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  1. I would like to built the SO 8000 Narval but I wonder how to glue polyurethane REIN?
  2. Fujimi still rules. A bit disappointing from Airfix on that one
  3. May I missed it but how the Aifix kit compares itself to the Fujimi one in terms of accuracy and details. From the pictures of the Aifix rendition, it seems to me that the panel lines are a bit heavy. I also read that some details were missing. Thx
  4. The cockpit color was overall black in Mirages IVA, it was blue-grey in the IVP with black consoles
  5. After scribing, I sand the part with 600 wet paper, then 000 steelwhool to remove the dust out of the engraved lines, then dishwashing soap with an old electric toothbrush. Some runs some trichloroethylene or extra fluid glue to level the bottom of the lines but I don't feel it's necessary.
  6. Half British...But I agree on the color ;-)
  7. It is the way many buildings instructions tell to do. I think it can do the trick.
  8. Actually, the topside colours faded badly. On some pictures, the green is almost brown and the grey is very clear. So,any kind of NATO dark green and NATO blueish grey could suit. The biggest challenge is to match the underside color wich is labelled as metallic grey, aka something in the between of...grey and metal.
  9. It is to avoid erosion fron dust and sand
  10. It depends on the location of the seam. Some will be unreachable after assembly is complete or surrounded by details wich make sanding difficult. You have to figure how to sand each of them and make a decision about the balance of ease to sand/detail destruction and rebuilding.
  11. I don't think it is related to the role. I am working on su-15 at the moment and it can bear bort numbers of different colors.
  12. Hi, The Mirage IV A did not carry BOZ and PHIMAT at the sama time as they are both chaffs dispenser. For the considered time frame, you should go with aBOZ or a PHIMAT under the right wing and a Barracuda jammer under left wing. The early Barracuda was a single band jammer, the late one was a twin band jammer but I think it appeared later.
  13. During Desert Storm, some french Jaguar were overpainted in a hurry with some acrylic paints bought from hardware stores in the vicinity of Toul airbase and St Dizier airbase. They weathered badly and rapidly so the colours were alterate and if I were you, I would not bother too much with the shades accuracy. My 2 cents :-)
  14. The camo pattern is the same as the regular green/grey camo, just replace the gray by the lightest colour and your done
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