France this week. i have seen these in Lidl quite a few times in the past, so as well as advising of the sale of these, I would be interested to know if any of you out there already have one of these or something similar . Bearing in mind that my current project and for quite the foreseeable future is a rather large ship, and I wear an opti visor, I am just wandering if an ordinary over head lamp might me better suited to my needs. The lamp has an output of 6.3 watt with 60 leds, with a total height of 75cm. Interested to hear your views, cheers Mike.
  4. Hi there, I am slowly plowing through the instruction manual and am now at step 29 out of 122, everything seems to be set out in a logical sequence, but it is necessary to keep on jumping from the step photos which are not very clear to the middle of the book for the written instructions which to say the least can be a bit vague, and then to the back of the book to refer to the parts list. Arriving at this step I just didnt realise so much work would have to go into what looked like were just a couple of tiny bits of wood. First of all there were 34 balustrades for the top rails which needed a round tenon fashioning on the end. Afterwards the hull needed drilling with a 2mm bit to receive these, checking the right angle with a bevel., after carefully pricking out each placement. Then I had to fashion the 34 mooring bits, studying photos these seemed to be tapering into the middle, after a few unsuccessful attempts to replicate this with a chisel , I hit on the idea of turning a little pummel to give the same sort of effect, Thanks for looking, Mike
  5. I didn't realize just how small all this detail at 1/350th scale is until I saw the same model at a show a couple of weeks ago, in ignorance I thought it was 1/700th scale !! superb workmanship !!
  6. This build completely blows me away, its fantastic !!! But please if you don't mind, how will you get it out of the house once finished. ?!!
  7. By the time I finish this my grubby hands will have done that for me ! Thanks for all the encouraging comments.
  8. Hi there, For reference I have found there are many well detailed pics of The Endeavour replica based in Sydney. One thing that seemed to bug me was the interior detail of the stern with the kit ( or for want of a better word the lack of it ) on the kit the stern is flat across and the ornamentation over lapping the sides, on the replica it curves around the sides with a rounded over capping. so i cut a some boxwood to try and replicate the capping although never being 100% correct would at least finish the stern a little better. Also not mentioned in the kit there is also a housing over the rudder opening, so to break up the monotony of the painting, i constructed one. The detail painting seems to have been painfully slow, i feel embarrassed to say that i have spent at least an hour a day on it for the last month, although still not finished, I have had enough for the time being,I want to get back into the woodwork. Dont think I would have lasted long if been employed as a painter and decorator !!. Thanks for looking, Mike
  9. Around there is some of the most beautiful coastline in France. Of topic, but it does seem to be the norm these days on BM to bring up the topic of music, where you a member of that brilliant soul funk JB group based around St Brieuc ( the name escapes me ) a few years back ?, Went to see them many years ago at the Daoulas , Bon Repos. For a number of reasons cant go into here, it turned into one of the most memorable nights I have had in Brittany
  10. That is a very pretty diorama, particularly interested because I live in dept 22, where abouts is it James?
  11. There is some very fine woodwork going on there, particularly the lamination's and the decking, what wood is the lower grating out of ?, it looks beautiful.
  12. Thanks so much for your help and advise foxy, at my work rate its going to be a while before starting the shrouds on my build, so will have much time before then to get my head round it all. . Keep up the good work.
  13. I think you have made a beautiful job of that, but then I am looking at through eyes that are not too bothered about true scale,but what is pleasing. .
  14. Hi there Foxy, well I cant add much more to what has just been said, i am following with great interest this rigging hoping that i can learn from it :. In Anticipation of the task ahead with my build I have just brought the excellent book , Rigging period ship models, by Lennarth Peterson,which I dont doubt you already have..But studying the 100 odd pages of line drawings showing just about every detail., one thing has confused me from page one. I cannot understand , can the shrouds be adjusted and tightened by the running rigging once in place or are they fixed ?. . Keep up the good work
  15. Tamiya X 20A thinner will remove the paint, found that out last week by accident.
  16. Although I am a confirmed Vallejo user, I have only sprayed the model air a few times and found it did remain tacky for quite a while. The problem i have found with at least the model color is that if stored in an upright position all the different pigments and dryers separate, and I dont believe a quick shake of the bottle will get them all back together again.,so because its just about impossible to stir these little bottles I store all the colours that I am working with upside down on a block of wood with some 20mm holes drilled in it.
  17. Keep up the good work, cant believe the detail with the etching.
  18. Looking forward to watching your progress with this model, interesting stuff !!
  19. If I could finish a model as neat and tidy as that then i would be very happy. Well done !!
  20. Hi there, after a bit of thought I decided to paint the hull before i continued any further . the workshop is now being occupied by an exterior door i am making for myself . With lenghs of 4 by 2 flying round, i am not going to risk having it damaged, so i have taken to the kitchen table to do the painting. not being sure of the correct colors, i scanned the web, and decided on Vallejo model air French blue, model color yellow ocre. i couldnt find the French blue it the model color range, but the air range brushes just fine, just takes a little longer to dry. Every thing was given several coats of cellulose ( Dope, wander why they call it that !!! ) sanding down between coats with 400 grit silicone paper) the clear bits then given a couple more coats finishing off with very fine wire wool, It builds up to a beautiful finish, but you have to be fast with the brush. A few weeks ago i brought a floor standing LED work light from Lidl which i am finding fantastic, the only problem is that it is showing up every error i have made on this, and I can tell you there have been quite a few.the one lesson i have learn t and for any of you that wants to give one of these a go is just go over and over again with getting the bulkhead edges filed and sanded to follow through before any planking is started. Now the door is finished I can have my workshop back. Many years ago an old boy gave me some boxwood logs of about 4inches in diameter. Because box takes so long to grow a log of that size has a lot of growth rings and it can be worked very finely, because of this i believe it to be be one of the best modeling woods. I Have sawn and thicknessed the mini planks down to 5mm which is as thin as the thicknesser will go. I am going use this to do to make the to rails ,which looks about the most daunting process in the whole build, but will give me a chance to try out my lovely new spokeshave ! . Thanks for looking
  21. Im just glad there's not that many buckets on my build. Good progress, keep up the good work !!
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