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  1. Just like a lot of quality tools they take a while to wear in. I have had my Silverline for 8 years now and it works like a sowing machine. Persevere, practice makes perfect.
  2. I just love my H&S to bits ,but I dont find her sexy at all. Am I not using it for the right purpose ?
  3. Please excuse me, I was very tired last night when I read the original post. As far as " thinning" goes I could not agree more. But for "cleaning " I just think it is unnecessary expense to buy brand ones . 250mm of Tamiya thinners lasts for ages. the same amount of cleaner will last no time at all.
  4. Sorry to disagree, I use nothng else but Lidles spray degreaser on all acrylics flushed out after with water. It works perfectly.
  5. I have just brought a Tamiya Yamaha Virago kit, the instructions suggest going over the chrome with Tamiya clear yellow. I have a book with a step by step build done this way and it looks very effective. I presume this is the type of finish you want to achieve
  6. I have never had a problem with canopies and Alclad primers..I have also got a Silverline and have had no problems with cellulose thinners. How ever I would make sure the thinners has thoroughly evaporated and dry before giving it a final flush after cleaning; because if not the washer liquid could react with the thinners and make a horrible gungy mess. I think you would have to thin the primer down to go through the 0.2 nozzle, so i would use it neat through the 0.4
  7. Over the years i have built up quite a collection of different paints all have got their pros and cons , but for a newcomer to the hobby which I pressume you are all these different ranges can become quite confusing. So if I was starting off in the hobby I think out of all I would start with a collection of Vallejo Model Air., because they can be both sprayed and brush painted successfully the range is vast and the metalics are good. Personally I would steer well clear of Revell and Humbrol enamels because they have caused me more heartbreak of the years with not drying, etc , etc. I have just started building a collection of Tamiya enamels, which I am beginning to swear by.
  8. I have just found out that Humbrol Clear is also very good for polishing floors.
  9. I use Raphael series 8404 kolinsky,, although I have finer I find that the 0 is used most of the time and keeps its point. They are not cheap and I cant compare them to W&N but as far as im concerned they are the best.
  10. You wont smell a thing. Darby, I suggest you buy one as well. I havnt got a spray booth but a little fan in the wall at the back of my work bench, if you saw just how much colored dust accumulates around it just after a couple of sessions you would buy one tomorrow.
  11. I bought one of these a couple of months ago http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B004OYQ4LC?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00 Before I had a replaceable cartridge one which was heavy, uncomfortable, and like wearing a gas mask, The 3M is light and so comfortable that sometimes I forget I have it on. Because of this I find I relax and take my time much more when air brushing. dont know how long it will last, but when it does need replacing I will definitely buy another
  12. I have just received a new type bottle of Alclad grey primer, dont know if they have changed the formula but it seems to dry a lot smoother than the old.
  13. i am still geting my head around how to use Alclad to its best effect, but I am slowly learning from my mistakes, here'ssome of my observations, To use the chrome to best effect you have to have a surface as smooth as a babys bum, unfortunately I find it virtually impossible to get that finish with Alclad black primer. So I have found that if you use black gloss lacquer as an undercoat instead you will get a far smoother finish. The trick is then to coat that with chrome as fine as you can until it just covers the black, under a very bright light you will see the chrome effect appear and why you use black. As soon as you see that stop, any more and it will go dull. I have 2 schools of thought about the black gloss though, after trying both, ,with the lacquer a better gloss can be achieved but it is very fragile, and can easily be rubbed off., so maybe that is why the Alclad doesnt have such a smooth finish so it can give the final coat a better key. As soon as its dry I give it a coat or two of Aqua gloss. Some one could write a book about this stuff, hopefully someone will in the future. I am just finishing of a vehicle done with Alclad,, it is far from perfect.but has been a good learning curb. ,so as Rick has said start having a play. try spraying very close with little pressure.
  14. I have been running one of these for the best part of 8 years now and I can honestly say it has given me faultless performance. I brought it off Ebay from a reputable English dealer, so if it had of gone wrong I would have sent it back under the terms of the guarantee. Over the years I have brought a lot of machinery and power tools, and they do say you only get what you pay for, but I have had name brands as well go wrong on me. Looking at it now it is a well made bit of kit, if it packs up tomorrow I will have no hesitation buying another..
  15. If you are still interested but have just ordered a pair of these http://www.oupsmodel.com/maquette-locomotives-et-wagons/28780-revell-maquette-locomotive-02158-locomotives-br01-br02-1- Dont know why, but like yourself it will be interesting to try something different .No doubt the intricacies of these things will push me to the limit, and forever end up on the shelf of doom . But finished they could make impressive looking models.. Suppose it was seeing The flying Scotsman on the box last week, I would like to paint mine the color of that, and at least if I cock it up theres another bite at the cherry !!.
  16. I don't doubt that if you left a piece of plastic in a jar of alclad primer it wouldn't do it much good, but i have never had a problem spraying it. I suppose as well that if you sprayed a very wet coat of thinned primer onto bare plastic then that could cause damage. But the secret is in my experiance, mist a thin coat on first let that dry and then you can go a bit heavier on the next coat. Also I have learn t the hard lesson that if you let white spirit get into contact with these primers and finishes then you are going to have a horrible congealed mess to clean out in your AB nozzle
  17. Ha !, I never thought of that, The primer used to come in screw top tins, but I just took delivery of some new at the weekend and that came in a plastic bottle.Because I use a siphon fed airbrush just for priming I decant what I need into a zero paints screw top jar which are very good because they have a separate airtight plastic cap as well as the screw top lid.. i doubt whether the plastic bottles Alclad use would react to cellulose thinners , the cheap stuff I buy from the DIY store is bottled in plastic. However to be on the safe side I am sure your wife could find you a glass bottle. if you are storing the primer for any length of time then its a good idea to put some cling film around the mouth before screwing the top back on.
  18. I have had the same problem, just add some cellulose thinners, give it a real good stir and you should get it working again.
  19. There is a drop of pressure in the air hose between the regulator and the airbrush depending how long it is. It occured to me last night that would also a drop in temperature also affect this. i had a problem with my H&S where there didnt seem to be enough air coming out of the brush even with the pressure turned up, I took the air valve apart and gave it a good clean and it was right as rain.
  20. I use nothing but lacquer based primers (Alclad),because in my opinion they are fool proof, correct me if I am wrong nothing will react against them. Obviously there are those who dont like the fumes, but in your case if you are going to use Alclad this doesnt seem a problem. Use acrylic based ones which Aqua gloss is, ( I removed it last week with household cleaner) then you could have problems.
  21. Is the base color the same as before, I have found especially with Tamiy acrylic that the first couple of coats of clearcoat just sink into the basecoat. were as with enamels etc a sheen can be built up with a lot less. Orange peel can be caused by low pressure.
  22. Because i like this stuff so much and noticed on the Tamiya site that it is only available in certain country's,i thought I would risk the price of 4 bottles from the mentioned Ebay site . Well the first bottle arrived this morning I suspect by letter post. So when the rest arrives it will inspire me with enough confidence to order a little bit more.
  23. I gave up trying to brush paint Tamiya years ago until I got up this morning and read this, So i dug out a bottle of this brought for specifically for what it says and have just finished some intricate detail painting with Tamiya and i must say it works superb.
  24. Plastic household waste, bottles etc.
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