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  1. I love what you've done here, will you try another in 1/24th scale? http://www.flickr.com/photos/25721684@N00/9556745118/in/set-72157632269542118 Or even in 1/72nd scale; http://www.flickr.com/photos/25721684@N00/8553752227/in/set-72157632269542118 Regards, Christian.
  2. I'm in the process of building a website; www.mtbhulls.co.uk I am continuing to refine it as time allows. Regards, Christian.
  3. Quick update; The 1/72nd scale hulls will now come with a cambered deck moulding at no extra cost. Regards, Christian.
  4. Hi David I sent you a pm. What is available in 1/72nd scale so far; BRITISH; RN; Fairmile A/C, Fairmile B, Fairmile D with and without torpedo scallops, Fairmile H,all BPB MGB/MTB/MASBs 71.5ft, 70ft, 63ft, 60ft, all Vosper MTBs inc 60ft, 73ft, 70fte.g. MTB 234, MTB 510, MTB102, Bloodhound, Thornycroft MTB, JS White MTB 253, MTB40K, 72ft RN HDML Motor Launch, BYMS minesweeper, Camper & Nicholson MGB/MTB series I and II, Denny SGB, Thornycroft 55ft CMB/MTB, 70ft Higgins MGB, 78ft Higgins MTB, 70ft and 77ft Elco MTB, all 4 sizes of Admiralty MFV (45ft, 62.5ft, 75ft, 90ft), 105ft and 126ft MMS, Brave, Gay & Dark class FPBs, Scimitar class FTB, MTB 538 and 539, TON and HAM class minesweepers, Ford Class SDB, Loyal Class RNXS fleet tender, 80ft WWI Elco ML, HMS Peacock, 30 & 45ft FMBs, HMS Tenacity, RAF; Fairmile D LRRC, BPB 64ft Type I, 63ft Type II (Whaleback) and 68ft Type III (H&D) HSLs, CPB 70ft HSL/MTB, Vosper HSL, pre-war and 67ft Thornycroft HSLs, Miami HSL, Walton HSL, 60ft and 63ft General Service Pinnaces, Vosper 68ft RTTL, James & Stone 78ft MKIII RTTL, 43ft RSL, all STs, BPB Targets, Krogerwerft D-Boat, HAM IRV, Ex-Luftwaffe FLB, HMAFV Bridlington, RASC;BPB Generals 57ft HSTTL, BPB 68ft HSTTL, Thornycroft 69ft HSTTL, Thornycroft 73ft HSTTL, BPB Bird and Rivers class Fast Launches, and JS White Derby Winners Fast Launches, 78ft RSC Honours class, USA;Nasty Class PTF, WWI and WWII SC Subchasers, YMS minesweeper, 63ft, 85ftand 104ft USAF AVR rescue boats, Higgins PT Boat, Elco 70ft, 77ft and 80ft PT Boats, USCG 83ft Wheeler, Huckins PT Boat, PCF Swift and PC Subchaser. AUSTRALIAN;HDML RAN 80ft and standard 72ft versions, 80ft sea-ambulance (likeKrawarree), Fairmile B, Ham and Ton Minesweepers, RAAF 60ft and 63ft Pinnaces(Kungah Maris), 63ft aircraft rescue launch ASR (Air Faith etc), GERMAN;KM Schnellboote; S38 E-Boat with foredeck, S7-13 E-Boat (corrects the boxy Airfix hull!), KM Raumboote; R108-126 R-Boat, R301-320 R-Boat and Luftwaffe FLB 500 series rescue boat. ITALIAN;Navy; Baglietto VAS (Vedetta Anti-Sommergibile), CRDA series I MS (Motosilurante), MAS series III (Motoscafo Armato Silurante), Aragosta IMS and BYMS minesweepers. Guardia Di Finanza; Dark FPB, Fairmile B "Canadiese", Higgins 78ft, Vosper, 80ft Elco WWI ML, 63ft Whaleback ASR. FRENCH;All VTBs, SC Subchaser, HDML, Vosper MTB, Fairmile B, HAM class IMS. CANADIAN, NEW ZEALAND and SOUTH AFRICAN vessels are mostly already listed above. Several hulls are also available in 1/35th and 1/24th scales including; 1/24th scale; Fairmile A/C 110ft, Fairmile B 112ft, Fairmile D 115ft (with and without scallops), HDML 72ft, Vosper 68ft RTTL, Dark Class 72ft FPB, RN BPB 71.5ft MTB, RAF BPB 64ft HSL, RN Thornycroft 73ft MTB, RAF 41.5ft BPB Seaplane Tender, RASC 45ft Rivers Class fast Launch, RASC 48ft Derby Winners fast Launch, Elco 80ft PT Boat, RAF 56ft Pinnace, S 38 E-Boat 114ft, MAS 555 Italian MTB 63ft, Brave/Perkasa 100ft. 1/35th scale; Fairmile B, Fairmile D, HDML, coming soon; Higgins PT Boat and Nasty PTF. Also 1/12th scale; RAF 46ft Vosper Crash Tender. I have probably left a few out so ask if you don't see it.
  5. Hi Dave I'm doing the bare hulls only, without any rubbing strips or spray rails, and finished in plain white gelcoat. Regards, Christian.
  6. I am building 1/72nd scale model hulls in glass-fibre for some WWI and most WWII and later CF types over the coming months. The two scales have been chosen to match the most popular scales of the model kits currently available from the likes of Italeri, Revell and Airfix etc. so that modellers can add their favourites to their existing fleets of PTs, HSLs, MTBs, MAS and E-Boats. In 1/72nd scale I have done; Fairmile B, Fairmile D with and without scallops, 72ft RN HDML and RAN 80ft version, Australian 80ft ambulance launch like Krawarree, USN WWI and WWII Subchasers, AMS/YMS/BYMS minesweeper, RN 80ft WWI Elco ML, USCG 83ft Wheeler, HAM class minesweeper, Camper & Nicholson long MGB, Ford Class SDB. The list of wartime boats is very long and will include; all RN long and short MTBs and MGBs (at least 20 different boats), RN SGB, MLs, all 4 MFV's, 105ft MMS, all RAF HSLs, 56ft and 60ft RAF GSP, hopefully some RAF STs and RSLs, most RASC vessels (I still need plans for several), USN PTs, USAAF 63 and 85ft AVRs, also a German R-Boat and an FLB-V and the Australian Halvorsen 62ft fast supply launch. Post-war hulls will include; RAF Vosper RTTL, RAF 63ft GSP, RAF 96ft Krogerwerft D-Boat, RN Brave, Dark and Gay class FPBs, Ton class minesweepers and also some foreign boats such as the Nasty Class PTF and possibly German Jaguar and Schutze Classes. I have also already done a few in 1/35th scale; Fairmiles B & D and the 72ft HDML. I intend to continue this project over an extended period and I welcome requests to move any favourites to the front of the queue. I have an album of some previous builds; http://www.flickr.com/photos/25721684@N00/sets/72157632269542118/ Regards, Christian.
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