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  1. Thanks so much for your encouraging comments, i quite agree with you Mozzy about the gun turret and gondola , but originally being built as an airliner i suppose it was a bit of an after thought, What attracted me to this aircraft was that it was so futuristic for its time when first built in 1937; It would be nice to see revell bring out a civilian version in the future,
  2. When first looking through these pics i thought it was the real thing, say no more!
  3. Hi there, Here are some pics of the revell 1\72 Condor that i completed last year. Unfortunately which is always the case with me, just when all was nearly done i got a small spillage of something on the fuselage when i was fixing the aerial wire, then broke the antenna in a moment of panic. i really enjoyed putting this kit together, the fit of the parts was on the whole was very good . Built out of the box I reckon its one of the best value kits on the market today. Hope you like it .
  4. I have read this thread with quite a lot of interest, because this kit has been on sale in France since the end of January, had i have had the 20€ asking price spare then i would have brought it then ; However after reading this im glad I didnt. i was under the impression that it was new molds. I dont know if it is the norm for Revell to release their kits earlier in France than England , ( perhaps its because its that its a bit closer to Germany !!) . this might be old hat by now but heres another thats been in the shops for a few weeks ; This places prices compare Quite favorably with England considering they are in €s. not usually the norm for France. http://www.oupsmodel.com/maquettes/maquettes-avion-helico/avions-helico-maquettes/avions-helico/revell/revell-maquette-avion-04845-fairey-gannet-p-36896.html
  5. I dont know about the accuracy, but the italerie cowls are a real lousy fit, maybe its just me but i had a real battle with them
  6. Great work , does spur me on to get mine finished . Cant understand all the fuss about the deep panel lines though, ,, by the time you have sanded all the ill fitting joins down theres none left !!.
  7. Excuse me for that i pressed the send button by mistake!!, As explaining the first coat of finish gave off a blue sheen, but in the morning another very wet coat corrected it, i have had this problem before with acrilics so for the Sunderland I have just got hold of a bottle of alclad mat, but after trying it out its not flat enough, so i will get another bottle of dead flat and mix the 2 ; Lesson learnt with this model , exhaust stains go on after the final finish, cause their dead flat !!
  8. I am just preparing my Italerie Sunderland for painting . Right now i am waiting to have cataracts removed so i have to keep my sessions short otherwise i end up seeing double. With something haveing so much black as the Lanc things can start looking a bit monotonous, So I painted the main body work with Tamiya black with the tiniest drop of red brown and a bit more deck tan believe it or not you get a very deep blue tinge with the deck tan, the props with a very old tin of humbrol metalic black, the spinners and wheels a little bit more black and the tyres with my favorite revell no 9 . For the finish I used Pebeo mat mixed with just a touch of satin ; Pebeo is about as mat as you can get and on my previous model it was so dead it looked a bit dusty, so doing it with a slight shine means that you can do the tyres mat and this give a bit more variation. If you look at any aircraft not all of it has exactly the same sheen. I did have a sleepless night with the finish because the first coa
  9. A French mag called Wing Masters, just wish i could understand the text a bit better because they do some very interesting builds . Here in France I rely on whatever magazine my son sends over from time to time. One thing that I wont be doing again is buying one to read on line , which i tried recently, what a joke!!. I always like to have a magazine handy to read, but to be quite honest with you I have learnt more in the last couple of months by subscribing to this site !!. I did try an issue of military illustrated modeler last year, but to be quite honest with you, i find that continueing a build article over 2 issues a con, just trying to get you to buy the next issue.
  10. Far better than my first attempt after my long break, keep up the good work!!
  11. Thank you for your kind and encouraging comments and as learn t me a lesson or two, I finished the lanc a few weeks ago, and I should have paid more attention to the dust, next time I will taking the pics a soon as the final coat is dry !! ; Secondly the morning after putting the balances on I had another look at the instructions and realized that i had put them on wrong, however being such a fiddle to get on and having already painted the yellow rudders I decided to live and let live. i will be the first to admit that i am not an aviation expert, and did not have a clue what they were, had I have known i could have seen the logic on putting them on the correct way in the first place, but i thought they were hinges or something like that. Also I am not quite sure if Grogs Shot had the dome underneath, but i was totally confused with the painting chart because on one drawing it was in place and on the other it wasn't . If i have one gripe with revell kits then it is their instruction sheets assuming that everyone is an expert on these matters with all their question marks ever where; If memory serves me well at least back in the early days of Airfix the part numbers were not marked on the sprues Instead with an exploded view of the aircraft on one side there was a detailed paragraph by paragraph guide on the construction sequence naming what the parts were; because of this I learn t the basic aircraft components from a very early age. It wont be too soon when they print instructions like that once more.
  12. A nice model. Join the club its the first time for me tonight as well ,its a bit like going on a talent contest with Simon Cowl as the judge , isnt it!!!. LOL
  13. Good evening to you all. This is the first model that i have posted on this forum. After a 50 plus year wait I have finally got my Lancaster, my first way back in the 50s ended up going blob blob blob on the ground after putting a match to it , which seemed to happen to most of my attempts in those days !, but it was great fun watching that plastic melt wasnt it !!. This is also the first model that i tried out my mini studio with that i knocked up at the weekend . If you would like to see how i made it then you can see here; http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234937264-building-a-mini-studio-on-the-cheap/ Please feel free to criticize, i am still young enough to learn ; And thank you for help and advice on exaust stains, but after all its only a load of hot old air!!.
  14. Superb !!, Thats about the only reason to be back home in sunny Shropshire !!
  15. I have been useing this stuff since reading about its wonders for a few years now,It is called Johnsons klir here in France, I gave up trying to spay it a long time ago, and . I found that brushing it over Tamiya would need about 4 coats to start getting any shine at all . A couple of weeks ago on this forum my attention was brought to a new product Humbrol clear, so after ordering a bottle in the week it duly arrived yesterday; I havnt had chance to try airbrushing it yet but have tried brush coating over tamiya and it has built up a nice deep shine with just 2 coats, but it does take a little bit longer to dry than the other stuff. An awful lot seems to have been written about klear, and have just read an old thread were some are prepared to pay 30odd quid for bottles on ebay for the original stuff, because it still works out cheaper per litre than anything else; Well you have got to make one hell of a lot of models to use that amount, and in my opinion it deteriorates like most paints and finishes with age the last canopy i dipped was no where near as clear as the first i did 4 years ago.. So if i were you i would go out and spend the 5 odd quid on a bottle of this new stuff and give it a try. Thankyou humbrol for finally latching on and getting a similar product on the market. Leave the Klear for finishing floors, thats what it was made for, it was never intended for spraying.
  16. The only videos of mine you will find on utube are music Abacus. Since taking up the hobby "seriously" 4 years ago i have searched the web for advice and that is why I joined this site. After an awful lot of cock ups it is only now that i am starting to build half decent models . I have tried all methods of camo and its just that i prefer the paper way. One bit of advise if i can give is that whichever way you choose is that whatever blue or white tack that I have used it either leaves a stain or is a pig to remove from the surface. Maybe this is because i normally spray with very very thinned tamiya acrylics which do leave a very fragile porous surface. So after laying down the first color as soon as it is dry i give it a couple of coats of clear before continuing with the masking this seems to stop the staining. and makes the stuff far easier to remove. I have seen on this site and on the web in general some wonderful examples of weathered models , it is an art to get it right , but at the same time I have seen to many which have been to overdone. So I tend to err on the side of caution for the moment until i can get it right. If one mans work has inspired me more than any one else the it must be this guy, http://hyperscale.com/2007/features/fw200c8cw_1.htm , would love to see some videos by him!!. Just worries me the beginners are going to see vids like this and get in a right mess
  17. Stuck

    Port hole problem

    Well thank goodness for that!!! Might just knock the rest out before i start painting, because the are so badly molded they really let the kit down. Have a look at the latest edition of Model airplane international and you will see what I mean. Thank you very much Panzer for putting my mind at rest.
  18. I am no expert and all the time looking for tips a tricks to improve my airbrushing , but have gained nothing by watching this guy . Its only my opinion but i think the panel lightening is overdone, i would have thought to blend it in a bit go over again very lightlly with a very highly thinned original color. To do all the the masking twice seems to be making a lot of work, is he tight with his paint??! . I always do the whole area with the lighter color first ( well thats what i have learn t from my books) . I prefer paper masks held in place with small blobs of blue tack, think its a far better way. Far more informative Vids on Utube. But what do i know ?..
  19. Stuck

    Port hole problem

    I was hoping to start painting my Italerie Sunderland this weekend, but while applying the masks to the port holes a couple have popped out. Any of you that have built this kit will know that they are a very poor fit. Well i am not going to try and take the model apart to refit them ; So i was wandering if any of you have any bright ideas on how to resolve the problem. I did try with another model putting some Humbrol clearfix on a cocktail stick and pulling it through, but the bottle that i had was old and it had congealed a bit; I have heard that Krystal clear is very good but have none and dont realy want to wait until a bottle arrives ; so could it be applied when the model is finished ? . Any ideas ?. Anyone just starting to build this model please be warned, and make sure that they are securely fixed !!. Thanks
  20. PS ,, Got to admit mine is a bit noisier than my lap top !!, what have you got ?,,,, an old Tractor tyre full of air !!!!
  21. Same as mine as well, which has given me faultless service for 4 years now, I have never had another mini compressor to compare its sound levels to. Because I live alone in the middle of nowhere I have no one to disturb Having had a life time of buying woodworking machinery the norm is that you only get what you pay for, but this is one case where you get more, cant recommend them enough, they are very well made.
  22. Stuck


    Well thanks very much for that, I have just had a very long look at http://www.oupsmodel...20_104_798.html and they seem to have everything I need at very good prices and the postage is quite reasonable too (less than the fuel will cost to my nearest model shop). Not quite sure what the postage would be like to England , but right now they have got very good offers on special hobby kits.
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