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  1. Thank's. The chrome part's are already been stripped and chromed with Alclad II chrome. No need to be brave about this, it's a fairly simple technique that everyone can achieve with a decent airbrush set and the right technique. Some kit chromed part's i will obtain to give the model some extra detail or better said some extra color difference regarding chrome part's. I'm talking about the little chromed kit part's like fuel caps or door handles. I still need to polish the chrome painted parts so they will be looking better. Regards
  2. regarding the back of the seat's, yes, i noticed and i thought about it to add plastic card to give them a more realistic appearance. But noting will be visible anymore once the cabin is closed, so i didn't bother to put my time into them. Regarding the disaster : a very bad warped engine hood, which i tried to put back in form using hot water but it didn't worked. So a very friendly modeller sended me a spare hood which was painted but in great shape. Yesterday i removed the paint so it's ready for primer and painting.
  3. let's go to the cabin work. Not much going on here, just glue some part's, remove some detail and add some other detail. Dashboard look's fairly nice, so i decided to keep the detail and paint it. Rest of the interior dry-fitted, painted and glued.... I made the mistake to paint the steering wheel in a white-ivory color.........at the moment this is changed into black paint
  4. Ok guy's, time to paint some part's, starting with the frame which will be having the same color like the cabin part's. I've chosen the Spanisch Gravity Colors range and i have to say, this paint is just great. The color, Gurney Eagle Blue,......why.......i like blue colors........ Also some extra part's where painted and detail painted. Engine also painted and fitted onto the framework. Time to put
  5. I'm not a real truck know it all guy......in fact, in this sort of matter i'm a real noob.....but.....i like those massive American trucks and i always wanted to build one. So, to make a long story short, i started one and i hope you guy's over here can give me the much needed feedback to bring this build to a good end. So, this is the kit i'm going to tackle....... Nothing fancy, i'm just going to build it oob. Starting with the Detroit Diesel engine. For an engine straight out of the kit i like the way of details. But due to the lack of
  6. Time to take the next step................painting process. First to tackle are the passenger seat's. When all seat's are painted, and also the cargo bay floor, this is how it look's..... Same go's for the cockpit. Before closing the fuselage half's, some minor details are added. According to the instruc
  7. Thank's Dennis for the warm welcome.
  8. My first real post here, hopefully my work will stand proud between all this beautiful work i've seen here. Ok, at the moment i'm working on the 1/48 Kinetic C-2A Greyhound. Starting with the interior, which will be hidden for the most but still i like to put some extra effort into the interior, so here we go........ The passenger seat's in the cargo bay need some tlc, so i added some seatbelts made from self adhesive alu foil and cutted some plastic away to give the seat's a more realistic look. Comparison between som
  9. Thank's Mike and sorry if i didn't follow the rules, won't happen again. Thank's for the nice comment. Greetz Chris, and thank you for the warm welcome.
  10. Some time ago i made a profile over here. For some reasons (personal), i never posted something, so now it's time to introduce myself to you guy's. My name is Danny, i'm from Belgium. Mostly i'm interested into Cold war Aviation models, but figures, armor and civil related models are also in my interest envelope. here are some models, figures i made true the years...... SR-71 Pilot (Reheat Models) Commision build 54 m/m Anglo Saxon Chief (Pegaso Models) Sophie (Pegaso Girls) NSFW (please Admins,
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