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  1. Agee with Rick, gave up trying to airbrush this stuff ages ago
  2. Well at last I have found some 1/72 flower class pics of the finished model to inspire me a bit with my build. But i am a bit confused with the pics, do i see 2 different models? . I just love the paintwork on the second, scale or not, i am thinking of turning mine into a pleasure cruiser. .
  3. That looks very clean and bright, and i do like the runway effect
  4. Well I have never been a die hard ski fi freak but picking up on this thread halfway through has really entertained me, more even than most on the box does. but more than that this whole project has been quite an education. Sometimes the general perception of us modelers is a load of grumpy old anaracks, but what you do goes a long way to proving them all wrong. cant wait for your next project, Nigel you certainly put the "mod" into modeling !!!. PS, send my regards to AA and hope he has a long and happy life and one day meets a pretty Dalekess Snivel Snivel Mike
  5. Hi there, Here are some pics of my just completed Hasegawa Ki45 , a kit that I picked up at a bankrupt stock shop for a pricey 9€ some 4 years ago. At that time i had only just started airbrushing, so left it half done for a couple of years while my technique got a bit better. Well the ophthalmologist or what ever her name was advised me in May that i should cut back on my models a bit, so the camo was done over four 2 hour sessions, which was quite long enough in one session cause after I must admit that i was starting to get a bit of brain warp. As always on the very last hurdle disaster struck as i was giving it the final lick of paint silver on the end of the pitot tube (whats one of those ?) after shaking my container of Vallejo i didnt notice I had paint all over my fingers, say no more, in panic i tried to clean it off with mild alcohol which dissolved the future finish . Then on the very last job I over stretched the aerial, oh well never mind. The kit was built OOTB apart from an Eduard zoom set for the cockpit, everything went together well and I can thoroughly recommend it Hope you like it and all criticism welcome. Thanks for looking Mike PS, Yes I know that the props should be brown , but the paint call outs said propeller color, and i assumed that was black, a mistake i didnt realize until looking at an example on BM
  6. By the way saw that robotic hoover thingy at lidle yesterday, might be too late now, just trying to drag things out
  7. Great model, and the theme brings back memories of my time on the Eagle watching the mail gannet landing with hope and anticipation that there might be a love letter for you !
  8. I just woke up this morning with a very rare brain wave. I also saw in Liddle a poster up advertising a robotic vacuum cleaner, one of those that do their own thing., it looked as if it was about 35 - 40cm in diameter. Food for thought ?
  9. "So AA will definately have a home somewhere at the show. He is getting very excited about it all, he has never been to a show and is now talking about little else. He is especially excited about meeting the full size Daleks and catching up on events in the wider Dalek universe." Did you ever see that Anthony Hopkins film "Magic" about a ventriloquist and his dummy ? . Does this scenario worry you at all Nigel
  10. I for a long time sprayed clear lacquers on the furniture I made without proper extraction ; I now have a little household through the wall extractor where I do my airbrushing, if I am spraying any more than a tiny little bit then i wear a respirator. Last week I got through a over a pot full of humbrol on the hull of my boat. This morning I was cleaning up and was horrified to see all that red dust collected on my extractor., without it that would most probably now be lining my lungs.
  11. I was never realy into sci fi until reading this thread, but then I wasnt much into cooking either until i read Nigels Nosh . When can I expect to see the attitude adjuster on the box ?
  12. I have had great diffuculty looking for a round cake tin recently, but last week found a set of 3 in Liddle, ,if turned upside down it could hold the batteries inside unfortuantly haveing just read your specs again I see it needs to be 226mm and this is only 225mm, but could be handy in the kitchen .
  13. Well thanks for the advice chaps, Paul Little cars, Have had a look at the pincer air cap, I have had a couple of bent needles in the past, and that looks as if it will make the tip more vulnerable to damage than the one i have got , im used to having to take the air cap off to clean the tip. For the time being I will save my money and take the Attitude Adjusters advise and get a new 4mm nozzle, cause after seeing Nigels work, if its all right for him then its good enough for me !!
  14. Hi all, I have been using my H&S evolution for over 4 years now in that time have had to replace the 1/15 nozzle and now the 4 has just worn out..over all I have had no complaints with it, and would recomend one to anyone. In the main I have been using Tamiya acrylics which I have every confidence in but dont like it for brush painting. But on my latest project the Revell Snowberry because I realized from the onset it would need a lot of touching in with a brush, I decided to paint with enamals. However with the 4mm nozzle out of action, I am finding that I am having to thin the paint so thin with the smaller one, and keep geting blockage problems. So my question is this, I am just in the process of ordering a new 4mm nozzle, and was wandering if it might just be worth buying a complete 2mm nozzle and needle set , would this compromise make any appreciable difference ? Going into retirement this week the 40 odd pounds with postage for a new set is quite a lot of dosh to find, or shall i just get a new 4mm nozzle ? Any advice welcome, Cheers Mike
  15. I never judge a model on scale issues because i haven't got a clue what the real ones look like, so wheels to big or not it looks a great model to me. Well done!!
  16. Stuck

    Revell "Snowberry"

    Well I got it for 49€ Steve, the shops got one left, but I think the postage would cost more than its worth sending it from France !!!, also a 1/72 Gator class sub at the same price. After a week i am progressing well, got the life rafts together !!
  17. Stuck

    Revell "Snowberry"

    Well thanks for that longshanks, I will check it out. Have just had an email from my dearest to say that her Fathers ship was HMS Kempenfelt, briefly checked it out on Wilkopedia, ,dont suppose you know anything about that ? is there a model of that available, could be a future project,,, i know she would like that. Snowberry finished her career in the channel, certainly must have been a holiday !!
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