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    Revell "Snowberry"

    Well I have taken the plunge and have brought the kit ; After a bit of time looking at different builds on the net, I have decided to build it straight from the box, and not get into too much super detailing because i know my limitations and don't want to see it end up in a half finished heap gathering dust because it became too much of a challenge. Also i have looked at the detailing after market sets available and they can run into a bit of dosh, haveing just retired, money that i have not got. Call me a defeatist if you like !!. Having studied the instructions and the paint call outs, as usual Revell has got me totally confused; The color given for the bulk of the hull is a straight 50/ 50 mix of stone grey and white, while the bulk of the super structure is given out as a 70 / 30 mix of white and grey which gives a slightly blueish tinge, haveing mixed all this i have now noticed that on the box art the bulk of the superstructure is the same color as the hull , so now I am even more confused ; Normally I like to spray with Tamiya, but because I can forsee a lot of touching in with a brush is going to be required, I am going to stick with revell enamels because I just dont get on with brushpainting Tamiya and revel is available in my local town. While i am not looking to build 100% historically correct replica of the Snowberry, i would like it to look somewhere near right, so I am hoping that one of you out there can steer me in the right direction. Also I have a dear friend visiting me in the next few weeks, she had told me that her father had commanded a ship in the war that was on anti submarine duty's in the channel around the time of D Day, . Is there any chance that flower class corvettes would be used on these duties ?. Cheers Mike. PS, I have already found that this model can eat paint !!, i prefer not too mix colors in case I run out, do you know of any humbrol equivalents ?. sometimes I think that Revell are just taking the big P with there call outs just to get you to buy more paint !!.
  2. Stuck

    Revell "Snowberry"

    Hi all; Have just come back from a visit to town, while there i popped into a toy shop that sells a hand full of kits . A couple of years ago i popped in the same shop and noticed they had a revell snowberry there . This has always been a kit that i have had a bit of an inkling for but the 80 odd €s they were asking for it was well out of my price range, so today thought i would have a look to see if it was still there, and low and behold it was and reduced to 49€ ( 40 odd £ ), now haveing been incapacitated for the last few months and unable to work that is still quite a lot of dosh to find, but my other half thinks its a bargain that i cant really resist . So I am wandering what your views are of this kit ( it is not the new platinum version ) and would revel sell the upgrade set separately ? , or will it build in to a nice model OOTB ? . I have been greatly inspired by this build http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234929377-172-revell-corvette-snowberry/ But because of failing eyesight until at least my cataracts have been removed, i have to keep my modeling sessions a bit shorter and sweeter than I would really like, so i dont want to get too involved with super detailing. Also i have read that this can be converted to radio control, I have all the gubbins from another boat , so this could be a possibility.. Any a views you have on this subject would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks Mike
  3. Superb!!! , what dedication!!! , I would just love to build one of those ,but at my age I fear it would never get done.
  4. Hi there, While busy dusting and cleaning Le Renard got me thinking what had made me put the project down some 12 years earlier well the reason for this was two fold, firstly, although always having an avid interest in models I was fighting a losing battle to make my run down cottage habitable, and came to the grim realization that even if i finished the boat i would have nowhere to put it, so on one of those odd occasions in my life sensibility kicked in, and decided it would be best if I made a space for it first. Secondly, after spending the previous 12 years in the trues sense of out of it in the middle of nowhere, i went out and brought one of the most stupid things that i have brought in my life, a Computer, and that was that. Anyway, after a day cleaning out the workshop i was able to find some walnut that had been put by long ago with the project in mind. I had in mind turning the masts on a little model making lathe that had been given to me some years ago . However when i got the plans out It was soon realized that some of the masts would be too long to go in between the centers, and although I have got a bigger lathe it would impossible to steady the work being so thin. So its times like that when you go make a cup of tea, go sit in the garden ,and take stock of the situation . While looking at a tall larch, it hit me that they never turned these masts when these ships were built, just adzed and drawknifed most probably from a tree just like the one i was looking at; So instead I tapered them using an upturned jack plane, After a pleasant afternoon whittling in the late summer sunshine, i was so chuffed with my first ever couple of masts, like a big kid i couldnt wait to do the rest, and went back to refer to plans to see what was needed next and this is where the probs really started . There are 3 sets of full size plans with this kit ,1 printed on the back of the other , and also a very vague set of instructions with a few photos and written all in French, the problem is every drawing contradicts the other, and to cut a long story short makes reading a set of revell instructions like understanding the meaning of life. So with a little help from an old book i have found on model ships, im playing it by ear a bit. So please correct me if i seem to be doing this wrong. Fortunately, this boat is still in use today and sails out of the port of St Malo , being just an hours drive from here it might be a good idea to pop over there with my camera this weekend and try and sort things out. All help welcome, very confused , Mike
  5. Incredible work !!, learning lots from it, cheers !!
  6. Well thank you for your kind words of encouragement. I was going to go wild camping tonight, but instead have spent the day trying to clean off 10 years of dust and fly excrement off what had been made. After my delve into plastic over the last few years has learn t me quite a few new tricks, mainly all about paying attention to detail, and what can be done to enhance that . So after looking at these closeups ,I think I can improve the paintwork a bit more , and maybe do a few pin washes here and there . i am not quite sure what that will look like on real wood, so I am going to tread very carefully there. The next big task is to make the masts, the kit supplied a few lengths of dowl which would need tapering , so hopefully on Monday I will be in the workshop sorting out some offcuts of walnut to turn some new ones . For the time being here are some more pics of the model after being cleaned up a bit Mike
  7. Just lately i have got a bit fed up with planes and have had a strong inkling that i want to make a big galleon , but now in virtual retirement i have to be careful with the pennies, so 30odd euros or so for a reasonably sized kit is quite a lot for me to find. While sorting out the kitchen table this morning it suddenly hit me that why didnt I finish the model that i started over 10 years ago, staring me in the face gathering dust on the shelf. So I thought that if I took a photo of it in its present shape warts and all, and put it up on here, then i will have committed myself to finishing the thing!!. It is a bit of a departure from plastic. The kit is marketed by a French firm Soclaine and cost in todays money about 70€ , When originally opening the box i was a bit dismayed and daunted by what i saw in front of me, a few sheets of plywood a bundle of strips, a couple of little bags with a few bits and bobs in, and a bit of white metal; The wood was so crap that I made all the little deck fittings out of boxwood, and the stand out of walnut The hull is planked. First thing that ive got to do is get all the dust off it and see if it needs repainting,(didnt have an airbrush at the time ) as soon as i have done that i will put some more pics up showing a bit more detail, and then start the daunting task of picking up from where I left off . Hope you enjoy!! :shutup: :shutup: :shutup:
  8. On a visit to London last year i went to the MZ branch in Holborne, admittedly it was a Sunday afternoon, but i was browsing for the best part of an hour and in that time there was only one other guy looking at the kits, one other was buying a RC helicopter. I was looking for a Revell Lanc which I would have thought was one of the more popular models, in the end i had to ask the guy at the till if he had one, after a lot of browsing in the stock room he did come back with the goods, i also asked if they stocked Alclad which i would have thought is in much demand by you lot, and his reply was I wish they did ; So even then i thought that if shops like Jessups and HMV are going bust what chance has this shop got?. Its always sad when people loose their jobs, but I wont loose no sleep about it . It could mean more business in the long run for the small interdependently run shops who do seem to cater for the customers individual needs . I have always found with large chain stores whether it be bikes ,camping, electronics etc, that they only ever sell what they can get from the mainstream suppliers at huge discounts, which does nothing for small start up businesses.
  9. Totally, gobsmackingly , utterly ,brilliant !!!, Its seeing work like that that makes me try a little bit harder ;
  10. I wouldnt bother, takes ages to down load, and then you have to keep on zooming in and out to read it, and on top of that i havnt got a computer in the toilet, ill stick to good old fashioned paper from now on!!
  11. Theoretically speaking, if the scales are right then a spitfire could fly underneath the wings of the Sunderland, but he would have to be a bloody good pilot!!
  12. Hi there, here are some pics of my recently finished Sunderland. Painted with tamiya acrylics and finished with Alclad flat, which the jury is still out on cant make my mind up if I prefer peobo which is more flat. the alclad is far easier too spray, but be warned it does react to white spirit, and i did get into a mess, and the thing still feels a bit sticky even with the final coat on. thanks to BM for helping me to sort out color issues with extra dark sea grey and dark slate grey, think i should have put the slate grey on first ??!!. Hope you like, thanks for looking.
  13. I made the same mistake with my lanc, be nice if the instruction guy at revell could learn to draw.
  14. Stuck

    Cheap honey primer

    Found an aerosol of anti corrosion honey colored primer in the auto section of my local super market by K auto, ,cost 5€ for 400 ml . have just decanted some and tried it out and it seems to work very well, and drys very quick . It seem s a far better color to spray over the normal grey kits are molded in, cause its far easier to see what you have covered.;
  15. I have just tried this stuff for the first time on my current model ; Up until now i have been using Johnsons Klir which is the name it is marketed under here in France ; ( It has a light brown color to it so i presume it is the same stuff sold in England ); After initially trying to airbrush it I soon gave up and found brushing it gave a very smooth finish, however i was not happy with the results dipping canopies. As far as putting on a protective finish after painting i have to say that I wont be using this new Clear it , For one thing it takes to long to dry, which means the project can gather dust, I tried an oil wash 2 hours after application which dissolved it, and has left a couple of streaks which have dried a different color. none of these problems occurred with the Klir. i have tied it on a cannopy and i am very pleased with the results So if my two pennies worth is worth anything, then my conclusions are that its well worth the money for dipping cannopies. But as far as giveing a gloss coat i will be reverting back to the Klir .
  16. Yea , the instructions!!, have eyes in the back of your head all the way through !!, apart from that goes together well.
  17. Lipkicker, got no secrets! , it was Tamiya XF3 with a little bit of X6 orange, agree with you did it first with just yellow but didnt look right The camo was tamiya dark green, and humbrol 29 dark earth.
  18. There is so much to look at , not just the model but the whole diorama that i didnt really notice the decals. Fantastic !, everybit of it .
  19. Brilliant !!! , its work like that i aspire to , i want one!!
  20. they all look impeccably finished, but i particularity like the color scheme on the little biplane;
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